• Published 31st Oct 2019
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Friendship Is Monsters: Meliorism - spotty8ee

Maybe friendship really isn't so scary, even if your new friends are monsters.

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The Calm

The woods were still. Not a breeze blew, not a dew dropped, not even an animal drew breath, for all living things know when danger approaches.

The landscape was frozen in a portrait of its former self when someone slipped from the bushes, crouched to the ground, tense and coiled to lash out. She slipped down a narrow pathway, making no sound, until she came to the side of a cliff.

Hands dusted away at the rocks, looking for something specific, until she found a large, loose stone, almost half her size. Pushing it aside she crawled inside a hole, melding with the shadows and disappearing, heaving the rock back in place behind her.

She took a deep breath, calming themselves the best she could. It wouldn’t do to share such horrible news with the others in a panic… No, not at all. However the severity of what had happened made her stomach want to turn inside out. It made her want to scream and cry and wretch.

How nice a luxury it would be to indulge for a moment, to wallow in despair. However, if any of them were to survive, it would have to wait.

Putting a hand to the wall she crept through the blinding darkness, checking for the marks etched in the walls to show her where to go. It was a labyrinth down here, made so that one could get lost and never get out if they weren’t careful. Thankfully she had done this so much, it was second nature.

Some places the cave narrowed so tight that one could barely squeeze through, followed by free falls only bypassed by clinging to the walls and climbing over. Deeper and deeper she went until she finally came to a low ceiling after almost an hours walk. She pushed the inconspicuous stone slab aside, and was quickly met with the end of the spear.

“Who is-”

“Shut up and let me in!” she barked, shoving the weapon away.

“Silhouette!” A hand went to help her up, but she pushed that away as well, climbing into the room.

The stone room was a basement, small and cramped. It was used to store a large array of handheld weaponry and rations. A few other humans stood in the room, anxiously staring as the grey skinned girl went to her feet and covered the hole she just came from.She took off her quiver and bow, tossing them to the corner of the room, shaking out her black, grey and white streaked hair from her hood.

The crowd before her wrung their hands and shuffled until she was done. One ran up the basement steps and out the door, calling for someone.

Silhouette took a deep breath again when a woman came down the steps.

“Stalking Silhouette…” she said, pausing on the last step. “What news do you bring? Did you find out what happened?”

Silhouette stared at the woman but could only hold it a few seconds before she lowered her gaze to the floor.

“I’m sorry Eventide,” Silhouette said. “He’s dead.”

Everyone in the room gasped, one sagging to the floor and a few covering their mouths. Eventide did not join them, however, she just hardened her face and shut her eyes, gritting her jaw in anguish.

“What happened?!” Everyone froze when a tiny voice shouted from the top of the stairs. Eventide quickly turned towards it. ”What happened to daddy!?”

“Lovely…” Eventide went back up to her home. “My child.”

“No, no! Daddy said he’d be home!!”

Everyone was quiet as Eventide carried her daughter off, still reeling from the news themselves...

“So…” one woman broke the tension wearily, as she clutched at some scars on her wrist. “Even he couldn’t manage to defeat them.”

“I don’t know a mortal person who could,” a man spoke now, shaking his head. “If even Final Stand can’t kill a Queen Vampire, then what chance do we have now?”

“He never intended to kill her. He knew he didn’t have the power to do that,” Silhouette said bluntly. “Final Stand could only imprison her Not from a lack of trying, mind you.”

“And now he’s dead,” a woman mumbled. “What will we do? News will spread of his failure and his fall. The monsters will come to feast again eventually.”

“He did not fail,” Silhouette said, crossing her arms. “I went to the cave where he was setting up for the trap. He was dead on the floor, but SHE was still there. Asleep. Likely for a very long time.” The woman rolled her shoulders. “I sealed it up. A tomb for the both of them…”
“Did you get his sword?” A younger man asked, clearly close to panicking. “Maybe with that-”

He could barely control that thing,” Silhouette said crossly. “No human alive now would be able to carry it.”

“But your his pupil!” he frowned. “His best student!”

“Yes, and I know from his lessons that that THING is not to be trifled with!” Silhouette snapped, making everyone wince. “The sword isn’t our saviour alone. Without Final Stand it would be an affliction, a curse he wouldn’t wish on anyone—I don’t need that while I try to keep everything he’s built from burning to a bloody ash in his passing!”

“Wait. Hold on,” a man raised his hand wearily. “You said before that the vampire was in a cursed sleep right? Do you mean the vampire was actually defeated?”

“Yes,” Silhouette nodded. “And Final Stand along with her. It’s one less monster in the world, but it cost us the only thing standing between us and the rest of them. And I’m afraid we don’t have much time left. Only one of the two tyrants has been removed. The other still stalks, and she will not be happy…”

“You mean…”

Silhouette looked to the ceiling, eyes narrowed.

“The sister approaches, and death follows her.”

1000 years later…

Crystal Prep stood on its school grounds as the sun drifted lazily over the trees, sparkling dew as wind whistling through the just bloomed April leaves. Birds sang, flying through the blue skies, one pausing to land on a windstyl, preening its red feather. Suddenly a loud guitar riff startled it, sending it squawking back into the wilds.

And it wasn’t the only one disturbed.

Twilight abruptly awakened in her dorm room. She groaned, lifting her head from her pillow miserably, trying to figure out who she was and what had taken her from a blissful rest.

It didn’t take long. The blaring rock music was still playing, coming from Lemon’s room. It was so loud that the frames on her wall bounced from the vibrations. Twilight sighed. At least it wasn’t some soft rock, that was normally a clear sign that something was wrong. It seemed Lemon was in a good mood judging by all the swearing in this song. Twilight had heard it enough to know.

She threw her legs over the side of the bed, pulling out her phone and squinting to see the time without her glasses.

Seems she had an hour before classes started.

Mumbling Twilight stood and stumbled out into the main area. She went for the kitchen, feeling around blindly until she found the coffee (hopefully, it felt right…) and started to brew some. Normally she was more of a morning person, but she had been pulled, rather violently, from her deep REM sleep.

As the smell of coffee filled the room, she could hear the music continuing on behind her. Twilight couldn’t say it wasn’t a toe tapping beat, swaying with the rhythm of the song as she waited.

A door behind her opened and when she looked back sleepily, Twilight could see a creamy blob emerge, wrapped in a bathrobe. She really needed to get her glasses.

“Morning Moondancer,” Twilight yawned halfway through, stretching out a bit.

Moondancer didn’t say anything, she just came to the coffee maker, almost sniffing the air. “Mmmmm… Smells good.”

“Oh yeah,” Twilight smirked. She eyed the other after a moment. “Your in pretty good spirits considering you hate Lemon playing music in the morning.”

Moondancer didn’t say anything.

“Moondancer?” Twilight tried again.

Still nothing.

“Moony,” Twilight frowned and nudged her with her hand.

Moondancer jumped a bit and turned to her. “Huh?”

“I said your in a pretty good mood,” Twilight repeated.

“Huh?!” Moondancer blinked in confusion before groaning. “Oh right! I have noise canceling earplugs in. Hold on.” A blobish hand went to her ear, pulling the plug free. “What was- Oh god damn it! She’s playing music at this time of day?!” Moondancer snarled. “For shits sake!”

“Ah,” Twilight nodded. “There it is.”


“Nothing, don’t worry about it,” Twilight sighed. She pulled two coffee cups from the cupboard. “You got your glasses? Think you can measure out the sugar and cream for me?”

“I suppose,” Moondancer said, reaching in another cupboard.


They both looked at the front door. Glancing back to one another they both blinked before Twilight went forward, opening it.

“Where is she?”

“Morning Fleur,” Twilight yawned.

