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Who, me? No-one special really. I like to write. That's it. xD

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Magic has returned to Equestria and all is well. As the royal sisters were about to return to Zephyr Heights, they suddenly remember that they are "phony ponies full of baloney".

At least the prison is nice.

My take on a certain overlooked plot point thanks to Sprout. Feedback and comments are welcome!:pinkiehappy:

EDIT (8/10/2021): Wow. 50 likes. Thanks guys!!

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Matthew- no, that name has been dead to him for years, Jason returns to Equestria to check up on what Lauren Faust has created. However, pony years are a lot faster than human ones, so 10 years away from Equestria for him would be near Celestia's age in pony years.

"huh, I wonder how little Tia is doing, might as well check up on her too."

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Two weeks have passed since Sunny convinced the pony races to work together. Two weeks since magic returned to Equestria and ponies began learning about friendship.

Now, a strange weather phenomenon calls for an urgent meeting, and the five friends, along with every pony in Equestria, meet a pony that came to answer some questions and kickstart a new adventure. Turns out, activating the three pony crystals was just the beginning and there's a lot more to do.

As they travel to complete their quest, they will meet new friends and new dangers. Turns out Ancient Equestria was a lot more dangerous than they thought.

This is my first adventure fic! Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Proofreading since chapter 2 by Arbarano.

Cover art made by whizmi. This is temporary while I get a new cover art. I can't draw ponies to save my life, so I'll be looking for an artist.

11/11/21 - Featured! Holy wacamole! Thanks a lot!

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The question of "How big is Equestria" had always been on Sunny's mind since she was little. Now, with Zipp's ability to fly, she flies up to the stratosphere with her favourite pony. Meanwhile, Pipp is still having a mental breakdown from the loss of her Pippsqueaks.

(Assuming Sunny's wings are a one-time thing.)

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How many times must I be called monster, beast, or foul chimera?
How many times must they hunt me down?
What did I do?
What do they see?
Am I a monster?
Do they want a monster?

Featured 12/23/2021 first time I got a story featured :)
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While Sunny Starscout is in town running her smoothie stand, Izzy Moonbow (left home alone in her marefriend Sunny's house, which was definitely the first of many mistakes in this chain of events) finds the now-reactivated Alicorn Amulet buried within Sunny's closet of artifacts and knick-knacks.

Predictably, chaos ensues.

A reading by StraightToThePointStudio is now available!

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Magic has been gone for ages. Izzy Moonbow wonders what it's like to use it.

The young unicorn has always been different, her sparkle unmatched in Bridlewood.

One day, while searching for supplies for a craft project, Izzy sees something...

Maybe Bridlewood still has magic after all.

A short story featuring Izzy, taking a small peek into her past.

Contains spoilers for My Little Pony: A New Generation

Audio reading by Pony&Wolf Productions.

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Octavia Melody. Despite her youth, she is a very well-behaved little girl with a passion for playing the cello. Her step-sister, Vinyl Scratch, is a very free-spirited, playful, and rambunctious little bundle of trouble.

Despite the vast differences between the two of them, they're still closer than step-sisters could ever be. Even now, when they are still in their early years at elementary school, these step-sisters have quite some stories to tell...

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While Sunny and her friend's are cleaning up the lighthouse, they come across several pages of fiction Sunny wrote as a filly. As they bond over the stories, Pipp realizes that Sunny might be onto something that could make her a star.

Contains some spoilers to the movie.

Special Thanks to Perfectly Insane for the idea of Sunny writing mane six fan fiction, and all the other people chatting about Gen 5 on discord.

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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Sunny never expected to have an adventure, but that's exactly what recent days have thrown at her. And with that turbulent time now over, she and all the ponies she has come to know look ahead to a bright future of fun and friendship.

Will contain Spoilers for My Little Pony: A New Generation.

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