• Published 4th Aug 2015
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Sunset's Little Twilight - PoisonClaw

An accident with the Mirror Portal ends up with Twilight stuck as a small pony in the Equestra Girls' world. Her friends can't get over how cute she is.

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Dawn of the First Day

The sounds of running water slowly dwindled as Sunset Shimmer shut off the taps to the shower. Wrapping a towel around herself, she stepped out into the bathroom proper and over to the sink, taking a moment to wipe away the fog that had clouded up the mirror.

She considered herself lucky that she had managed to claim the bathroom before anyone else; especially since Rarity, Applejack and Fluttershy had all been absent when she had woken up. Since Dash wasn’t impatiently pounding on the door, that was a good sign that she and Pinkie were likely still out cold on the floor of Rarity’s room.

Grabbing a second towel to dry her hair with, her thoughts drifted to Twilight, still peacefully curled up on top of one of the extra sleeping bags, an extra blanket thrown over her to keep her warm. After everything that had happened yesterday, it was no surprise that she had been the first to fall asleep last night, and Sunset had been extra careful to not disturb her when she had snuck off to the bathroom.

Speaking of last night, things had gone far smoother than Sunset had originally expected. The girls had quickly accepted the now pony Twilight, though part of her wondered why she should have been surprised.

They accepted me, after all.

All things considered, last night had been an enjoyable one overall for all involved, despite a less than ideal introduction and a few… awkward moments thanks to one person in particular. I swear I’m going to kill Rainbow for looking up my shirt.

Once her hair was dry enough, she discarded the towel behind her and grabbed the bottle of mouthwash next to the sink. Taking a good swig from it, Sunset tilted her head back as she loudly gargled the minty liquid before spitting it out into the sink in a way that would no doubt have made Rarity cringe. Chuckling to herself at the mental image of a disgusted Rarity, she glanced up at her reflection in the mirror…

…Only to see an orange unicorn with a mane of red and yellow hair staring back at her.

“Wah!” Sunset leapt back in surprise, which caused her to slip on the previously discarded towel, falling back onto the bathroom floor and bashing her shoulder against the tub behind her. Wincing, she rubbed her bruised shoulder as she shakily got back to her feet, her eyes drawn back to the mirror.

The face of a human girl with orange skin and red and yellow hair looked back, just as it had every morning for the last four years. Sunset cautiously took a step forward, bracing her hands against the sink for support as she stared into the mirror, expecting it to change again.

Snapping her eyes away, Sunset leaned down and twisted both taps on full blast, running her hands under the flow of water for a few seconds before splashing it against her face. She did this several more times before she was satisfied, though one hand still remained tightly gripping the edge of the sink while the other switched off the faucet.

As a final act of reassurance, Sunset reached out her hand, her reflection mimicking her movement. Only when she felt the cool glass against her fingertips did she let out a breath she hadn’t even been aware she’d been holding. As water dripped down her face into the drain below, Sunset forced herself to laugh.

“I must still be half-asleep…” she muttered, yet that did nothing to get the image of the pony out of her head, a pony whose face she hadn’t seen in years. As her mind remained focused on that, something she had said last night came rushing back to her.

I was a unicorn. Or… I guess I still am in a way? I don’t know… I haven’t thought about it in a while.

She hadn’t been lying. Even after Twilight had started coming over, she had thought less and less about her life as a pony. Back then it had been the driving force behind her abuse of her fellow students, an attempt to reclaim the power she had so rightly deserved. Now… now it was a string of regrets she was trying to put further and further behind her. So why was she—

A harsh pounding against the bathroom door broke Sunset out of her thoughts. “Hey, you alive in there?” Rainbow Dash yelled through the door. “I thought I heard a scream.”

Gazing at her reflection for a few seconds longer, Sunset sighed. “I’m fine,” she called back. “I just slipped is all. I’ll live.” There was no answer for a moment, which Sunset took to mean Dash was glad she was all right. Dash would have never have admitted it, obviously.

“Well, can you hurry it up then? Some of us would also like to use the bathroom today!”

Sunset rolled her eyes, even knowing Rainbow couldn’t see her. Another series of knocks made her throw up her hands and shout back, “Alright, alright! Hold your horses, I’ll be done in a minute!”