Prefect Fleur sighed and sidestepped Twilight’s sleepy form. “Don’t answer the door in your PJs Twilight, it's not proper. But yes, good morning to you as well.” She made a beeline for Lemon’s door, which was shaking from the strain of the radio behind it blasting away. Fleur belted on the wooden surface harshly. “LEMON ZEST!”

It took about five seconds for the music to stop and for Lemon to crack the door open an inch. “H-hey Fleur, what- ah- what are you doing here?”

“Lemon,” Fleur shoved the door open, taking away Lemon’s hiding place. “We talked about this. No loud music in the morning, and no music on a speaker that has cursing, violence, drug talk or sexual references in it.”

“Technically the rule is no speaker music before seven. I waited until then,” Lemon said quickly. “Besides this songs not that bad.”

“Really,” Fleur frowned. “What about the lyrics ‘ -then you can watch me shoot cocaine into my eyes.’ ?” she asked. “Or maybe ‘Then we can share a cherry cola while we blast a savage drive-by.’ ?”

“They’re… Al Gore-ical?” Lemon winced.

“You mean allegorical. And no, their not. You’re not even using the word properly. I think you were thinking of the word metaphorical. However that's not true either, because it's used in the song as literal sense, but that’s why it’s supposed to be funny.”

“Huh?” Lemon stared through Fleur.

The prefect ran a hand down her face before leaning in to Lemon’s space a bit. “No. Music. In. The. Morning. Especially if it sings about bad or inappropriate things.”

“That’s half my library!” Lemon gasped.

“Try instrumental jazz,” Fleur gave her a fake smile before she dropped it ominously. “Or else.”

Lemon grumbled unhappily. “Yes mam.”

“Good. Now get ready for class,” Fleur ordered. As the door closed the prefect stopped her. “Oh, and Lemon.”

“Yeah?” The younger girl asked grumpily.

“I believe a few girls are talking about chipping in to watch that pay per view concert you were excited about last week. There’s going to be an event in the Community room, though you need to pay beforehand. I thought you’d be interested.”

“What? Seriously?!” Lemon blinked as she opened the door a bit. “That’d be awesome!”

“Good. I’ll let them know,” Fleur nodded. “Just keep out of trouble till then. I don’t want to have to ban you from the Community room for breaking the rules right? So no loud music.”

“Of course!”

“And one last thing,” Fleur sniffed and grimaced. “Get that ‘skunk’ out of your room. If you catch my drift.”

“Oh! Yeah. Right…” Lemon gave her a sheepish smile. “Thanks Fleur.”


The door closed and Fleur came back to the two in the kitchen.

“You want some coffee Fleur?” Twilight asked, holding up her cup.

“No thank you, but do get your glasses on Twilight. You don’t want to trip with that in your hand or put it down without seeing where it’s going,” Fleur said. “We don’t want another acid stain incident do we?”

“This won’t melt through the floor…” Twilight mumbled, taking a small sip and looking away.

“Well still, you don’t want to lose any more of your deposit,” Fleur sighed. “I have to get downstairs and turn the wifi back on for the day.” Twilight heard the jangle of Fleur’s prefect keyring. “Let me know if you need anything or if anyone bothers you, ok?”

“Like always,” Moondancer nodded, raising her mug slightly. “See you later dorm mom.”

“I’m not a dorm mom Moondancer,” Fleur said, going to the door. “I just- Hey!” Something whizzed by the open front door and Fleur marched out after them. “I saw that! Suri Polomare, no running in the hall!” There a few moments of silence before Fleur spoke again, in panic. “Are you carrying god damn scissors!?”

“Doooorrrmmmm Moooooommmm,” Moondancer said into her coffee, slightly singsongish.

Twilight had to agree.

After their morning coffee and quickly changing, the three girls trekked out of their dorm building and started down the path to school to start their classes for the day.

“Why are you both so cheery?” Lemon moaned, walking in a slump, her bag only half on her back. “Don’t you guys have math or science in the morning?”

“I have math!” Twilight said.

“I have science!” Moondance chuckled. “Today is the day we learn about the composition of stars and their place in modern chemistry. I may have read ahead.”

“I have a Calculus test!” Twilight added, skipping a little.

“Ahhhh…” Lemon groaned in agony at the thought.

“Don’t you have Social studies in the morning? That’s easy,” Moondancer said.

“For you maybe. They just got into politics, I can’t stay awake,” Lemon whined.

They got closer to the school and the main entry where they would split paths and head to their respective classes, when Twilight spotted a framiler figure in the doorway, greeting students.

“Ms Lock N Key?” Twilight said, surprised. The school counselor was just waving of a set of students when Twilight spoke. The red headed human with peachy cream skin tuned to them at the sound of her name.

“Girls, good morning!” Lock N Key smiled, coming down the steps with a slight gimp. “It’s a beautiful day huh?”

“Uh yeah, but what are you doing here?” Moondancer asked. “You’re normally stuck in your office.”

“I am, aren't I?” she said, bouncing on her heels slightly. “Well I did a lot of thinking on the weekend and decided to try and be more social with students. I was drowning in paperwork and it never seemed to end! Being out here is refreshing!” She waved slightly to a clipboard. “I’m also reminding everyone to book in for our little counselling sessions! I’m sure your all just as swamped with class work and it keeps falling to the back of your mind. I figured this was a good way to help you all remember.”

“Oh, I had forgotten, I’m sorry,” Twilight said, wincing. “I’ll do that as soon as I can.”

“It’s all I ask!” The counselor said.

“Yo, Ms Lock N Key. What happened to you leg?” Lemon Zest asked, guestring to a large bruise forming at her ankle.

“Ah that.” She lifted it up to see better. “A bit of an accident on Sunday. I lost some papers in the parking lot after working all weekend. I slipped on a puddle and fell into the woods.” She brushed her hair behind her ear. “It wasn’t too bad though, I’m ok.”

“Geeze, thats a bummer.” Lemon Zest said, wincing. “Does it hurt?”

“Only a little!” She waved them off, putting her leg down again. “Thanks for your concern though!”

“No prob,” Lemon shrugged. “Listen I’ll book my appointment this weekend. When do they open?”

“Not till mid May,” she sighed. “I have so many regular students to see before then. If you can, write down some issues you want to discuss or problems you have in a journal. We can go over them when your date arrives.”

“Sounds good,” Moondancer mumbled. “I just have to get to class now so-”

“Oh! Of course!” She stepped aside. “Have a good day!”

“You too,” Twilight blinked and they made their way inside.

Once they were out of earshot Moondance grumbled. “Freak show…”

“What?” Lemon asked, confused.

“She’s always in her office, and now she’s so cheery all of a sudden,” Moondancer frowned. “I mean, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, but still.”

“Did you see her before this?” Twilight asked.

“No, but I dropped off papers,” Moondancer explained, she seemed to think about it before sighing. “Maybe I caught her on an off day those times. She did say she had a lot of paperwork.”

“Sour Sweet could tell you for sure,” Lemon said. “She saw Lock N Key a lot.”

“I don’t wanna go Hardy Boys over this,” Moondancer said, rolling her eyes. “Just freaky is all compared to how she normally is.”

Twilight took a quick glance behind her. Ms Lock N key still stood at the door, waving student in. A few paused to speak with her as well, the counselor shifting off her injured ankle slightly as they did. “She’s seems fine.”


“AND there is the bell!” Twilight yelped, skittering off to her classroom, and Moondancer also picking up her pace.

“Have a good day!” Lemon shouted after them, seeming to walk even slower than before.

Twilight left her math class, clutching her test to her chest proudly. Another A+ for the collection and another class passed! Calculus was such a wonderful brainteaser, she was sad to see it end. However her upcoming statistic class should be just as interesting!

