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Blog author for Equestria Daily and writer of fiction that may or may not include marshmallow ponies.

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#2 · Aug 3rd, 2011 · · ·

I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I may have to comic-afy this story. We'll see. Thanks for writing this.


I'm thrilled that you did! I loved your original picture and the follow-up comic- they were my inspiration. The story practically wrote itself.

That was holy crap adorable. I love the simplicity of it and the emotion of it. Fanon's going to make Rarity my favorite, I swear.

#5 · Aug 3rd, 2011 · · ·

This was sweet :) I still have some of my now ancient toys lying around, this spoke to me a little

This story gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling, Thank you for that. :twilightsmile:

#7 · Aug 4th, 2011 · · ·

This gave me a happy :D :raritywink:

Wanderer D

Awww... this is a really nice story! :raritystarry: Loved it!

I don't know if it's this story or the cold air from the fan next to me, but there are tears in my eyes right now.

In the back of my mind, that ball still has a gash. Darn you Cereal Velocity!!!

Big grins to be had. :pinkiehappy:

Confound these ponies, they gave me diabeetus!

Lolwut is up with that cover.

I never thought that a simple rubber ball could be a plot for a story featuring Rarity. good job!:duck:

To quote Sweetie Belle (after she heard how Applejack got her cutie mark): "Aww, that was such a sweet story."

While I would normally say something along the lines of "great", "good" or "amazing", I think the best word for this is just simply: "Nice" :twilightsmile:

Note to self: clean closet
Adorable story it's just so- BAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW :heart:

This gave me a great, big case of the fuzzies :twilightsmile:

Uh...That was cute. I enjoyed it. And now I want a tiny rarity.

:heart: This is wonderfully adorable in one way, warmly touching in another, and immensely reassuring in yet another. A wonderful little piece that deserves more comments and favoriting than it already has. :heart:

Celestia's blessings to you for writing this.:twilightsmile:

Oh, I remember this from EqD! It's a simple but truly sweet story. :raritywink:

It occurs to me that this fic was referenced in The Sweetie Chronicles. :o


This story deserves more populars.
I not has dem.

Well, now I've read and enjoyed a year-old story written by an EQD staff member.:pinkiehappy:
And I might have some idea about one of the things mentioned in Sweetie Chronicles.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Most important of them all, this is a great story, which creates a great interpretation of Rarity's post-Cutie Mark-achieving life.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Aw man, that was really cute :twilightblush:

That was wonderful. :raritywink:

Wow that was so cute. ^-^

Nice trip in time. "Spikey dear, could you please "smoke" that purple nag for me?"


Even some of the most cherished things in life you find can be in a simple toy.

Long forgotten over the years...

For some reason I sense a saddening emotion in this...and I have no idea why.

I read this story primarily because of its age; I wasn't expecting it to be this cute! Young Rarity is adorable, and the fact that you're pulling on that nostalgia that all people have for their old toys just makes it that much more unbearably adorable.

I like the idea of Rarity having to re-discover her purpose in life after getting her cutie mark, instead of instantly knowing what her mark means. It's telling that years later the show would examine this idea, though not as well as it was in this story.

Really nice and cute story! Yeah - memories is a greatest thing in our life. Sometimes they helped for us to create something woderful)

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