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My name is Donny's Boy. I ship ponies.


The sun is big and beautiful and bright. It warms you up, and it makes you smile. But the sun can also exhaust you. And if you stare directly into the sun, if you get all caught up in its beauty and forget to look away, it can blind you.

Pinkie Pie is Fluttershy’s sun.

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Wow. I can't wait to see where this is going. The dynamic between Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie is as nuanced and beautiful and broken as I've come to expect from your stories, and the flashback was fabulous, and my heart broke a little bit while reading about Fluttershy's desperate search for where Dash might have gone. I'm now thinking that the whistle Angel uses in Hurricane Fluttershy is the same one Dash gave her, and I love that.
Fluttershy's voice comes through strong and clear, and I love/hate the choice she's making here. Hopefully Pinkie won't take it lying down...
Thanks for another beautiful story.

I dropped everything and read this the moment I saw it was posted. No regrets.

If I were to take into account how you write Pinkie and Pinkie's intuitiveness, I think Pinkie knows already. I just hope she can get Fluttershy to actually talk to her and work out their issues. Sometimes, waiting and letting a shy pony work out things in their heads leads to them boxing themselves into a corner. Pinkie will need to be there to show Fluttershy the light.

I'm definitely eager to see where you will take this. I'll be quietly rooting for Pinkie.

The first Flutterpie story I've seen in ages, and it starts with her deciding to break up with Pinkie. :(

You got me hooked, lets see where this goes. Completely agree with what Calm says. Can't wait for more.

Also, Pinkie getting offended at not being a Pegasus is hilarious.

Very nice start! We need more FlutterPie out there. :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

Also who the heck disliked this! :raritycry:

Commence read.

Already break ups and assault?

Flutter Pie shipping? I'm in!

Dat opening metaphor. It's beautiful, and fits the dynamic between them perfectly. Overall, a pretty solid opening that leaves me with a lot of questions I want the answers to. You've peaked my curiosity. Also, you're pretty good at shipping stories, so I have high hopes for this story:pinkiehappy:

Lovely start. Can't wait to see where this goes--all evidence points to it being good!

Whoa whoa! Hold the phone! where the hell is Dash!? why did she leave her friends i thought she was loyal to them, why did fluttershy break up with pinks if she loved her? Gah! too many questions that aren't answered! just update this thing so i can know why Dash disappeared and other things!:raritydespair:

2336264 This is ten years in the past, Dash had left Cloudsdale, and Shy is trying to find her.

Ah i see now, well i didn't see the time skip heh sorry my bad.:twilightoops::twilightsheepish:

Hey, kids! Thanks for all the comments! I'm pleased that most of y'all seem excited to see what's up next. I've been working on this story on and off for a long while, now, so I'm pretty excited too.

Aww, thanks for all the kind words. I'll try not to screw this up. :twilightsmile:

It's hard not to root for Pinkie, isn't it? Though that might just be my incredible pro-Pinkie bias there ...

Heck, yeah, FlutterPie! Woo! And while of course I want everyone and their sister to like my writing, people can dislike if they wanna. Fair's fair an' all.

I know, right? Hee. But seriously, I figured instead of a getting-together story, I'd try a breaking-up story for a change. We'll see how it goes, I guess!


Very glad to hear that y'all think this was a good start. Shall do my best to try to make the chapters that follow feel like a good pay-off for the beginning!

Yup, what Steel Resolve said. *nod* The second half of the chapter is set in a time period before the show's premiere.

Some questions about what's up with Dash will be answered in future chapters, but I'm not sure all questions will be. Stay tuned! :twilightsmile:

Oh, this is going to be a rough ride, isn't it? But what a set up. Two cliffhangers, and some serious heart break, and we're only in the first chapter. I can hardly remember a time I've been so excited to see a story continued.

I'm still not entirely sure yet of what's happening, really. But I suppose that's the point of the first chapters. I'm really enjoying it so far. Please sir, may I have some moar?

I'm going to be honest, this kind of hurt to read. Not because it's bad, in fact it's very very good, but seeing Fluttershy going through this, it just ripped my heart out.

Oh, yay! I shall try to ensure the following chapters live up to the hype!

Soon, child. Soon. :twilightsmile:

Also, if things still aren't making sense by the end of chapter two, lemme know? Story's not intended to be super cryptic, so hopefully things will make sense by then.


I wanna say that I'm sorry, but really I'm not, because that's kinda what I was trying to do? But maybe the rest of the story will put your heart back together? (Or maybe rip it apart even more ... I promise nothing, hee.)

Judging by the pacing you are taking this, I think we are in for quite a ride. Go get 'er Pinkie. You can do it.