As she left the school she took her usual route around the back of the back of the physical education building, bypassing the busy quad and coming out the other side to make it to her English class. She made it into the building untouched, slowing down now that she knew she wouldn’t be late.

She stopped outside her classroom, pulling off her back pack to switch her books, but paused when she saw her phone at the bottom. Pulling it out, Twilight shrugged, she should probably set up that appointment with Ms Lock N Key before she forgot again. Unlocking her phone, she saw she had a text from her mother.

“Twilight, your grandma is coming for dinner tonight, so please come home as soon as you can after school to help out.”

Twilight stared at the text in confusion. Grandma? For dinner? That was unusual. Sure they had visits or dinner on the holidays, but never out of the blue. Her grandma didn’t like her mom’s cooking skills because she found them lacking in effort. I mean, to Twilight her mom was a good cook, but her grandmother was one of those old fashioned, perfectionist home makers. If everything wasn’t homemade then it was just a slap dash meal. Of course that made her mom less inclined to invite grandma for dinner in the first place…

Something was going on.


Twilight wheezed when she was shoved, very forcibly, into the wall beside her, phone clattering to the floor. She stumbled back around, eyes wide when she found Kamikaze staring back at her with a smirk.

“Hey Twi-Twi.”

“Gah-” Twilight choked a bit, shoulder’s up around her neck. “K-K-kam-kam-”

“You shouldn’t block the hallway like that, you know.” Kamikaze smiled, hands on her hips. “It’s very RUDE, don’t you think?”

“I-” Twilight swallowed tightly. “Y-yes! Yes, I’m sorry…”

“Oh I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Kamikaze echoed mockingly. “Everytime I see you thats all you can bleet, you fuckin’ sheep. Those words have practically lost all meaning.” She moved closer to Twilight, who plastard herself to the wall. “You know, I thought I taught you better Twi-Twi… You know how your supposed to greet me.” She gave a wild, insane smile. “Why don’t you put that mouth of yours to its only use.”

Twilight winced, looking down at Kami’s filthy shoes. At least they weren’t soccer cleats… Twilight’s eyes darted around the hallway, looking for a teacher or anyone to help her. She really didn’t want to eat mud today.

All the other kids were watching, filming, or trying to avoid the conflict altogether. However, to the back of the group Twilight managed to lock eyes with someone.

Lemon Zest.

The girl froze when she realized Twilight found her and for a moment, Twilight felt better. However Lemon only held her gaze for a few seconds before turning after, shoulders hunched, clearly ashamed of herself.

Well it wasn’t any better than what Twilight could do. She was too scared of Kamikaze to even save herself, let alone someone else. Twilight look back to the bully when the girl made a ticking noise.

“Do I have to teach you all over again?” she asked, reaching over and shoving Twilight towards her feet slightly. “I guess your not really that smart, huh.”

Twilight sighed. She really wasn’t. If she was smart she would have kept her wits about her and run as soon as she saw Kamikaze. She should have known she was all on her own here. She couldn’t trust anyone to have her back.

“Well, for all its worth, I trust my friends with almost everything.”

Twilight frowned suddenly, looking back up into Kamikaze’s eyes, much to the bully slight confusion.

Because she wasn’t as alone as she had been before.

“Whatever those other girls said, it's a load, you got that?”

She wasn’t stupid. She wasn’t some friendless loser. She has people who cared about her and she wasn’t about to let someone like Kamikaze treat her like this.

“Let. Me. Go.”

“Excuse me?” Kamikaze asked, leaning closer. “What did you just say?”

Twilight took a deep breath. She had her neck ripped open by a vampire, she had her finger bitten off by a satyr, she held dragons and most impressively of all, she had kept a secret from her grandmother.

Kamikaze was nothing.

“I said LET ME GO!” She shouted.

Then she thrust her arms out, shoving Kamikaze off her and a few steps back. The other girl stumble, looking shocked, and the crowd that formed gave a little gasp. Twilight stood up a little straighter.

That felt good. Really good.

She squared her shoulders when Kamikaze looked to her. Not some much of an idiot now huh?!

Something glinted, a girl in the crowd yelped and Twilight found herself pinned against the wall again, eyes wide. As Twilight tried to keep her breathing steady, a very sharp pocket knife pressed against her collar bone. She stared down into Kamikaze’s enraged eyes and knew.

She was definitely an idiot.

“Oh-Oh-Oh-OH-OH” The girl snarled, getting louder by the word. “Look at this- Look at you, huh, all grown up and ready to fight like a big girl, huh?! I’m gonna gut you OPEN and make you a noose from your intestines!” Kamikaze pressed closer and Twilight tried to not swallow, incase the knife dug in. “You want your independence, you gotta earn it with blood sweetheart, and I’ll make sure there's lots of it!”

Twilight’s previous bravery failed her, her self defense training failed her. She could only stare back, terrified.

“I’m about to paint the walls!” Kami screamed in her face. “You ready to pay for the paint?!” She started to press the knife into Twilight;s neck, making a cut. “Lamb to slaughter!!!”


Everyone stopped, Kamikaze turning around to find Fleur standing behind her. The crowd parted nervously for the prefect to approach, still dressed for her morning gym class, with a.. bag thrown over her shoulders.

“What?” Kamikaze spat, eyes burning and knife not moving.

Fluer dropped her bag on the floor and reached to her waist. The crowd around them backing up a few more feet when the older girl unsheathed her fencing sabre from its holder.

“I was just passing by when I noticed you had a thing for blades.” Fluer said lowly. “I’d be happy to teach you some fencing, though I doubt that tiny thing will do you much good.” She crouched into a lunging position, sword ready. “Unless, of course, you might be late for class?”

Kamikaze stared at the sword, then shoved Twight to the ground, turning to Fluer with a dark look. “You think that scares me?”

“I know it doesn't,” Fluer said cooly. “But I know word getting back to your dad about this incident might, especially since your one chance away from being sent to a ward. Are you really willing to risk your freedom over this?”

Kamikaze paused, teeth clenching before she closed her knife, shoving it back in her pocket. “None of you are worth shit.” She glared down at Twilight. “Don’t you forget it.”

Fleur watched her leave, sword out until the girl rounded the corner. She took a breath before sheathing the weapon. Fleur rolled her shoulders, glancing around the crowd with a scowl.

“Show’s over, get to class.”

The hall cleared in record time.

Fleur made sure they were all gone before heading over to Twilight, who was still sitting on the floor. The prefect crouched in front of her. “You ok?”

“...” Twilight put a hand to her neck, feeling the small cut and the trickle of blood. Fleur watched her before pulling her up, off the floor and onto shaking legs. Fluer looked her over, reaching into her gym bag for a towel, pulling Twilight’s hand from her neck to press the cloth there.

“Lets go to the washroom for a second,” Fleur more ordered than suggested, taking Twilight’s things up off the floor. There was one nearby and Fleur herded her in. It was thankfully empty. Which meant during all the commotion, the bell had likely rung.

“My class…” Twilight spluttered, eyes darting to the exit.

“I’ll put in a good word. A prefect is more than a fancy word to put on college applications, is it not?” Fleur sighed, going to the sink and wetting some paper towels. “So take a second to calm down.”

Twilight took a very deep breath. Pressing the towel closer to her cut. It felt like it was in the same area where Sunset had bitten her almost two months ago. Hopefully this wouldn’t leave a mark either…

“I must say, it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen anyone stand up to Kamikaze who wasn’t me,” Fleur spoke, handing Twilight the paper towel. “That’s a bit of a change of pace. Especially for someone so shy Twilight.”