It took a second for her brain to fully register what she had just said, but when it did Sunset groaned and put her hand over her eyes. Oh sweet Celestia, did I really just say that?


Wasting no time in getting dressed, Sunset Shimmer had barely stepped out of the bathroom before Rainbow Dash impatiently ran past her, very nearly knocking her over. Shaking her head back at Dash, Sunset made her way downstairs; the unmistakable aroma of freshly brewed coffee filling her sinuses before she could even reach the bottom step. Making a beeline for the kitchen, she found Rarity sitting at the table on the other side of the room with her own mug of coffee next to her, still working away at her sketchbook.

“You’re up early,” Sunset said as she retrieved a mug from Rarity’s cupboard.

Looking up from her sketches, Rarity greeted Sunset with a warm smile. “Yes, contrary to what Rainbow seems to believe, I am more than capable of getting myself up at what many would call a ‘reasonable hour’. Plus, I wouldn’t be a very good host if I slept in later than my guests, now would I?”

Sunset just shrugged as she poured herself a generous helping of coffee, taking a moment to breathe in the aroma before taking a sip. Looking around the room, she noticed that it was only her and Rarity. “Where are the others?“

“Applejack left a few hours ago,” Rarity answered while still focused on her sketchbook. “She said she had to take care of some quick things back at the farm, so she gave her brother a call to come pick her up. Fluttershy had her own errands to run, so she went with them. I’m sure they’ll be back before long.”

Satisfied with the answer, Sunset enjoyed her cup of coffee as the two of them settled into a comfortable silence, with the only other sound being the scratching of Rarity’s pencil against paper. After some time, Rarity seemed satisfied enough with her work to close her sketchbook, resting her hands on top. Judging by the conflicted look on her face, Sunset knew she desperately wanted to say something, and she had a pretty good idea what that was.

“So… “ Rarity began, “about what happened last night with Rainbow-“

Sunset was quick to cut her off. “Look, can we just… not talk about it? I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you how awkward a topic this is.”

“Oh, I understand completely. I feel, however, that I must apologize for Rainbow’s abhorrent behaviour last night. I doubt she meant anything malicious by it, she just thought it would be funny.”

“Eh, it’s Dash. When has she been known for her discretion?”

Rarity had a hard time arguing with that. “Fair enough, I suppose. Though, even still I find myself appalled that she would even make light of something so personal. I like to think I have enough respect for someone else’s privacy not to pry.”

Sunset levelled her eyes in Rarity’s direction. “But…”

“But… what?”

“You still want to ask, don’t you?”

“Ask about what?” Both of them turned to see Twilight come flying into the kitchen, her wings flapping feverishly just to keep herself aloft.

“Twilight, darling!” Rarity welcomed the distraction, hoping that Twilight and Sunset hadn’t noticed the faintest hint of a blush forming on her face. “I trust you slept well?”

Twilight braced herself as she came in for a landing, gently lowering herself onto the kitchen table. Once all four hooves were safely on a solid surface, she nodded at Rarity. “Like a foal.” Briefly arching her back as she stretched out her legs, Twilight settled back onto her haunches. “I really appreciate all of you offering to have me over while I’m here.”

“Oh, think nothing of it; that’s what friends are for. Plus, we’re more than happy to have you, whether as a human or a pony.” Rarity idly reached over and scratched Twilight behind the ears as she spoke. “Especially when you’re just so cute as a pony!”

“Well, I wouldn’t get too used it.” Twilight’s tail flicked behind her as she batted Rarity’s hand away. She was having a hard time deciding if she found all the extra attention from her friends endearing or annoying. “Once Spike gets the portal back up and running, this will probably be the only time you see me as a pony.”

“All the more reason for us to enjoy this opportunity while it lasts, no?” Rarity smirked as she brought her mug to her lips.

Twilight looked from Rarity to Sunset and then back to Rarity, the same curious look on her face as last night. “What were you two talking about just now?”

Rarity sputtered mid-drink, a line of coffee running down her chin. “No-nothing!” She quickly stammered out. “Nothing you need concern yourself with, I assure you!”