Now i am sad hope it works out for them

Once again, the duality of past and present is masterfully done, both in storytelling and emotional contrast. And once again, you make me hurt in the best possible ways. I hope Pinkie and Fluttershy can get this figured out between them, because they are beautiful together, especially when you write them, Donny. But then again, I think every story of yours I read fills me with incredible emotions beyond my total understanding...

This is a very interesting take on the Pinkie Fluttershy relationship, which is cool because I haven't read many pieshy stories. :pinkiehappy:

it's updated read it in three mins now i have to wait for the next chapter

good so far

I'm diggin' the parallels going on here with the "worst day in her life" line. And Fluttershy breaking up with Pinkie hurt every bit as much as I expected it to. Which is to say, it hurt a lot.

So that's how they met... Makes a little more sense now. But what happened to finding Rainbow Dash? I still have no clue what's happening there. Maybe the time skips are confusing me, but I don't think they are. I've noticed them every time... Oh well, a good story it anyway is. I look forward to reading more! :)

Pinkie, you are right. Why are they breaking up?

Loving it so far. Anyways, I just wanted to say you are a fantastic writer. I absolutely adore your stories. You are one of the few shipping writers who I think can actually handle the pacing (which, trying to write a few of my own, is very hard to do right). I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, this story oughta move faster than some of my other multi-chaptered ones. It's probably gonna be a grand total of 10,000 to 11,000 words--so, fairly short.

Meeeee toooooo. :fluttershysad:

Oh, heh, thank you. And especially happy to hear you think the dual stories are working well together, thus far. I probably do parallel storytelling too much, but I can't help it, I love it so.

Yeah, there aren't quite as many FlutterPie stories around as for some other ships. Not sure why. I should put together a compilation of my personal fave FlutterPie stories at some point ...

Polishin' up chapter three even as I type! *salutes*

More about the Great Search for Rainbow Dash will be included in chapter three. Dunno if it will answer all questions, but it ought to answer at least some of 'em.

Some of why they're breaking up was in chapter one, but the remaining chapters should include a bit more on just why Fluttershy would consider breaking up a good idea.

Oh, thank you very, very much! That's kind of you to say. :twilightsmile: And you're right that pacing can be a huge pain. It's something I work hard on, as bad pacing can just wreak havoc on a story, though I don't always get it right.


Yeah, there aren't quite as many FlutterPie stories around as for some other ships. Not sure why. I should put together a compilation of my personal fave FlutterPie stories at some point ...

Please do! your shipping tastes are exquisite, good sirrah.

Aww, thanks. :twilightsmile: Added a list of some of my fave FlutterPie stories to the sidebar on my user page.

I put this on Read Later the day it was posted, then put off actually reading it, because I've been busy and because I prefer complete stories ... but dangit, it's Donny writing FlutterPie. I can't resist that.

I'm loving it so far. Fluttershy is being so brave and sympathetic, Pinkie is being so funny and heartwarming, their dynamic is spot-on in all its happiness and pain, and noooo don't break up you're too perf together! :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2:

Yay! I'm so glad you like it. Also, very glad to hear that 'Shy seems sympathetic to you--I've been worried about whether she'd be seen as the bad guy here, given she's initiating the break-up.

Keeps getting better

Still enjoying it. Can't wait for more! :yay:

Really loving the story so far!

It doesn't seem like Fluttershy loves Pinkie. If anyone, she loves Rainbow Dash, which is annoying because I hate FlutterDash.

It definitely seems that way in the flashbacks, but, these are all events from ten years ago and that is quite awhile for feelings to change. And it this story is definitely claiming to be a flutterpie, so I don't see that changing. But I'm not the writer either. : )

As horrible as it may seem for Fluttershy by the way of delicious dramatic irony, I'm confident of a positive resolution. Pinkie Pie is the very essence of optimism. Smile Fluttershy! Things will be fine.

God, I love this story so much. You continue to be amazing, my friend.

I thought it felt like the train scene was missing mention of her throwing her saddlebags back on ...

2410842 But that's because with the flashbacks, they've only just met. It takes time to fall in love, yeah?

Anyway, amazing story as always. I love reading your stuff.

She's screwed

Yay! Glad to hear that y'all think I haven't screwed it all up yet, 'cause we're at THE POINT OF NO RETURN the halfway point. :twilightsmile:

Oh, that's interesting. I hadn't meant for Fluttershy to seem in love with Dash--though it is meant to be very clear that she loves Dash platonically and, in the flashbacks, Dash is the most important person in her life.

It's tricky, as this story covers The First Meeting and The Break-up, without the parts in between--becoming friends, falling in love, etc. Hopefully, by the end if not before, there will be parts that show just why and how Fluttershy would fall in love with Pinkie Pie. That's what I'm goin' for, anyway. Fingers crossed.