“Well…” Twilight mumbled, pulling the towel away to wipe at the cut. She studied it in the mirror and it wasn’t as big as it felt. Or as deep. “I guess there have been a lot of changes in my life recently.”

“Well you were very brave Twilight,” Fleur said. “I wouldn’t recommend it again, but it's a step in the right direction for you.”

“Yeah, until Kamikaze uses this to be more aggressive with me,” Twilight groaned. “Now she’ll never leave me alone.”

“I’m sure if she stays, she most likely will,” Fleur agreed, looking through her gym bag as she spoke. “However I doubt that will happen after I talk with Principal Cinch.”

“What?” Twilight asked, surprised. “But you said-”

“I say a lot of things,” Fleur shrugged. “I mentioned her dad finding out maybe an issue for her. I didn’t say I’d keep my mouth shut.” Fleur pulled something from her bag, but turned to Twilight, hand on her hip. “I wanted to say something when that god awful video was posted about you, but you didn’t want to stir the pot on an already horrible situation. So I respected your wishes, because I knew you needed someone to actually listen to what you want, for once, during that time. I’ve always kind of regretted that…. Kamikaze has been doing small, unprovable damage to people and property since she started here. Now though, she brought a weapon onto school property. I cannot let this slide any farther.” Fleur looked mournfully into the mirror. “Someone might die if I keep quiet any longer.”

“I guess everyone else was too scared to say anything to, huh?” Twilight frowned.

“Students and faculty alike. Her dad is a very gracious alumni who donates annually. The school doesn't want to piss him off. Still some whispers have made it back to him, and he’s seen some of her work first hand at home, so this might be the straw to break the camel’s back.”

“Then what will happen?”

“Kamikaze will likely leave, but outside that, who knows. More may happen if you told your parents what’s been happening though.”

Twilight grimaced. “I don’t want to worry them…”

“They’re your parents Twilight,” Fluer said, putting a hand to the younger girl’s shoulder. “They’re supposed to worry.”

Twilight looked to the floor. “Well… I’ll think about it.”

“Good,” Fluer nodded. “At any rate, are you feeling better?”

Twilight checked her cut again, it seemed to have stopped bleeding… “I, I think so… A little jumpy still but other than that, I’m ok.”

“Here.” Fleur handed her a bandage. “Try to take it easy, I’ll walk you back to class and then go to see Cinch.”

Twilight put the bandage on with help from the mirror before she smiled to Fleur softly. “You really are the dorm mom.”

“Wha-!? I!” Fluer scowled. “No I am not! Now let’s get you back to class!” The older girl shoved Twilight’s things into her hands before grabbing her own bag and marching from the washroom.

“Doooorrrm Mooooommm.” Twilight said under her breath in slight amusement, but followed her out.

English passed without much fuss, Lunch was quiet, as was the following Computer Science class. Twilight was just saving her GUI project for the fifth time (Computer Project Rule 1, save always, even if you just saved) when the bell rang, telling the student to make their way to their next class.

Since that morning Twilight refused to take the chance of waiting out in the halls, especially when Kamikaze might be waiting to swoop in at any moment, blade in hand. She wasted no time getting to her science class and dropping into a seat. Her teacher spared her a confused glance, but shrugged and started to write today’s lesson on the black board.

Twilight looked to the doorway nervously. There hadn’t been any word from Fleur or Principal Cinch yet, maybe the prefect hadn’t had the chance to talk to her yet. Twilight wrung her hands nervously.

This morning had been so scary. However the warning signs about Kamikaze’s behaviour had been getting worse and worse. To humiliate someone in a video was one thing, even if it was done so viciously… yet Twilight hadn’t said anything when Kamikaze tried to burn her with a cigarette and now this knife. Geeze, this was really out of hand.

Maybe Fleur was right, maybe she should tell her parents.

Not tonight of course though, her grandma was coming for dinner. She could do it tomorrow sometime, once we worked up her nerve and a way to explain it all.

And a way to keep her mother from going on a rampage.

“Hey Sparkle!” A pencil poked her in the back and Twilight lurched forward, eyes wide. She spun around, finding Indigo and Sugarcoat sitting right behind her.

“Hey.” Sugarcoat offered her a small wave.

“Uh, hi?”

“I heard you threw hands with Kamikaze,” Indigo said quickly, leaning forward in her chair, looking Twilight up and down. “How’d you get away without a scratch?!”

“I didn’t…” Twilight gestured to her neck with a frown, where the light pink bandage sat.

“No, I mean your like, alive. How the hell are you alive?” Indigo asked, face scrunched up in confusion.


“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Indigo slide back in her seat, looking bored again. “That makes sense. How’d she get Kamikaze off you?”

“Well she brought out her fencing sword and challenged Kamikaze to a duel, as she had her pocketblade out, against my neck.”

“Nah!” Indigo grimaced. “Jeeze, I kinda figured she was packin’ something. She’s crazy enough to.”

“I’m more surprised about what happened before hand,” Sugarcoat said plainly. “ Word around school is that you actually stood up for yourself. Which is very out of character.”

Twilight sighed. “I know, I know. I just- well, got sick of it, I guess.”

“Well I DO NOT want to be in your shoes, that's all I can say!” Indigo put her hands up in defense. “She’s gonna hunt you down and turn you into a rug.” Indigo leaned back in her chair. “But, uh, you know, good for you. I guess. Getting a back bone and all.”

“Thanks,” Twilight mumbled, looking back at the board.

The bell rang as a few stragglers hurried in the door. The teacher went to shut it, before starting the lesson. “Ok everyone, continuing our exploration of Electro Chemistry and Electro Alchemy, we will be doing some experiments that involve volatile chemicals. If you’d all be so kind as to get your safety gear from the back cupboard we can get started.”

The chairs squealed as everyone stood, going to get gloves, goggles and surgical masks. It took a bit for everyone to get settled again, and the teacher continued. “Today we’ll be doing The Volta’s Pile, an experiment to show the production of electricity by chemical means. Then we will do a very similar experiment, called The Witches Pile, where instead of using copper strips and lemon juice, we will use black magic infused metal strips and and white magic holy water. This is to show that, while both experiments see the same results, one should make a far more powerful result than the other.”

He paused when a hand shot up in the air. “Yes Indigo?”

“Isn’t it dangerous to combine the two kinds of magic?” Indigo asked, brow raised.

“Yes, if its pure then it will just explode, which is another way to make power. However when they are simple infused with other objects, they more fizzle. The metal will lose it’s magic and the water will heat up, but nothing else will happen,” the teacher explained. “Now come up in pairs and get the necessary objects for the-” he paused when the phone on his desk rang. “Hold on.” He picked it up.

The talk was short, but he seemed surprised before hanging up. “Uh, Twilight Sparkle, Principal Cinch wants you to go down to her office.”

The kids around her began twittering at the news. They all likely knew why she was being called. Twilight stood and edged out of her seat, taking her bag before going out the door. As she went down the steps to the first floor she could feel her stomach twisting.

Was she in trouble? No, no she couldn’t be in trouble! It was all Kamikaze’s fault… Then again, Fleur did say Kamikaze’s family were big donors to the school. Maybe they’d try to spin this around on her.

By the time she got to the office, she was sweating a bit. The secretary gave her an odd look when she arrived, but waved her along to Cinch’s office.

The room was long and dark, with thick purple curtains covering the windows. There were shelves built into the walls for trophies and awards, all bursting at the seams. Then, above her principal's desk, was a lone ceiling light.

It's like a villain lair…

Twilight kept her thoughts to herself and went in, sitting on the stool provided. The large, golden chair behind the desk swiveled around, to reveal Principal Cinch, shining a trophy in her hand.

Yeah, definitely a villain's lair.

“Hello Ms Sparkle, or may I call you Twilight?” she asked, not looking up from her work.