“Really? Because it didn’t sound like nothing. It sounded like—”

“So you can still fly, huh?” Sunset interjected as she set her now empty mug aside.

Sunset’s interruption gave ample opportunity for a flustered Rarity to grab her sketchbook and get up in search of something to wipe her face with.

Twilight thought about asking again regarding what they had been discussing, but decided against it given Rarity’s reaction. “It would seem so. I still might not be able to channel any magic through my horn like I usually can, but it appears that my internal magic remains unchanged. Granted, I’m still not that great of a flyer, probably no better than a filly fresh out of flight camp.”

“Still, small victories I suppose?” Sunset offered, to which she received an amused look from Twilight in return. “You know what I mean!”

Giggling, Twilight replied, “Yeah, it certainly helps me get around, given my size right now. Still trying to figure out the why on that, though that does make me wonder if—“

A loud bang echoed through the house as the front door swung open, causing Rarity, Sunset and Twilight to all jump in fright before, with the kind of volume that could rival a megaphone, Applejack hollered from the doorway, “Up an’ at ‘em! Time to rise and shine!”

Over the sound of the door slamming shut behind her, Fluttershy could just barely be heard saying, “Um… we’re back.” Both carried something with them as they walked into the kitchen, Applejack with two sacks thrown over her shoulder while also carrying a covered basket in her other hand, while Fluttershy carried a shopping bag in each hand.

Rarity glowered at Applejack as she entered. “Congratulations, Applejack. I do believe you’ve succeeded in rousing the entire block from a sound slumber. Would you care to try for the whole neighbourhood next time?”

“Oh, don’t be like that, Rares. If’n it makes ya feel better, I brought gifts.” Dropping both sacks to the floor with a loud thud, she placed the basket on the counter. “Fresh from Sweet Apple Acres.”

Curious, Twilight hopped from the table to the countertop and poked her head inside the basket. “Eggs?

“Yep. By my count, these should be more than enough to make scrambled eggs for the seven of us.” Kicking one of the sacks at her feet, she added, “Also brought a bag of potatoes with me case any of ya are up for some good old-fashioned home-fries.”

“And I picked up some batter mix, if anyone would like pancakes instead.“ Fluttershy added as she began transferring items from her shopping bags to the counter.

Looking around at the supplies, Rarity’s eyes softened as she smiled at Applejack. “While that still doesn’t excuse you completely, I nonetheless do appreciate the gesture. Just let me put my sketchbook away and we can get started.”

As Rarity walked off to do just that, she passed Rainbow Dash on her way into the kitchen, who had clearly put no effort into drying her hair given that it appeared to still be soaking wet. “Morning, Rainbow.” She greeted on her way out.

Rainbow Dash gave a half-hearted “Hey…” in response, twirling her finger in her ear as she entered. “Geeze AJ, could you tone it down a touch? My ears are still ringing from that one!”

“No can do, Rainbow. The Apple family have spent generations developin’ the perfect method to get lazy bums like ya’ll out of bed at the crack of dawn, and I don’t plan on givin’ up such a tradition any time soon.”

Popping her finger from her ear, Rainbow shook her head once to get rid of any further ringing. “Laugh it up, but I swear one of these days you’re going to wake the dead just so they can tell you to put a lid on it.”

Applejack snickered. “I’ve woken ya’ll up before, haven’t I? I reckon I’ve already accomplished that task then.”

“Hey!” Rainbow shouted, a counter argument already on the tip of her tongue.

“Uh… girls?” A hint of uncertainty in Twilight’s voice prompted the two of them to look over at the mare. Both of Twilight’s ears were perked up and her muzzle was scrunched up into a look of confusion. “Did anyone else hear that?”

“Hear what?” Rainbow asked.


Rainbow froze, a chill running down her spine as a ghastly noise came from somewhere behind her. Slowly turning her head to look over her shoulder, her eyes widened in absolute terror as a hand reached out from the hallway, nails as sharp as knives digging into the wall as a figure crept into view. A curtain of hair, allowing only a single eye that glowed a deep crimson to peer forward, largely obscured the face that peered around the corner.

“Uuuhhhh…” The figure groaned as they took a step forward.

