The First Contact War. It was a war that would change the fate of Equestria.

Equestria and the Gryphon Empire have fought for many decades, both sides suffering heavy losses. But the tide has turned in favor for Celestia and her allies and seek as end to this war. After pushing back against the Gryphons they fall upon the last bastion of the Gryphons, the capital Prance, where much death has gripped this once beautiful city. As the Equestrian Army and its allies recovered what was left from the city, they now looked to finish claiming the rest of the land, and find those responsible for such slaughter.

For one Equestrian royal guard, by the name of Quicksilver, he sees the truth behind the massacre oF Prancy. For he lies as their captive and sees the real evil among the ranks of the griffons.

This, is his story...

This story is rated PG-13. For some language and violence.

Old cover art has been moved to the prologue chapter. The new cover art has been made by the ever talented DragonFoxgirl. Do go check her out. She is extremely talented and I can't thank her enough for this art piece! :twilightsmile:

This is a direct Squeal to brothers. It is recommend reading that story first to get details on some of the characters that will be involved with this story.

I like to thank my editor, FDA_Approved, who diligently worked with me throughout the process. Without his help this story would not have come to fruition. Also, another editor has come in as well, getting the details and small nicks that were missed. His name is Libertydude, he is great so do check him out. :twilightsmile:

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Fire Fight, a young colt with a knack for combat, and a strong sense of justice, has lived a life riddled with belittlement from others for being who is, or at least wants to be: a hero. Fed up with feeling like a prisoner of his own special talent, he runs away from the land that disapproves of it, and embarks on a quest to help other foals like him. Together, Fire Fight and the friends he makes travel the lands endlessly searching for peace.
They begin to discover themselves along the way, as well as hidden places and secrets that will serve to strengthen them, and their friendship.

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Basically this is the usual HiE fic where I try to put a couple of differences in it to try and make it different to all the...What? Thousands of them out there on this site? I don't know. Anyway, in this story there will be a couple of fourth wall breaks, and the story basically goes that you find the recorder (I don't know how, you figure it out) and you play the message that is recorded on it.

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Twilight had never questioned the nature of the Tree of Harmony. To her at least, it stood as a sentinel, a silent guardian watching over Equestria and keeping disharmony at bay.

She soon starts to have questions and misgivings when she inadvertently witnesses the horrifying fate of hers and the rest of her friend's twisted doppelgängers. Did something happen to the Tree of Harmony, or was it always this way?

Twilight aims to resolve this mystery once and for all. Little does she realize that this mystery goes far deeper—the truth far more terrifying than she can imagine.

Will she be able to solve this nightmarish mystery with her sanity intact, or will she surrender and be lost madness?

Fantastic cover art done by Mix-up!

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This story is a sequel to I went to school

This is the story about how I went into a group home for a weekend, and the nurses locked us in at night.

Trigger warning: Violence and mention of being locked up at night.

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The connection between Garnet and Capper is that they are both bipedal anthropomorphic cats from animated adaptations of little girls' magical critter-based toylines.

While on a journey to rescue her franchise (Jewelpet) from limbo, Garnet has found Capper preparing to sell the Mane Six into Klugetown's slavery. Mistaking him for an enemy Jewelpet, she immediately knocks him away from the Six to stop him and start the fight.

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Anon Is given a choice.

Home? Where things aren't looking good?

Or happiness, where he can stay and prosper.

All he has to do is make the simple choice of what he wants.

And it's clear what he wants.

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Long ago Princess Luna set up a secret agency behind her sisters back. After Nightmare Moon it faded first into legend before being forgotten altogether. Little does equestria know that they've been active this whole time, cleaning up after the mane 6 after each battle.

New recruits by the name of Thunder Shadow and Krystal are tasked with cleaning up after the "Terik incident." What happens when these new recruits slip up and accadentaly reveal the agency to the public.

I know you've probably heard this alot from other stories but this is my first story so I apologize if it has some major issues I'm also writing on a tablet so there's bound to be grammar errors sorry

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This story is a sequel to Little Rivals

Spike's birthday is coming up and he is going to Disney land, but he Pumpkin & Flurry Heart to go too so he asked them if they like too.

Watch them have fun together at the theme park while a little romance sparks between them.

A Little Spike x Pumpkin & Flurry Heart mini story

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An accident thrusts someone fed up with life into a new one in the land of Equestria! And not only is he transformed into a pony but he finds himself right before the beginning of the story! ...Slowly but surely, it is reshaped by his knowledge of the future along with a few twists and turns, as well as some unexpected surprises.

Cover art by TheodoresFan

PLZ Note: I wrote this story with the background being dark so that some dialogue I had colored would stand out better than against a white background - I suggest turning it dark so you'll be able to see the dialogue colored in lighter colors

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