“Uh, sure, ma’am,” Twilight shrugged, not caring.

“Very well then, Twilight. I must say it’s been a little while since we last talked,” Cinch said, now glancing to her. “When was that? I think it was when your paper won the MONN Competition for High School Science Students.” She gestured to an award on the wall with Twilight’s name on it, very similar to the one she had at home. “Beat every other paper on a national level, got you a pretty penny for your college fund and the school a nice grant for our science classes. Very impressive.”

“Ooooh, it was just a little paper on atoms, nothing big really…” Twilight blushed a little.

“Yes well I- AH! Nothing big! Atoms, yes I see, very funny!” Cinch smiled, turning to face Twilight fully. “At any rate, you are a good student Twilight, which is why I was very… saddened, to hear about this morning from Prefect Fleur.”

“Yeah…” Twilight deflated a bit.

“From what I was told, Kamikaze has been causing issues here and there around the school for a while and you are one of her main targets. I only found out today how severe these actions are, and I assure you, action will be taken.” Cinch stood, taking the trophy back to the case, she turned it a bit and Twilight swallowed tightly.

Because it was a soccer trophy. With Kamikaze’s name amongst the teams.

“Now, before I start anything, would you like to add anything to Fleur take of the events? She said you were accosted in the hallways by Kamikaze, and when you went to stand up for yourself, she pulled a knife on you,” Cinch said, hands behind her back.

“N-no, that’s it,” Twilight frowned.

“Alright then.” She started to pace the room. “Twilight, may I ask you, what do you think is the most important thing is to this school, or to humanity for that matter?”

“Ummm…. Kids?”

Cinch paused, looking thoughtful. “Hm. Well yes, I suppose that correct, or at least a close second.” She straightened her jacket. “But what I was going for more was ‘reputation’. As you are the granddaughter of Soft Twilight, I’m sure you understand how important that is.”

“Oh yeah,” Twilight winced at the thought. “I know.”

“Marvelous woman, how the council survived without her I’ll never know,” Cinch said with a smile. “Anyway, good reputation is something this school has strived to achieve and uphold, ever since its founder, Crystal Heart, opened its doors 150 years ago. To this day we have been bolstering our name and gaining recognition as one of the top private schools in the country.”

She walked back to her desk, standing over Twilight slightly. “However, such a thing doesn't happen without, erhm, sweeping a few things under the rug, so to say.”

Uh oh.

“Now I know it wasn’t your fault Twilight. Kamikaze has a history of unruly behaviour, though the extent, as I said, I have only just learned.” She started to go back to her seat. “I assure you, punishing one of my top academic students is not what I want to do. Nor do I wish to have a violent student running a muck in my halls. That is not the way to make a good reputation.”

She sat, hands folded in front of her. “However, Kamikaze’s family also have a reputation to uphold. I have spoken to them and they have agreed that Crystal Prep may not be the best fit for her. They are looking into-” Cinch narrowed her eyes, gazing to the wall. “Alternative schooling. Something that may help with Kamikaze’s slightly different needs. Both physically… and mentally.” She looked back to Twilight. “That being said, they have stated, very firmly may I add, that making a fuss over this would not be in either of our best interests. Kamikaze’s father has legal connections that could make life very difficult, both from the school and your family. So we think it maybe best to ‘keep calm and carry on.’”

“Sooooo, Kamikaze is changing schools and I just have to not say a word about her again?”

“Well, yes, I suppose so.”

“I can do that!” Twilight said excitedly. “I can totally do that!!”

“Good- HOWEVER,” Cinch stopped Twilight for celebrating too much. “I should let you know that while Kamikaze will no longer be attending Crystal Prep, her little entourage will. I have no evidence against them, so you may wish to keep your guard up.”

Twilight swallowed tightly.

“Now then, hurry back to your science class,” Cinch said, turning her chair to the back wall. “And Twilight, do return that gear to the proper classroom.”

She blinked, until she realized she had never taken the science safety gear off the entire conversation.


Twilight pushed open the door of her dorm, squinting through the afternoon light drifting in through the window. It had been one hell of a day, but school was finally over and she could head home.

Depending upon how dinner went, she may be able to make to the end of the day without anymore trouble. Mom and grandma withstanding.

Moondancer was sprawled on the couch, book in hand, when she spotted Twilight come in. “So, you’re alive.”

“As I’ve been told,” Twilight said, heading for her room. “I gotta get my stuff together to go home.”

Moondancer sat up, leaning over the arm of the couch to watch her in her room. “What the heck happened this morning?”

“Kamikaze happened, but I’m sure you’ve heard,” Twilight said, tossing a few pieces of clothes in her bag, so they could be washed at home.

“I heard she got escorted off school property by security this afternoon.”

Twilight paused. “Really?”

“Pulled her right off the soccer field.” Moondancer made a vague swishing movement with her hand. “So she must be happy.”

Twilight sagged. “Really?”

“Oh yeah. I mean, Kamikaze been in trouble before, but this is new. Everyone is talking about it. I mean, I’m never one for gossip and it got to me, that says how widespread it is.”

Twilight groaned. “Great, perfect! Just what I need.” She hoisted the bag up over her shoulders. “At least she won’t be an issue after this.”

“How so?”

“Well, A little birdy told me Kami’s parents are going to change her to a new school, one more suited for her needs,” Twilight sighed, closing her bedroom up for the weekend, locking the door once she had everything she needed. “So that’s a plus…”

“Unless her dad backtracks, hands over a big stack of bills and has this all just go away,” Moondancer said. “Just like when Kamikaze got in trouble for shooting at birds with the automatic baseball pitcher. Or when she dumped elephant toothpaste all over the handicap ramp so they couldn’t use if for days. Or-”

“Did I do something to you? Like by accident or something, because you just seem interested in killing all the joy in my life,” Twilight frowned at her roomie.

“I’m a realist,” Moondancer huffed.

Twilight stared her down before groaning. “They’re totally gonna backtrack aren’t they?”

“Who knows? I mean, she drew blood officially. This could be it,” Moondancer hummed. “ I think this is uncharted territory for everyone.”

“Well the indecision is gonna give me anxiety all weekend. So that’s shot,” Twilight said, rolling her eyes. “I’ll see you Monday.”

“Have fun sleeping,” Moondancer called after her as Twilight marched out the door.

Twilight made quick work of the stairs, bag banging against her back as she went. She tried to take a deep breath, because once she was home, all of these issues would be over until Monday. Or whenever she told her parents. Or if the school decided to call them instead…

Yep, there's that nice, nauseating anxiety.

When she got to the entry Twilight reached out for the knob, only for the door to pull open before she could reach it. Looking up Twilight paused.

“Uh, hey Twilight…”

Lemon Zest.

She looked guilty and it seemed appropriate, seeing as how Lemon had basically hung her out to dry. Just like before Twilight couldn’t blame her, she couldn’t expect others to do things she wouldn’t do herself… but Twilight had had a hell of a day, and she really wasn’t in the mood for this conversation.

“I’m late for the bus,” Twilight mumbled, pushing past her and keeping her gaze at the ground. She tried to not imagine the hurt expression on Lemon’s face and kept walking.

She came to the bus area, where all the large coach buses were waiting to take students back home. Twilight went to bus number 8, which went to Everfree Estates. It was usually pretty packed, as ‘many students from Crystal prep lived there, so getting to it early was imperative to have a good seat. Thankfully Twilight had moved quickly enough that it was still pretty vacant. Soon enough it be bustling though, given ten more minutes.

As she walked, Twilight could see she wasn’t the first to arrive. Fleur herself was standing near her bus, leaning against a plastic waiting shelter. She seemed to be on her phone…

Twilight was walking past when she heard some of the conversation.