“Z-zombie!” Every muscle in Dash’s body screamed, “Run!” at once, a command that Dash was more than happy to follow. The only thing that stopped her from bolting face first into a wall in her blind panic was Applejack, who had enough foresight to grab Rainbow by the shoulder, holding her back as her legs futilely ran in place.

“Settle down there, partner.” Despite her grip, Applejack looked to be exerting no effort in holding back the frantic girl. “She ain’t no walkin’ dead.”

Everyone else watched as Pinkie Pie slowly shambled into the kitchen, still dressed in a pair of bright pink pyjamas covered in images of balloons, with her back hunched over and her arms hanging lifelessly in front of her. Low moaning emanated from her with every other step.

As Pinkie made a slow trek across the kitchen, Rarity returned and casually slipped around the half-asleep girl without a word of comment, grabbing the basket of eggs on her way over to the stove. Setting them down, she took a moment to start up the closest burner as she rummaged around in the cupboard for an appropriately sized pan.

Finally, Pinkie came to a stop once she was standing directly in front of the coffee maker. With automated movements, Pinkie retrieved a mug from the cupboard with one hand while picking up the coffee pot from the machine with the other, staring aimlessly as she poured herself a fresh cup. The second the mug was full, Pinkie brought it to her lips, tilting her head back as she hungrily guzzled the steaming liquid, loudly gulping the entire time.

During all this, Twilight counted down in her head. 10… 9… 8…

After draining the last few drops, Pinkie gently set her mug down on the counter and returned the pot to the machine, her arms falling back to her sides. She stood motionless in place, resembling a puppet with its strings cut.

3… 2… 1…

Pinkie’s entire body suddenly jerked, her hair popping back into its poofy state while her arms snapped away from her sides. She yawned loudly as she raised both arms above her head, spinning on the balls of her feet like a ballerina a few times before finally stopping to face the others, grinning from ear to ear. “Morning everybody! What’s for breakfast?”

“Nice of ya to join us, Pinkie.” Applejack finally released Dash, causing the girl to flail her arms wildly to prevent from falling flat on her face. “We were ‘bout to get started on breakfast and sure could use yer help if’n you’re up for it.”

Pinkie’s eyes practically glinted with excitement. “Ooh! I’d love to!” Her smile slipped from her face as she glanced down at the pyjamas she was wearing. “… Right after I get dressed. Back in a sec!”

Twilight watched with an amused smirk as Pinkie ran from the room, followed by her loud footsteps on the stairs as she raced upstairs. “I swear I’ll never get used to that.”

“Used to what, dear?” Rarity asked over her shoulder as she cracked an egg against the pan, letting the yolk drip onto the sizzling surface. “That someone as hyper-active as our dear Pinkie would ever drink coffee?”

“You would think so, but I’ve seen the Pinkie back in Equestria drink coffee on a regular basis, though according to her she prefers decaf. Apparently the regular stuff makes her lethargic.” At the incredulous looks from her friends, she quickly added, “I know, I was surprised too! What’s even more surprising though is that the pony Pinkie is much more of a morning person. I’ve seen her go from sound asleep to wide-awake and alert like—” Remembering at the last second that she didn’t have fingers to snap, Twilight instead clapped both her front hooves together. “That.”

Rainbow Dash crossed her arms over her chest, mulling over the idea in her head. “Nope, can’t do it. I just can’t picture Pinkie being any kind of a morning person without a mountain of caffeine and sugar involved.”

Rarity cracked another egg against the pan. “Despite how absurd the thought may be, I think it would be best if we focus on getting breakfast ready, especially since I for one could do with a hearty meal right about now. Unless everyone would prefer brunch instead?”


It wasn’t long before the crackle of scrambled eggs and the milky scent of fresh pancakes filled the air.

After Pinkie had finished getting dressed, she had offered to make the pancakes while Fluttershy prepared the batter, flipping pancakes one after the other onto a plate faster than Fluttershy could keep up with. Already a sizeable stack was beginning to form between them.

True to Applejack’s word, Rarity had more than enough fresh eggs to work with as she prepared scrambled eggs for all of them and then some. Applejack and Sunset, meanwhile, were dicing up the potatoes, tossing them into a pan while they waited for the oven to finish pre-heating.

