Twilight had planned to visit Sunset Shimmer and her friends over in the other world for a nice, quiet weekend, away from all the worries and problems associated with being a Princess of Equestria. Unfortunately, things rarely go as planned.

After an accident cuts her off from Equestria, Twilight finds herself stuck in the human world until the gateway between the two worlds can be fixed. Which wouldn't normally be a problem...

...If she wasn't still a pony.

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Twilight thought she'd had enough excitement for one day after meeting her human counterpart. Or so she thought until she was met with the uncanny feeling that Pinkie Pie was acting, well, a bit too equestrian.

Small oneshot based on the Official Equestria Girls blooper reel where it's implied the Pinkies from the two universes have traded places.

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This story is a sequel to Seven Girls, Nine Hundred Forty Three Miles, and One Minivan.

In a former life, Vice-Principal Luna took the world by storm as the heavy metal queen known as Nightmare Moon!

But what will happen when Rainbow Dash discovers her long-held secret?

(More hijinks in the Equestria Girls sandbox, if you haven't noticed).

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After putting on the Element of Magic, Sunset Shimmer was shown just how much of a monster she really is. But that wasn't all the Elements did to her.

Sunset has now been forced to serve penance by answering any question truthfully and by doing anything asked of her, whether she wants to or not.

And she really doesn't want to.

Until all of the hatred in her heart is gone, Sunset is at the whim of her peers, unbeknownst to them of course. Can her new "friends" help her down the road to redemption?

If not, there's always that other Twilight Sparkle she keeps running into.

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Guest editors: Cerulean Voice, Flint Sparks, Starlight Nova, and Sholan
Extra thanks to Icarus_Gizmo, JustAnotherTimeLord, and HenryAnthonyCourtler

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Posted on EQD June 25, 2014
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Set in the Equestria Girls universe!

When Twilight Sparkle (the scientist one, not the otherdimensional pony princess) predicts an oncoming magical calamity, it's up to Sunset Shimmer and her friends to stop it!

Now, they've got just two days to cover hundreds and hundreds of miles to get to exactly where the dimensional incursion is going to take place.

Good thing it's Spring Break. Road Trip!

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to BY THE BLACK AXE OF NIGHTMARE MOON!

After an incident regarding Twilight's browser history, the truth comes out: she's far, far nerdier than her friends ever thought. With her secret found out, Twilight Sparkle must introduce her friends to the wide, strange world of Live Action Role Playing Games.

At least Sunset seems kind of interested?

Chapters (6)

The sirens are defeated and Sunset Shimmer has restored her magic. All's well and good, right?

Of course not. What begins with Sunset's friends wanting to have a very important talk with her will escalate until the fate of at least one world hangs in the balance.

Rated Teen for cosmic calamities, trace amounts of waifu theft, and a bit more skin than Hasbro is likely to show.

The Story Shuffle short stories "Aftershock" and "Rock On" take place in the same continuity as this story. The background details of "Fish Out of Water" apply, but the story itself does not.

Chapters (9)

Sunset Shimmer is a pony, so she likes pony things. Granted, a nice hayburger isn't exactly easy to come by in the human world, but that shouldn't stop her from using the products she's used to from Equestria, right?

Well, her humans friends might disagree, as Rarity does when finds a rather odd bottle of shampoo in Sunset's bathroom.

A short little story inspired by the Equestria Girls Monday Blue music video and my fellow fans of Sunset Shimmer, especially RileyAV, who noticed a peculiar bottle on Sunset's shelves in the last music video.

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It has been a few days since the end of the Friendship Games, and the once-rival groups of Canterlot High and Crystal Prep are now getting along just fine. For Twilight, a former student of the latter, things have been going well. However, during a picnic with the two groups, she soon discovers, to her shock, that her one-time demonic transformation might have earned her a bit more popularity than she would have guessed.

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Sunset Shimmer has never needed anyone or anything - she had her magic, she had her ambition, and she had intellect. Others just stood in her way or held her down. So what do you do when your plans for world domination fall through?

Now she's about to discover that the only thing harder than hitting rock bottom is climbing your way out of that crater. Good thing she has some new friends to help her along, but its tough to seek forgiveness from others when you can't forgive yourself...

Special thanks to KiltedKey (Chapters 1/2) and SolidFire for their editing work.

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