“-was so nice to see you at my fencing competition last week. I really appreciate you showing up, I just wish I placed better,” Fleur said, chuckling a little. She listened for a moment before laughing. “Oh stop! I didn’t even make it to finals!” She shifted as the other spoke, then her voice lowered. “Mmmm… Well you don’t look half bad yourself.”

Oh. Twilight paused, still out of Fleur’s sight. Seems she has a boyfriend.

“I wish we could go out together… Oh, but what would my mother say,” Fleur sighed. The caller seemed to make a joke, because she laughed loudly again. “Yes, I suppose that’s not all we’d have to worry about!! Your business associates at work wouldn’t think highly of it either.”


“How was your board meeting any way?” Fleur asked. “Oh, boring like always? That’s too bad. Did your plan for that fundraiser go through though? It did?! That’s great news! You’re sure to make a lot of money for food bank.” She chuckled again. “Oh no! I just made the suggestion Fancy, you did all the work!”

She giggled, leaning closer to the phone. “No I love you!” She giggled again. “No I love you more!”

Twilight started walking twice the speed away from the conversation. How OLD was Fleur’s boyfriend?! He worked at some kind of company, high enough to be in a board meeting! Was this anything to be concerned about? Was it something that she should make her business?! Who would she even talk to?! Twilight cursed herself for listening in. This was the last thing she needed right now.

She finally found her bus near the back and the driver, taking one look at her face, decided to let her board early.

At least something was going right today...

The bus arrived at Everfree Estate almost an hour later, filled to the brim with shouting, excited kids. Twilight sat in her usual seat near the back, clutching her bag tightly. Every now and then a few kids could glance back at her, talking to one another in hushed whispers.

And so the gossip wheel keeps rolling. Twilight huffed a little.

After the other kids finished stampeding out of the bus doors, Twilight tentatively followed, almost getting her bag caught by the door when the driver shut it. They too seemed eager to get this day over with. As it drove off, Twilight kept walking, and the stress kept building.

Entering her house didn’t help much.

The house looked really nice when Twilight entered, and it smelled really nice too, like something good was cooking. Only it seemed fake and sterile, the main floor looked so clean you could make rocket parts in it. Then there was that foreboding, anxiety inducing pressure in the air. Walking deeper into the house Twilight could now see the dining room, which was clothed and decorated. Candles waiting to be lit and napkins folded.

“Night Light! Where are our soup spoons!?” Her mother shouted from the kitchen.

“We have soup spoons?” Her father responded from upstairs. “When did we get soup spoons?”

“When we got married!” Velvet called up to him, frantically scrubbing at the tile floor grout in the kitchen with a toothbrush. “My mother gifted them to us!”

“Oh! Well then, likely the attic!”

“With the edamame extractor and the cheese slicer?! Or with the fondue set and pasta maker?!”

“We have those too!?”

“Oh my-” Velvet threw her head back with a heavy moan. “So much useless crap!”


“Oh Twilight honey! Hello!” Velvet said, standing quickly. “Go put your things away in your room. Then see if you can find the good hand towels for me.” She hustled up the stairs. “I need to go to the attic!”

“Wait! What hand towels? The blue ones? The pink ones from this christmas? Or the ones with the weird floral pattern?” Twilight asked, hurrying up after her mother.

“The ones with the- you know, weird tassly looking doodads on the bottom.” Velvet said, going to the attic hatch in the middle of the hall. “I think my mom called them Passementerie?”

“Oh those lace things?” Twilight asked. “Didn’t Spike chew those up?”

“Ah crud… that’s right,” Velvet grumbled in defeat. “This is what I get for laughing when he did that instead of stopping him. Pink then.”

Twilight pulled open the hall closet, looking inside for the pink hand towels while her mom had to jump to try and get the latch string. She gave it a few good goes before admitting defeat.

“Night Light! Help me with the attic hatch!”

He came out of their room when summoned, almost fully dressed in a fancy suit, though he was struggling. “Oh honey, you still haven’t gotten the tie done?!” Velvet groaned.

“It’s impossible!” Night Light frowned, leaving it draped around his neck.

Velvet grabbed it in both hands and with in a few movements she was pulling the slip closed, almost choking her husband in the process with her speed. He made a slightly loud ‘hurk!’ noise when she finished. “Now help me with the attic door!”

“Here you go dear,” Night Light choked out, pulling it open for her. Velvet shot up faster than either could follow. Her dad loosened the tie knot slightly as they both listen to Velvet run around the attic.

“Here they are!!- Oh, and I found that serving tray!”

“Great!” Night Light said, taking them when his wife handed them down.

“Nighty go check the vegetables, make sure the chicken isn’t over cooking, clean up those table pieces and start making the charcuterie board!” Velvet ordered. “I need to shower, do my make up, get dressed and put on jewelry! Twilight! You get the towels in the bathroom, nicely folded, then you get cleaned up too!” Velvet almost rolled down the attic steps before she rammed it back up into the ceiling. “I want everyone looking like they stepped out of a catalog in an hour!”

As Velvet marched to her room, Twilight blinked. “She’s really riled up… I mean, more so than usual.”

“It’s always like this when your grandma has important news,” Night Light sighed. “By the by, go to the bathroom before your grandmother gets here, or your gonna have to hold it till she’s gone.”

“I know the drill dad.” Twilight waved him off before going to the main floor bathroom, towels in hand. After putting them on the rack and replacing their regular ones, Twilight did as instructed and headed up to her room to change.

She didn’t have much in the way of regular attire. She had about five outfit total without her uniform, but she did have a couple for formal situations. A dress was likely the best idea, so she pulled out her favorite one, a black dress with constellations in the skirt area. Her dad bought it for her at an astronomy convention.

She put that on with a pair of black tights. Sitting on her bed she faced her mirror, brushing out her hair only to put it back up in the same way as before, just a bit neater. As she finished tying her bun back, she caught a glance of the bandage on her neck.

She stiffened at the memory of hard walls and cold steel. Her hand drifts to the injury, pulling the patch away to look. The cut was angry and red, way too noticeable to hide in plain sight, but wearing some kind of scarf would be a dead give away that she was hiding something.

Should she just lie? What could she say happened? Scratched herself too hard? No, too sharp and deep.

Twilight sighed. She should just do what she did best and feign ignorance. ‘What scratch? Where? Here? No, here? Oh wow! How did that happen?!’ Yeah, that should work fine.

Twilight sighed. She was getting really good at this. There wasn’t much pride to be found in the art of deception. Fleur wanted her to tell her parents about Kamikaze… She should really tell them about her new friends.

Maybe she could keep having her finger bitten off to herself though.

Her eyes darted down to the pale ring of scar tissue around the site of old injury. It hadn’t been noticed for now, but it was a very odd injury to explain. At least with her cut neck, it looked inconspicuous. With her finger, it was clearly an injury you could see when you got it, especially with its shape.

She should really say something.

“Velvet! Where’s the charcuterie board?”

“With the Spiralizer!” Velvet shouted down, sounding stressed.

“The what?!”

“I’ll help him!” Twilight yelled, standing up and running for the main floor.

She should say something later. When Grandma wasn’t looming over their heads.

Soft Twilight was punctual.

She had likely never been late a day in her life. An accomplishment she was well known for in the community and with her family. It could be a bit tiring, especially since she expected the same level of timeliness from other people, but at least you knew what to expect.

So when 4:58 came, Velvet had them standing at the front door for a final assessment. She scanned them both over with eagle eyed precision, stopping to straighten Night Light’s tie again, or spit wash something from Twilight’s cheek.

“Where did you get that cut?” Velvet asked, thrown off for a moment.

“What cut?” Twilight lied.

