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#1 · Jul 11th, 2011 · · ·

Is this completed, or is there another chapter due?


Nope, it's done. One-shot.

#3 · Jul 11th, 2011 · · ·

Sas ending T.T

#4 · Jul 11th, 2011 · · ·


I laughed. I laughed so very hard... I'm getting the implication that Celestia was playing Chessmaster; quelling the rebellion before it started! Anyhow, good fic.

HAH! Not the ending I was expecting, but great nonetheless.

I love this! :pinkiehappy:

I... kinda hate Celestia now. A lot.

Poor Luna.

That was AWESOME!

great this story's details gave me a wing bonner great story thought

oh yeah i changed my name because of the coment

Either Celestia is infinitely less intelligent then we thought, of infinitely more so. I'm not sure which scares me more.

Bravo! Celestia managed to dismantled that little scheme very well.

:trollestia: was kinda epic, and I was like :rainbowlaugh: at the part with Colts and Fillies, but I don't get why Trixie suddenly freaked out at the end, with no real reason. What the buck? And it was such an interesting story; I was just thinking that I was gonna give it 5 stars when I finished, and then... it stopped making any sense. :applejackunsure::rainbowhuh::facehoof:
3 stars.

ok, i just read this, and now all i can think about is celestia saying at the end.
"Maybe I can introduce you to my student Twilight instead?"

Just for the extra facehoof and irony value...

I like both the justified Luna rebellion, and the reference to that one Youtube video near the beginning.

:trollestia: this is best trollestia ever i just thought you were going somewhere else with this for a moment
*shudders* eww clopfic

This is not the end. It can't be the end. Great, epic really, then you just quit or had someone else finish for you. This doesn't even wrap anything up.


i just randomly typed /story/10 into the address bar (after fimfiction.net) and got here

oh well. Looks like a good story. Glad I found it :twilightblush:

Rated Everyone. YUP. Though, epic fic.

Whoa. This was the 10th fic on this site. Pretty cool. Really liked it by the way. :moustache:

1639108 actually the 2nd
/story/1-7 don't exist
8 looks to be a placeholder
9 is seth

1 - None
7 - None
8 - Chedda - Posted 40 freaking years ago
9 - Seth
10 - Cereal Velocity

Both Seth and Cereal Velocity run EqD... What was first I wonder.

Author Interviewer


Hey Ceeeeeereal

Write more stories, Cereal .-.

Matchmaker Celestia is as subtle as the sun. :trixieshiftright::trollestia:

Don't mined me, I'm just another digital archaeologist. :twilightsmile: Oh deeh dooh deeh doh...

Poor Luna at the end. :<

I'd been meaning to read this for a while, just because it's the oldest real story on the site. And... it's not bad. Nothing that's going to make me add it to my favourites, but nothing that's going to make me claw my eyes out either. Could do with more proofreading, though I appreciate that's a pretty silly thing to say about a story that hasn't been touched in more than three years.

Wow, that ending.

It's too bad you're dead, otherwise you'd appreciate this

This was FAR more amusing than I expected. Far, far, far more amusing. I almost laughed myself silly.

I came here because hey, it's the oldest story marked complete on the site. Was I expecting it to be this funny? No. But hey, sometimes life rewards the curious.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to return to exploring the strata of old piled-up pony fics. Back to the mines! *slings her pick ax of her shoulder and whistles*

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