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It's Cadance's first Hearts and Hooves Day since she's come into her own as the Princess of Love, and she has high hopes for it. However, the day starts with a visit to Twilight's classroom that doesn't go at all the way she planned, and from there things only spiral further into chaos. By the time it's all over, Cadance will realize just how much she has to learn about love.

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When did I go wrong? Well, first it was probably talking to that wizard. And by talking I mean insulting his dress. After that, everything just went downhill. Now I'm a fuchsia pony with an affinity for teaching pesky little kids. Hopefully I can get home before I get a migraine.

Inspired by My Twilight Facade
Thanks to axelsempai for allowing me to use his wizard. And also to my coffee machine for keeping my chapters coming.

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On May 23, 2015, I woke to find myself transformed into some kind of horned alien horse, and everyone else has vanished. I searched for survivors and I found one; however, she is much younger than I was prepared for. She needs a parent and the only one who can fulfill that role is me, just not in the role I had originally envisioned.

I already found one survivor, so maybe there are others out there. I just hope they’re not all children; I don’t get enough sleep as it is.

Part of the Ponies after People Universe

Update 10/08/15 New Cover art by PaintSplotch
Note: 12/15/16 Apparently Mandatory Motherhood was in the featured box at some point? I just found it in the featured community folder.

Update: 4/20/17 SevenSerenity has joined the team! Expect chapter art from her soon!
also I finally saw MM on the front page in the featured box today! Thank you all so much everypony!

Chapter 1 edited by Canaryinthecoalmine Pre-read by Westphalian_Musketeer, Starscribe, anonymous, Stablestahl, secondVendetta, Baileyjrob, Nitrous Rainbows, bluemoon1996, as well as two FimFic users I don't have user names for.

Chapter 2 edited by Canary and Musketeer.

Chapter 3 edited by Musketeer

Chapter 4 edited by Holyme, anonymous, and Musketeer.

Tags will be added as needed.

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Hi, my name is Evening Storm, the newly hired English teacher for Canterlot high. While I've heard some weird things about this place, I'm just grateful for a place to work. I've moved from my old town, leaving everything behind due to recent events. All I want to do now is get close to my students so I can better help them prepare for their futures.

I never would have guessed that my helping one certain student would lead to such a transformation in my life. How the heck did I go from a middle aged man to a teenage girl!?

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This story is a sequel to Yeah, It Needed More Ponies

My name is Lyle Anderson, age 17, part time human, and all the other times I'm a (pony, griffin, zebra, breezie, etc.)

Why can I become so many fantasy creatures from a show directed towards little girls and bronies? Well, blame my friend, who happened across transformation spells while dabbling in witchcraft. I admit, it's been fun this far, and my life has gone as far from ordinary as possible right now... but on a school trip to Washington D.C., I realize Angela isn't the only one who can perform the spell. That someone wants to see the capital burn.

And all the while I'm wondering, "How the hell did I get thrown into the middle of this?!"

Rated Teen for the occasional cuss
Character listing for this story will update as more transformations occur, but not of specific ponies; Just species like Changelings or Breezies.

[Edit}: Has made Featured List at least three times... I think. I may have lost count.:twilightblush:

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Twilight hasn't really been responding to her mother's letters. It wasn't really her fault, there was so much going on in the meantime! She thought she could have swept it under the rug, but now they're going to visit?! What's a mare to do?!

An appropriately apologetic fic to MustacheMerlin.

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Bon Bon, a.k.a. Secret Agent Sweetie Drops, came out of retirement so she could once again save the day by blending into a crowd.

Now she has to pick up the pieces of her relationship with the mare she was only trying to protect from the secrets of her past life.

Original version written for the June 2015 Writeoff - A Matter of Perspective

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Flight Camp was a life-changing event for Cloud Kicker. Her horrible fight with Rainbow Dash forever changed things between them, and drove a wedge between Cloud and Fluttershy.

But what if that had never happened? What if Cloud and Fluttershy had stayed together? How would the lives of the three friends be different? What other changes would ripple across Equestria as a result of that one event? Cloud and Fluttershy might be happily married, but how would that change the lives of their friends? Would Rainbow Dash go down a different path to joining the Wonderbolts? How would Rarity's life change if she never met Fluttershy until she moved to Canterlot?

Where would they be today if they'd traveled down the road not taken?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Life and Times of a Winning Pony

Cloud Kicker's life has been going just about perfectly. She's got a good job, two beautiful girlfriends, and she's never been on better terms with her friends. She's even getting more time with her family now that her cousin is serving as Princess Twilight Sparkle's personal bodyguard. She made mistakes in her past, but now all of that is over and she's earned her happily ever after.

Or at least, that was what she thought. Little does she know that her new life is about to start getting very complicated.

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In the hours after her first party, Moon Dancer contemplates exactly why Twilight Sparkle didn't show up.

It couldn't have been her fault, right?

Edited by Kestrel

Reviewed by the PCaRG!

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