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Applejack reached up with a fore hoof to touch the brim of her hat. It was habitual, almost unconscious. She could feel, nestled safely underneath the hat, her two most precious treasures--a single blue feather and a small snippet of purple mane.

They were precious, more precious than anything besides her family and her farm, because they were only pieces of them she'd ever have.

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The sun is big and beautiful and bright. It warms you up, and it makes you smile. But the sun can also exhaust you. And if you stare directly into the sun, if you get all caught up in its beauty and forget to look away, it can blind you.

Pinkie Pie is Fluttershy’s sun.

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Atop the rubble of the changeling throne, Queen Chrysalis accepts Starlight's offer of redemption. The act sets her heart overflowing with love, and she can't wait to share it with the world. Starting, naturally, with the ponies around her.

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Filly Twilight is teleported far, far away from Celestia. Now Chrysalis has her, and she's fully intent on keeping her.

But maybe the powerful, loving filly is more than Chrysalis expected?

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Vinyl Scratch is alone. Her parents are gone and she's estranged herself from the rest of her family years ago. Now she's fallen on hard times; she spends her days drinking, her nights partying and the intervening time in trouble with the guards.

After one too many run-ins with the authorities she is assigned a personal guard to help her get her life back on track. The only question is: can she truly be helped, or is she far too gone at this point?

Proof-reading provided by Shrink Laureate.

Cover art by Mytho.

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Throughout her marriage, Twilight Velvet has ignored every romantic feeling she felt towards other ponies. She was a good wife, and good wives knew better than to dwell on thoughts like that. But as they grew older and experienced other ways of thinking, Twilight Velvet and Night Light realized her feelings don’t cheapen their marriage and the love they share.

With her husband’s encouragement, Velvet finally pursues the pony that’s been on her mind for twelve years.

Many thanks to ArchAngelsWings, mouch30, Mind Jack, and Eddie Grammar for proofreading :twilightsmile:
This story was inspired by the adorable artwork by How Do Ponies Work?, which was used as the cover art with permission. Give her stuff a look, since we all know that's what caught your attention on the story :raritywink:

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Three years before the predicted return of Nightmare Moon. A young Princess Mi Amore Cadenza hears about the tale of the Changelings. She feels a kinship to this race that subsists on love, and convinces Celestia to allow her to go alone in a mission to try to learn about them and normalize their relationship with Equestria.
Soon, she meets Queen Chrysalis, and the bonds between those two will determine whether the mission is sucessful or not.

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Maud did not love Rainbow Dash.

Maud did not understand love.

Maud understood war. Maud understood battle. Maud understood loss.

Those are the things Maud understood.

[Maud/RD - Season 5 finale AU]

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Appearance is everything, especially when you're a Wonderbolt. When you live your life in the spotlight, showing vulnerability will not do. There can be no cracks in your foundation, at least that's how it feels. But learning to bring those walls down can lead to surprising, wonderful revelations—even in the intensive care ward.

For some ponies, like Captain Spitfire, something needs to shake the foundations to bring the walls tumbling down. Then, with some help from the right pony, you can be led from the rubble.

Even if you fall head-over-hooves along the way.

Preread by Carabutt and Jondor.

Cover art by Rossby Waves.

An ongoing gift for auramane. Send him some love!

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