Pinkie Pie is the essence of optimism! I promise nothing, but, well, a lot can happen in two chapters. :raritywink:

I'm really, really glad. 'Cause, you know, this story is mostly your fault. And was written mostly for you. So, yeah. *nod*

I am so pleased someone noticed this. You don't even know. For once, it was not just me being a sloppy writer! It was intentional! It had plot relevance! Huzzah! :pinkiehappy:

My word! Such language! Let me assure you that this is not that kind of story ... oh, wait, that's not what you meant. *cough* Uh, yes. Yes, it does appear that she is, doesn't it?

I'm very curious to see how Fluttersh ended up transferring her affections from Rainbow Dash to Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy's obsessed with her here, it almost seems unhealthy. That's not a criticism, but it is interesting.

That sounds like the beginnings of a super fun adventure. :pinkiehappy:

When I read the first chapter, it irritated me how it seemed like another one of those scenes where the narration explicitly talks about a character setting something down, but then says absolutely nothing about picking it back up again, yet later on they still have the item, no problem. I don't know how many stories I've read where that happened, and it always bugs me, so it surprised me a little here when it actually turned out to be an oversight on the character's part, for once, instead of the narration.

I'm curious how you're going to make the whole "We always hurt each other" thing make a little more sense, though, because that's pretty much the opposite of how I see the relationship between these two. And it makes me kinda sad, FlutterPie just might be my favorite ship, yet this is somehow like the first story focused on the pairing that I've ever stumbled upon, or at least the first in a loooong time, and it starts right out with them breaking up. Not sure if that's how it's actually going to turn out, or if they'll work things out. I should really just actually look for some FlutterPie stories some time, I guess, since they seem to be too rare to run into at random.

I think there will be an answer to that, at least one that's hinted at, by story's end. It's in the game plan, anyway.

Thanks for stickin' around to see how the story plays out, by the way. :twilightsmile:

My FlutterPie head canons were strongly influenced by both Professor Piggy as well as "Putting Your Hoof Down," which means I see it as a rather, uh, volatile ship. Which is not to say I don't love it! It is, in fact, my current OTP! But yeah. I tend to explore the points of difference and friction between the two, in my writing, versus their points of commonality.

Anyhoo! Dunno if you're interested in recommendations, but I think two really wonderful and fluffy FlutterPie stories are Atosen's "Three Ponies' Advice" and littlerobotbird's "A Glasshouse Butterly." I also really dig ThePwnzorMuffin's "Everything is Sound," though it's less fluffy (but still happy).

Oh, my heart. Of course Pinkie would buy a ticket for Fluttersh, and of course Fluttershy would refuse to take it.

You have a wonderful talent for taking and completing your characters and then setting them together in ways that break my heart for the beauty and pain of it all, especially with FlutterPie.

was falling asleep reading about Pinkie trying to sleep lol
another good chapter and now the wait for another

2462873 Read this all in one go and I have to say that I'm loving it. :pinkiehappy: Glad to see a continuation of the concept you did before.

If there's something I have to critique, it's just this one thing: Pinkie seems a little too desperate this chapter. I can understand afterwards in their relationship, but right now, in the past, it's a bit strange for her to cling to Fluttershy. Compared to the pegasi, Pinkie's a huge social butterfly, constantly making new relationships and tending to focus on more then one pony, so won't Fluttershy being clinging more, having just lost Dash (her only supporter in her troubled childhood)? Does the Pinkie of this world have a darker past?

My FlutterPie head canons were strongly influenced by . . . "Putting Your Hoof Down,

^ I knew it! That partly got me thinking about the ship too, lol. I won't mind knowing Professor Piggy's view as well, I scanned his blogs but I'm having trouble isolating his view.

Thanks for the suggestion of Flutterpie and can't wait for the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

Aww, thank you. :twilightblush: I think any skill I might have with FlutterPie, though, is probably due to hangin' around with Professor Piggy so much. His views on and writing of the ship have influenced me a heck of a lot.

Also, uh, at the risk of this being a tiny bit spoilery ... it hadn't really clicked in my head how much Fluttershy might not want to accept that ticket until you mentioned it. But now that you have mentioned it, I kinda want to slap my forehead. You're entirely correct, of course, and I feel like a bit of a dummy for not really realizing that myself. I'm making a few tweaks to the final chapter to account for that now, so thank you. :twilightsmile:

SYNCHRONICITY! :pinkiehappy: And the wait shouldn't be too long--the fifth chapter's written and is now in the final revisions stage.

Thanks for both the kind words and the critique! I think I had in mind that most of the set-up for "Why the heck is Pinkie being so clingy?" was back in chapter two, where the Manehattanites are kind of gruff and stand-offish towards her. Fluttershy's the only one who really is kind or friendly towards her in the city, but I think emphasizing that more would probably have meant that these later scenes and actions would make more sense. Hmm. Sorry about that.

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