“That one.”


“There.” Velvet gestured vaguely to her daughter’s head.


“No, there.”

“Huh. No clue.”

Hook, line and sinker.

Already reeling with her mother coming for dinner, Velvet let the topic go. “Well just be more careful honey.”

Night Light leaned back on the balls of his feet to look out the window. “I see her car outside.”

“Doesn’t surprise me. We have 30 seconds,” Velvet frowned, doing a quick inspection of the pristine main floor.

“24,” Twilight corrected her, watching her mom make tiny adjustments to framed pictures and decorative doo dads.

“I never get used to it. She just stands outside the door, watching the clock so she can knock right when the time comes,” Night Light muttered, trying to see if he could spot Soft through the glass around the door. “You know, when you were little I actually opened it five seconds early, just to see how’d she’d react.”

“How did that go?” Twilight asked.

“She gave me the stink eye for about two years and I’ve gotten socks for my birthday ever since,” Night Light sighed.

“Ok! 15 seconds people!” Velvet said, clapping her hands. “I want 110 percent! No drifting off in thought, no interrupting her and absolutely no running off to another room for something. I have locked the bathroom upstairs.”

“Damn…” Night Light said.

“Now if either of you can’t think of a new subject to talk about or a good response, here are some cue cards,” Velvet ordered, handing them both a set. “I know you’re experts by now but you’ve started reusing old bits too frequently and she’s noticing.”

Night Light shuffled his around. “What sorts of things have you been baking recently?” he said, reading one.

Twilight also checked hers. “I like you hair grandma, what have you done with it?” She frowned. “That's not like me at all…”

“We’re shaking things up!” Velvet ordered. “Now put on your semi happy faces and prepare to hold them three hours at least!”

Both gave a simper.

“Perfect!” Velvet checked her watch. “Three, two, one-”

Knock Knock Knock!

Velvet opened the door and gave her mother a smile. “Hello mom! So nice to see you! Come in and make yourself at home!”

Soft stepped inside, her posture was tense and she seemed to be eyeing main floor in suspicion. “Yes. Hello.”

Velvet blinked, slightly confused as she shut the door. “Erh, well… I made roast with potatoes and homemade gravy! Your favorite!”


Sensing danger, Night Light came forward to try his turn. “Hey Soft, so good to see you! How was the council?”


Ooph! One word responses! That couldn’t be good. It was clear her grandmother was ticked off about something. Velvet leaned back and waved to Twilight frantically behind her back. As her grandmother’s favorite, Twilight was the last line of defense with her bad moods.

Twilight came forward with a timid smile. “Hi grandma! How was your day?”

Soft glanced to her, and seeing her eyes narrow slightly sent a jolt of dread down Twilight’s spine, because it told her one thing, loud and clear.

I am angry with YOU.

“Good,” Soft said shortly, shoulders tense.

“Well, ah, why don’t we sit down?” Velvet asked quickly, herding Soft to the dining room. “Let me get you a drink!”

Night Light and Twilight watched as the two disappeared behind a wall. Once gone, Night Light let out a whistle. “I don’t know what you did, but that was worse than the stink eye I got for two years,” he said.

“This is gonna be fun,” Twilight moaned.

“Hey, welcome to the I Disappointed Soft Twilight Club,” Night Light joked, trying to ease the tension. “ I’ll show you the secret handshake later.”

“Dad!” Twilight moaned. “This is serious!”

“Not really. She got mad when I opened a door, Twilight. Your grandmother is a bit high strung.” Night Light chuckled. “For all we know she’s mad you misparked your bike and it was brought up in a meet of hers.”

Twilight bit her lip.

Night Light seemed to notice and put a hand to her shoulder. “Don’t worry honey! Everything will be fine! We’ll have dinner, talk, and then she’ll head home.” He led Twilight into the dinning room to a seat opposite to her grandmother. “For now, let’s enjoy the food, ok?”

Twilight sat, glancing up at her glaring grandmother nervously.

Yes. Enjoy….

What followed was likely one of the tensest dinners the family had ever hosted. Soft was only responding with one word the entire meal and her parents were left floundering on what to do. They had never experienced this with Soft before. Even when angry before this she’d at least respond in sentences.

By dessert Night Light had run out of cue cards and Velvet was massaging her temples. Soft’s gaze was still hot enough to melt steel and Twilight hadn’t said a word. She was just shuffling through her cue cards while her grandmother picked at her food, when she finally looked up with an expression closer to neutral.

“This is good,” she said, making Velvet double take.


“I said it’s good Velvet, you made a very nice mousse.”

Velvet seemed to stare at her in shock. “Y-you like my food?!”

“Yes, please try to listen,” Soft frowned. “I won’t say it again.”

“I- I just-” Velvet glanced to her husband, who offered a shrug and a confused expression. She whipped back around to her mother. “You’ve never said that before! Never!”

“I don’t think your a bad cook Velvet, I just think your a tad overworked to do everything the old fashioned way.”

Velvet reeled, eyes wide. “Overwork- “ She threw her hands up. “You said last week my job was a hobby!”

Soft seemed to think about that. “Yes, I suppose I did, didn’t I… Sorry.”

This time everyone at the table stared at her, mouths open in shock. Even Night Light, who had a spoon halfway to his face was frozen.

Velvet backed her chair up. “What’s going on?” She asked, suspicious.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“I don’t like this,” Velvet said quickly. “Your moody and cross with Twilight for some reason, then you compliment my cooking- something not adding up here.” She squinted, “This isn’t like you at all.”

“Well that makes two of us.”

Twilight withered when her grandmother looked in her direction. She caught her parent’s eyes as well and could only give a helpless, bewildered shrug in response. She had no idea what she did!

“Mom, what do you mean?” Velvet asked, a skeptical look in her eye.

“Hmmm, well I suppose I should get to my reason for visiting,” Soft frowned, straightening her posture a bit and clasping her hands. “I had a very interesting run in with Mr Code Red at the last meeting.”

“Old Red? Hey I went to school with him, how’s Hazelblossom and the kids?” Night Light asked.

“I DON’T know, I didn’t ask.” Soft sent him a glare and he sunk down in his seat. “At any rate, we got talking, and he told me he had something for Twilight. Figured it be easier to give to me than mail it.”

“Mail what? Is it a fine?” Velvet asked.

“Why don’t we let Twilight explain?” Soft pulled an envelope from her purse and handed it to Twilight. The teen took it apprehensively after a few moments of hesitation. Flipping it over, Twilight could see her name on it but not much else. Confused, she opened it up, finding come money inside, along with a letter.

‘Reimbursement for 1 charmed necklace, which was voluntarily surrendered under Everfree’s Magic Control Contraband Rules. If you have any complaints, inquiries or suggestions to change these rules, then please-’


Oh no.

Twilight tensed, eyes wide. She likely paled somewhat as her mother seemed concerned.

“Twily, honey? Is everything ok? What’s that letter say?”

“Yes, Twilight. What does it say?” Soft asked, tone clipped. Glancing up Twilight realized her grandmother had a knowing look in her eyes.

She knew.

“Uh-” She choked out, looking to the letter a few times. “It’s… ahhh…”

“Are you in trouble?” Velvet asked, tilting her head. “We won’t be mad honey.”

“She’s not in trouble,” Soft snipped. “Or at least not yet!”

Twilight tried to take a deep breath. This was not how this was supposed to go! She was being pushed into a corner here!

Well a horrible day deserves a horrible ending…

“Then what is it all about?”

Soft looked at Twilight crossly. “It SEEMS, Velvet, that your daughter has been leaving the Estates to go galavanting around the city on HER OWN!”

“What?!” Velvet asked, eyes wide. Night Light’s eyes darted to all three of them in surprise.

