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This story is a sequel to With The Thought Of Us by wishcometrue.

Time passes, and ponies change. But Twilight Sparkle knows that love persists, even as it changes as well.

Third-place finalist in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Expanded Universe 2 Contest.

Chapters (3)

Over the past few centuries, one of the only constants in Princess Twilight Sparkle's life is her friendship with Discord. There is absolutely no way their relationship will ever change.

This story was written as a Hearth's Warming gift for Snow Quill.

Thanks to Posh for prereading/feedback and Red for editing.

Cover art by Slushshe.

Now with a sequel!

Chapters (1)

The mane six take shelter in a place that is, for now, safe from a disaster occurring outside.

This gruesome tale of violence and death is not recommended for colts, fillies, or the faint of heart.

Chapters (1)

Princess Luna finds herself conflicted between an alicorn princess-in-training and a draconequus. Will she be able to decide? Or does Discord have a better idea?

Chapters (1)

A human living in Canterlot castle is given to Queen Chrysalis as part of peace negotiations between Equestria and the Hive. Celestia knew she shouldn't have let Luna finish the negotiations herself.

Cover art by jalm on Derpibooru.

Featured on 4/22/20. Thanks guys!

Now with audio readings by StraightToThePointStudio up to chapter 3! Go check them out.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
(As of 5/22/21 these audio readings are outdated due to my conversion from 1st to 3rd person. They are still good to listen to though.)

Chapters (5)

Snippets from Sweetie Belle's life as she works towards her dream and falls in love along the way.

Thanks to Cryosite for reluctantly looking this over.

Ms for batsWell, well, well.

Chapters (1)

Last night, Pinkie Pie exploded. That’s why Rarity is so blood-stained. A police officer interrogates her about it.

Inspired by this song.

Edited by The Abyss, Aragon, and ReFro.

Fan reading by Iris and Fluffs
French translation by StrayPaolo
Chinese translation by scpony

Chapters (1)

Twilight has a secret crush. Finally finding the courage to express her feelings in the form of a very simple gift, she stands ready, at his door, waiting to pour her heart out.

Now, if only she could grow a backbone and actually enter his room, that would be great.


Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash is troubled.
Something eats her from inside, and it is slowly impeding in her friendship. If only she knew what it was. She'd better find it out before she snaps at somepony she care about.

Chapters (1)

Choosing an apartment to live in is important and requires good planning. Location, needs, cost, a lot must be taken into account when looking.

One girl looks to her animals and peace, hoping to have a quiet, fun time with her friends as she goes through high school. For her, the apartment is cheap, comfortable, allows pets, and is close to school. Perfect!

The other is looking to take over a high school, enslave everyone inside, and bring war to another dimension all in the name of proving her mentor wrong. A small, cheap apartment near the school to plan in is all she needs.

Fluttershy really should have met the neighbors before signing her lease...

Set during the year leading up to the first Equestria Girls movie.

Edited and proofread by the illustrious and enigmatic Crowscrowcrow.

Cover image made by baekgup

My entry into the Sunset Shipping contest.

Reviews of the story here, here, and here. :pinkiehappy:

Royal Canterlot Library interview here.

Chapters (1)