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Fluttershy ruffles Princess Luna's feathers.

With thanks to Damaged and Sledge115 for brainstorming.

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An athlete like Lightning Dust is no stranger to doctor visits, and a nurse like Speedy Recovery is no stranger to receiving patients. It would take something pretty cataclysmic to throw them both off.

Or maybe all it takes is three bolded words on a psych results sheet.

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every Thursday for the foreseeable future. If you like this one, check out the others!

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"'Colts will be Colts' is not a sentiment that applies here at my Friendship School!

Times have changed. Kids or not, everyone, students of friendship included, have to answer for these sorts of disrespectful displays. Now, all of you, down to Counselor Glimmer's office, immediately! I'm going to have a long chat with her about what to do with you all!"

EDIT: Featured #2 same day, 3/21/19! Thanks!
EDIT: #1 same day! YEET- thanks all!
EDIT: Now with an AUDIO READING by Skijarama!

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Sunset has a pretty unique job, streaming online! She talked about her job in passing, but when she misses a sleepover to do her job, the girls are just curious enough to check it out. What they find is a whole lot more of their friend than they expected.

Original concept by AmIDeadInside

Part of the B_25 vs Flutterpriest 24 Hour Writeoff

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Being the Royal Advisor for Celestia and Luna, you've come up with solutions for many of the nation's problems.

Unfortunately you said a naughty word in front of a guard. Seeing as how these ponies are extremely sensitive, you lie your way out of it.

The events that follow could only be described as "completely stupid".

Rated Teen for naughty words being said.

Thanks to Zephyr for editing.

Featured within 1 hour and 30 minutes on Aug 12, 2015. Thank you guys so much!

Good thing I was reading this on the toilet, because this story made me lose my shit. -LeoneHaxor

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When a magical malaise falls over Ponyville, stealing the very words from ponies' mouths, it's up to Applejack to save the day!

... so long as she can figure out what the heck everypony's trying to say, first.

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A year has passed since Adagio failed her sisters at the Battle of the Bands, and Aria thinks she could have done it better. They follow Aria's plan, which turns out to be a bit less peaceful than her sister's.

My entry into EbonQuill's Dark Reprise: Dazzlings Contest, on the low road path (Dazzlings Ascendant)

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Out for a pleasant walk through the woods, Princess Celestia takes a break from dealing with Earth politics and finds herself exiting next to a long, black road. As it just so happens, a native comes by and hits her with roughly two tons of steel, plastic, and glass.

Luckily, the vehicle's occupant carries lots of napkins and bandages.


Now translated into Chinese thanks to Nova Twinkle!
Now translated into Spanish thanks to SPANIARD KIWI!

This story is based on true events. Written for my good friend, Admiral Biscuit, as a commission/payment for a set of rear wheel bearing puller heads for a slide hammer. He also pre-read and edited it, because that's how he rolls.

Box of Shame second position 12/25. Bah humbug.

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Always fearing for her friends' safety, Twilight Sparkle takes it upon herself to create body doubles to use as protection.

Each body double looks just like the original.

Sounds just like the original.

And is also highly explosive.

Twilight Sparkle wants you to ignore that last part.

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Sugar Belle has always wanted to open a small cupcake bakery, and now she's finally getting the chance. It may be temporary, but she's excited, and Princess Twilight was even in town to help! Unfortunately, another group of customers is in town, and they're... hungry...

A slight Spongebob Squarepants crossover. RIP Stephen Hillenburg. :(

Done as a commission for the very creative Level Dasher, who has impeccable timing.

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