“Oh yes! I got this letter from Code Red. He said it was a refund for a contraband item Twilight brought back into the eastes with her!” Soft snapped. “So I snooped around-”


“And as it would turn out, not only has Twilight been leaving without adult supervision, she has been seen leaving with- with-” Soft threw her hands up in the air. “MONSTERS!”

“Monsters?!” Velvet frowned and while she did still seem concerned, she also started to settle slightly. Velvet shot her daughter a look.

“She’s been in contact with a wide variety of monsters. First was some sort of plant thing! Then a Fey creature! Then, worst of all, a Unicorn monster!!”

“What’s so bad about those?” Night Light asked.

“THEY EAT US!!!” Soft shouted, slamming her hands on the table.

“Oh, yeah that’s not good…”

Soft took a few moments to collect herself, still livid when she returned to her seat. “Well Twilight. Do you have anything to say for yourself?!”

Twilight stalled when the three adults turned to her, expecting an answer. She shifted, eyes darting until she noted something in her hands under the table.

“I-I like you hair grandma… what have you done with it?” Twilight gritted out, wincing slightly.

Velvet stared at her, shocked, while her father snorted out his nose with a barely contained laugh.

Soft wasn’t as amused. “Twilight Sparkle!” she said crossly. Twilight winced at her grandmother’s tone. “Do you think this is some kind of joke?! Is this funny to you?!”


“Well you could have fooled me!” She glowered. “Who are those monsters your running off with?!”

Twilight looked down at the table. Like it or not the moment of truth had been thrust upon her. Lying at this point would just make things worse… So with a tight, shaky voice she forced it out.

“They um, they’re my friends grandma…”


Twilight was too scared to look up, but the air around her began to thicken as the tension in the room started to swirl. She could also still feel their eyes transfixed on her.


Twilight hunched over slightly.



“What do you mean friends!?!”

Twilight flinched.

“Mom please-!”

“Velvet! Your child has been going off to dance in the jaw of danger! You shouldn’t let this slide!”

“I’m not going to-”

“She could have died! Who knows what those things really want from her!”

Twilight blinked, looking up at that. Her mom and grandmother arguing at each other, face to face and out of their chairs. Her dad seemed uncertain of what to do, looking at them with his hands clenched in the table cloth. Twilight shifted a bit more up.

“They’ve been good friends grandma,” Twilight said, voice steady. “Don’t talk about them like that.”

“Don’t talk about th- Their monsters! For goodness sake we are direct descendants of Final Stand!” Soft snapped. “You’re a Twilight!”

“Again with the Final Stand and the Twilight legacy!” Velvet groaned.

“Twilight Legacy?” The girl paused at the new information.

“It’s not as fancy as it sounds honey,” Velvet said, running a hand down her face. “Basically our family follows the first born girl as a direct lineage to Final Stand. That’s because the only blood of his to supposedly survive after his death was his youngest child and only daughter, Lovely Twilight.” She sighed. “Ever since then the first born daughter of the main branch has had Twilight in their name. You’re Twilight Sparkle, I’m Velvet Twilight, Your grandma is Soft Twilight, her mother was Glowing Twilight, then your great grandmother was Twilight Song-”

“It shows who we are! It shows where we came from!” Soft interrupted. “Twilight Song’s mother was named Starry Twilight because her mother was still amazed to see the stars! Then Starry’s mother was Hopeful Twilight! She was named that because there was actually HOPE for our kind! She was born twenty years after the treaty was signed!” She held up a hand, counting on it. “We were only legally made sentient people, rather than animals only 6 generations ago!” She groaned loudly. “It’s only been two hundred years! Many monsters from those days are still alive and waiting! Don’t you get it!? It’s not safe for us!!”

“I’ve been fine!” Twilight said quickly.

“You’ve been lucky!”

Twilight sucked in a breath and the rest of the family seemed to pause. Even Soft seemed momentarily stuck in her own mind before she forced herself forward. “I just don’t want you to get hurt!” She said finally. She collapsed into her chair with a groan. “Why couldn’t you just make friends at school?”

Twilight rubbed her neck and frowned. “I don’t get along well with people at school.”

“But you do with monsters?!” Soft groaned. “You get along fine with them!” She rubbed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. “How long has this been going on?”



Twilight winced. “Ahhhh, almost two months?”

“Two months?!”

“Wait… Are these the friends you had a sleepover with?” Night Light asked, now also looking uneasy.

“Well, yes-”

“You slept over at one of their homes?!” Soft almost screeched. “You slept near them?!”

“How many times have you left the Estates?” Velvet asked now, eyes narrowed.

“A lot…” Twilight looked to the floor.

Now Velvet groaned, beginning to pace the room with her head in her hands.

“She can’t keep doing this!” Soft said, looking to Velvet sternly. “This needs to be put to bed, once and for all!”

Twilight tensed, eyes wide and frightened. “What?! No! You can’t!”

“Twilight-” Velvet started, sounding tired.

“PLEASE!” Twilight was shouting now. “Mom please! They’re my friends! They’re my only friends!! The only ones I’ve ever really had! They’re amazing and kind and if you just met them, you’d know!” Twilight gripped the table. “Please mom, please!!”

Velvet stalled, face scrunching up as she thought, eyes jolting one side to the other as she did so. “I-I Don’t- Well… Maybe-”

“Velvet!” Soft whipped around to face her. “You can’t be serious!”

Velvet stopped to glare back at her. “Mom, Twilight is my daughter. I will deal with this-”

“They’re MONSTERS Velvet! Who knows what could happen to her! She could just about lose a limb!”

‘Too late,’ Twilight thought nervously, rubbing her hand.

“There are rules mom…”

“Who gives a toot about rules when you’re a powerful and rich monster that can just make their problems go away!” Soft argued. “The system is against us at every turn Velvet! Maybe not overtly, but it is! All it takes is for one thing to go wrong-”

“That's true with everything!” Velvet said, shaking her head.

“That doesn't mean she should be free to galavant about as she pleases-”

“She won’t! Trust me but-”

“She could die Velvet!”

The woman grimaced at that. “Well- she could, but…”

“She can make other friends Velvet! She just needs to try harder!”

“Mom, just- I will handle this!”

“You know I never approved of your free and easy mothering and now look where it’s gotten you!”

“-! E-excuse me?!”

Twilight leaned back with a sigh. This was a mess… She should have told her parents sooner… Now her grandma and mom were at each other’s throats. Now her parents knew she had been keeping secrets from them. Now she may never be allowed to see her friends again…

She rubbed her eyes, chin quivering.

“Twily honey, why don’t you take a second to calm down and step out of the room?” her dad suggested quietly, glancing to his wife for a second. “This may take a while…”

Twilight nodded, standing up and going for the entryway. She sat on the bench by the door, hunched over with her head between her knees. Of course one of the worst days of her life could only grow more terrible every hour it lasted. First Kamikaze, then Cinch, then Fleur’s secret she wasn’t even supposed to know about. Why not top it off with her darkest secret coming out to her entire family?!

She really wished Spike was here, but he was at the neighbors’ until dinner was over… Hell, she wished anyone was here to comfort her...


Twilight looked up, but couldn’t make out who was behind the door. Even though Everfree Estates is a gated community, that didn’t mean there weren’t solicitors. Never salespeople, but some charities or fundraisers, along with a few pamphlet people. Of course they always come around dinner time...

With a groan Twilight stood and opened the door. She was met with broad shoulders, and she had to look up to see who it was.

It was officially the best day of her life.


Author's Note:

Hey guys! I actually got this out less than a year after the first! Woo hoo! Sorry theres not as many monsters for this chapter, and likely not the next, but were going more story driven then character and world building now! So buckle up!

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