Rainbow Dash had kindly decided to assist by staying out of everyone’s way, retreating to the living room to practice on her guitar. That left Twilight with nothing to do except sit back and watch. Every so often someone would need to reach something she could just fly up to and grab for them, but besides that she busied herself by engaging in conversation while the others worked.

“’Scuse me, Rares.” Pushing past Rarity, Applejack reached down and pulled the oven door open, sliding the pan onto the center rack and slamming the door closed. “Yep, just let those puppies sit for a few, and they’ll be just right.”

Twilight looked around, glad to see that everything was coming along nicely. As she did so, her eyes fell on the second bag Applejack had bought with her, still sitting where she had left it.

Thinking about it, Twilight realized that Applejack had ignored the second bag completely ever since she had brought it in. Glancing over at Sunset, she noticed the bag of potatoes at her feet, still half full. Twilight could only assume that Applejack must have known that one bag would have been enough, so it couldn’t be a second bag of them. If it’s not that, then what?

“Hey, Applejack?”

“Hmm?” Applejack turned her head from the oven at the sound of her name. “Something up, Twi?”

Twilight pointed to the bag on the floor. “What’s in this other bag you brought?”

“Er…” Applejack rubbed the back of her head, chuckling nervously. “Funny ya should ask that, Twi. Don’ know why I even brought that bag with me, just that I saw it and decided to throw ‘er in the back of the truck as we were leavin’. Ya see… it’s actually a bag of oat feed for the animals back on the farm. Guessin’ I just thought, since y’all are kinda a horse and all—”

“Pony,” Twilight and Sunset said in unison.

“… Right, pony. Like I was saying, I guess I got the idea in my head that ya might enjoy them.” She sighed, smacking her hand against her forehead. “Only occurred to me after Mac had already taken off down the road what a fool I was being, actin’ like y’all are just another one of the animals back on the farm. Shoot, I don’t know if y’all even eat oats back in that other world of yours.”

Twilight didn’t say anything for a moment, tilting her head as she took in Applejack’s mortified expression. Though the others appeared focused on preparing breakfast, they too were waiting for Twilight to respond.

None of them expected Twilight to start giggling, which quickly turned into a full-blown laughing fit that left the mare lying on her back, kicking her hooves in the air as she continued laughing. It was several seconds before Twilight’s laughter gradually came to a stop, allowing her a chance to catch her breath. As she picked herself back up, she couldn’t wipe the smile from her face at the look of utter bewilderment on Applejack’s face. “You know, if you wanted to know, you could have just asked.“

“So… y’all ain’t mad?”

“Should I be? Ponies back in Equestria eat oats all the time. It’s pretty much a staple part of an average diet. I’ll admit they’re not my go-to meal of choice, but I have eaten them before.” Twilight glanced down back at the bag for a moment. “Actually… since you went to the trouble of bringing them over, I guess it couldn’t hurt for me to at least try some.“

“Ya sure?” Applejack asked, genuinely surprised. “I mean, you can if’n ya want to, but ya don’t have to if—”

“I don’t have to, sure. Doesn’t mean I can’t still want to.”

Applejack wanted to argue with Twilight further, but realized that it would likely be a fruitless venture. “A’right, if’n ya sure and all.” Walking over, she grabbed the mouth of the bag and ripped it open. Reaching her hand in and grabbing a fistful of the feed, she held it out to Twilight, who sniffed it first before taking a mouthful from Applejack’s hand.

“How do they taste?” Sunset asked, admittedly a bit curious herself.

Chewing some more, Twilight muttered, “Eh, not bad, a little bland though.” Swallowing, she added, “Could use some milk honestly.”

Walking over to the bag of feed, Sunset reached in and grabbed a small handful from inside for herself. Like Twilight, she brought the oats up to nose and took a sniff of them, noting that they didn’t smell any different than she remembered. If they smelled the same, then maybe…

“Er, I wouldn’t do that if’n I were you.” Sunset looked up to see Applejack and Twilight both staring at her. “I mean, I’m glad and all that Twilight seemed to like them, but that stuff’s nothin’ like the kind y’all can get at any old store. It might have a different taste to it than y’all are used to.”

Sunset was undeterred, rolling her eyes. “I’ve had oats before, AJ. I’m sure they can’t be that bad.” Before AJ could convince her otherwise, Sunset popped the oats into her mouth.

Applejack caught the briefest glimpse of utter disgust on Sunset’s face right before she spat the feed out and bolted for the sink, running her mouth under the faucet to try and wash the taste out. To Applejack’s credit, she didn’t laugh at Sunset’s expense, managing to remain stone-faced as she watched the girl gargle tap water. “Don’t go saying I didn’t warn ya.”

“And… saved!” Shutting off the water, Sunset whipped around to find Pinkie Pie standing behind her, her phone in her hands and recording the entire display. “This one’s going online for sure!”

Sunset glared at Pinkie. “Pinkie, you better delete that right now.”

“Gotta catch me first!” With a sly grin, Pinkie ran off like a cartoon roadrunner, waving her phone above her head as she disappeared into the living room.

“Pinkie! Get back here!” Sunset shouted as she raced after Pinkie, hot on her heels.

Fluttershy quickly shut off the burner Pinkie had been using, transferring the last pancake to the stack. “Oh my. Should we go after them?”

Applejack just waved off Fluttershy’s concerns. “Ah, I say let ’em be. Pinkie’s just foolin’ with her is all and Sunset Shimmer knows it. They’ll be fin—“

A loud crash echoed from the direction of the living room, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and turn towards the sound. With one eyebrow raised, Rarity looked back to Applejack. “You were saying?” Her tone was eerily calm, which terrified Applejack more than if she had yelled at her.

“Uh… I’ll go make sure they don’t hurt themselves.” Gripping her hat against her head, Applejack took off down the hall.

“I’ll come with!” Taking flight, Twilight flew behind Applejack as the two of them headed for the living room.

Rounding the corner, Applejack came to a halt in the doorway, forcing Twilight to pull up to avoid crashing into her. Hovering just behind her, she looked past her into the living room at the scene before them.

Sunset had Pinkie pinned down on the floor, her arms wrapped around Pinkie’s neck in a fierce headlock. Pinkie Pie futilely struggled to free herself from Sunset’s hold, while somehow still managing to hold her phone just out of Sunset’s reach. As this was going on, Rainbow Dash was just lying back on the couch, her guitar propped up as she watched, amused, while the spectacle unfolded.

Pinkie slapped the palm of her free hand against the floor several times, shouting, “Dashie, tag out! Tag out!”

Rainbow Dash shook her head as she strummed a few chords on her guitar. “No way, Pinkie. I’m sitting this one out; you’re on your own.”

Despite Pinkie’s struggles, Sunset refused to let up. “Just drop the phone, Pinkie, and I’ll let you go.”


“Oh, for Pete’s sake…” Sighing, Applejack walked over and easily snatched the phone from Pinkie’s grasp.

“Hey!” Pinkie cried out.

Applejack ignored her as she scrolled through the phone’s contents, quickly finding the video and deleting it from the phone’s memory. “And that’s the end of that.” Flipping the phone around to prove that the embarrassing video was no more, she glanced over at Sunset. “Ya’ll can let her go now, Sugarcube.”

“Gladly,” Sunset said. Releasing Pinkie, she got back to her feet and took a second to readjust her jacket as she dusted herself off.

“Oh, you two are no fun!” Pinkie grumbled while sitting cross-legged on the floor. “I wasn’t really going to upload it, honestly!”

“I know ya weren’t gonna, Pinkie, but I don’ think Rarity much cares for ya two wrestlin’ in her home. Now, if ya’ll are done, I’m headin’ back to keep an eye on things.” Peeking over her shoulder at the still hovering Twilight, she asked, “Ya coming, Twi?”

“Hm? Oh no, you go on ahead.” Flapping over to the couch, Twilight dropped down onto the cushion. It wasn’t the most graceful of landings, if it even qualified as a proper landing, but she doubted the Rainbow Dash sitting next to her would care. “Everything’s pretty much ready by this point, so I’ll just wait in here with Rainbow.”

“Suit ya’self.” Tossing Pinkie her phone back, Applejack turned and walked back into the hallway.

As she did, Pinkie Pie sprang back to her feet and followed after her. “Wait for me!”

As they disappeared around the corner, Rainbow whistled from her spot on the couch. “Wow, that was impressive. Where the hell did you learn to pull off a flying tackle like that?”

“Um…” Sunset tapped her fingers together awkwardly. “I may have – May have – started watching Saturday Night Wrestling.”

Rainbow Dash was flabbergasted. “No way! Who’s your favourite wrestler then?”

“Silly question. Typhoon Smash, obviously.”

“Oh yeah!” It was seemingly impossible for Rainbow’s grin to get any wider. “Now that’s what I like to hear! Up high!” Rainbow threw her hand up in the air, palm facing outward. Wasting no time, Sunset returned the high five, producing a resounding smack that left both of them wincing and shaking feeling back into their hands for a few seconds.

A smile spread across Twilight’s face as she watched Sunset eagerly recount some of her favourite matches with as much enthusiasm as Rainbow. Her thoughts drifting back to how Sunset had acted during their first encounter: arrogant, cruel and showcasing a deep loathing towards Twilight for the sole reason of being a princess. Following the Fall Formal, her harsh attitude had retreated within her, leaving her shy, apprehensive and afraid sometimes to even say two words to the girls whose lives she had once made miserable.

Looking at her now though, the differences were like night and day. Twilight felt a surge of pride well up inside her, proud of how far Sunset had come in such a short time, going from a person who had scorned and despised friendship at every turn, to one who gladly welcomed it into her heart.

This must be how the princess felt.

Relaxing back against the couch, Twilight closed her eyes as she filtered between the sounds of Sunset and Rainbow’s conversation and Rainbow Dash casual strumming away at her guitar. Even though Rainbow was only playing random notes while she talked, it was still a pleasing sound to the ears. If Twilight hadn’t been so well rested from the night before, she could have even imagined falling asleep to—

A sharp electric twang sliced through the soothing melodies as Rainbow vaulted into a full-blown rock solo, startling Twilight out of her reprieve. Opening her eyes, she turned to say something to Rainbow, when she noticed something unusual that gave her pause.

It was faint, bordering on invisible even, but with each strum of a chord, tiny wisps of energy could be seen floating off of Rainbow’s body, drifting through the air before disappearing shortly thereafter.


Metal banging against metal sounded from the kitchen, giving everyone within earshot a split second warning before Applejack hollered from the kitchen, “Come and get it!”

“About time!” Setting her guitar down, Rainbow made to head for the kitchen, but stopped when she didn’t hear the sound of flapping wings behind her. Peeking over her shoulder, she noticed that Twilight hadn’t moved from her spot on the couch, an unfocused look on her face. “Hey, Twilight! Didn’t you hear? It’s time for some grub!”

Twilight’s ears didn’t so much as twitch, the only indication she had even heard Rainbow Dash was when she absentmindedly replied, “Hmm? Oh, I’ll be there in a minute. Go ahead and start without me.“

“Oh no you don’t!” Whatever train of thought Twilight had going was abruptly derailed as Rainbow ran back to the couch, hooking her arm around Twilight’s barrel and yanking her up against her side, pinning her in place. “You’re coming with me!”

“Hey!” Despite knowing how pointless it was, Twilight still briefly struggled against Rainbow’s grip. “Rainbow Dash, put me down!”

“Nuh-uh, Twi, I know that face. You were about to go off into your own little egghead world, weren’t you?” Rainbow playfully bopped the mare on the nose, receiving an indignant scowl in return. “Oh, don’t give me that look. If I know Rarity, she won’t let us eat until everyone’s at the table, which includes you too. Whatever you were thinking about can wait until after breakfast.”

Twilight sighed, reluctantly resigning herself to being carried around like a football. Still, there was no mistaking what she had just seen, and while it should have been obvious to her in hindsight, everything she thought she had known about the inherent laws of this world had caused her to foolishly overlook it until she had seen it with her own eyes:

In that moment, Rainbow Dash had been radiating pure magic.