• Published 2nd Aug 2015
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My Life is a Runway? - videomaster21XX

Evening Storm, the new English teacher at Canterlot high, just wanted to fit in. Becoming a teenage girl wasn't what he had in mind!

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Now that I'm a woman...

“Mr. Evening! Oh my are you alright!?” Puzzled, I looked up to see Rarity standing there with Sunset Shimmer. Huh? How had they gotten in? “Oh please don’t cry! I promise you we’ll fix you as soon as possible, so please try to cheer up…”

“Morning? What’s wrong? What happened?” Sunset asked, my keys dangling from one of her hands. Oh that’s right, she took them with her so she could get back in. How silly of me to forget.

“Morning?” Rarity looked up confused. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“I-It’s my name…” I croaked. Wow my voice sounded terrible. How long had I been crying for? “I-I can’t go around being called Mr. Evening Storm.”

“Pinkie kinda came up with it. Evening, I mean Morning decided to take the name up since Evening sounds too boyish for, well her current form.”

“Oh, well I suppose that makes sense, but deary if it’s causing you this much distress-”

“That’s not it.” I said quickly. I still didn’t want to worry Rarity anymore then I had too. Hopefully I’d be fine now that I had gotten a lot of that out of my system. “I was just… remembering stuff. So uh, we got the cash?”

It was pretty clear they wanted to press the matter, but both seemed to decide it wasn’t worth distressing me further. Thank goodness, I really didn’t want to talk about that right now.

“Principal Celestia did as promised. Three hundred to help you out.” Sunset said holding up an envelope. I still couldn’t fathom that. Just bam, here’s three hundred bucks. She was an interesting woman for certain.

“She even gave us permission to skip school tomorrow so we can help you shop. If you don’t mind that is.” Rarity said, trying to avoid my gaze. I sighed.

“Rarity, we both know I wouldn’t have the first clue on what to buy. I don’t like this, but it’s my lot right now. I’m going to need help, I’m not too proud to admit that.”

“T-that’s good to hear…” This was getting awkward. I could not have this go on all night if I was to ever relax. Heavens give me strength.

“Look, Rarity, I forgive you okay? I need your help and I don’t want you looking at me with guilt all the time.”

“But Eve-”

“Morning Rain”

“Ahem, yes Morning Rain, but-”

“No buts, I’m a girl, and that’s that. I don’t like it, but my m-mom once told me that sometimes we are put into situations where all we can do is keep moving. I can’t just sit here and wallow in self pity. I-I have to prepare myself for what’s to come and I’m going to need your help, both of your help.” Sunset nodded right away, but Rarity still hesitated.

“I-I suppose. I’m sorry E- Morning, but I still feel terrible about this, you’re right that mulling over the past won’t get us anywhere though. I’ll do whatever I can.” I smiled at her. She really was a good kid. I wish I could have had friends like her growing up. Sunset too.

“I want to do more then just wait for Twilight to write back as well, so please let me know if you need anything.” Sunset sat besides me on my right, Rarity taking my left. Yep, just three teenage girls hanging out after school. It was almost funny.

“We can stay pretty late if need be, so is there anything you’d like our help with now?” Shivering, I recalled what had happened earlier. Gripping Sunset’s hand a bit more tightly then I really meant, I decided to make a proposal. We’d already gone this far.

“A-actually any chance you two can spend the night? I-I mean since we’re all girls it’s not dirty right? I-I’d just really like the company…” I was really afraid they’d protest being I technically was a guy, but I guess my new form really did defuse that kind of thinking.

“Why Darling, we’d be delighted!” Rarity exclaimed giving me a smile. It was nice to see her in good spirits again.

“Right Sunset?” She asked turning to her friend, who nodded in agreement.

“Truth be told, we both grabbed overnight supplies just in case. Even Principal Celestia suggested we try to stay the night. We just didn’t want to force you.” Huh, guess that’s what she was talking to Sunset about in the office after I left. She really was thinking of everything wasn’t she? I’m not sure why, but for some reason she reminded me of a princess looking out for her subjects.

“Please stay! I-I just really don’t want to be alone in this house while like this…” There were those worried looks again.

“Deary you aren’t thinking of-” I quickly shook my head.

“Earlier I thought someone had broken in… I’ve never been so scared before. I don’t think I could protect myself in this body as I am.” I was shivering again.

“Oh you poor dear. All this must seem dreadful at times.” Before I realized what was happening, I felt her arms around me in a hug. Rather astonished, I couldn’t do anything but tense up. Was this okay? She was a student hugging a teacher!

“Oh my! I’m terribly sorry dear!” She released me quickly. “I-I just got caught up in the moment is all.”

“I-It’s fine, I think…” I replied quietly. That felt nice, maybe a bit too nice. Except not in the nice I think I was suppose to feel. Not that I wanted to have questionable thoughts about Rarity, given our age gap. Well there wasn’t an age gap now, but… Augh! Why did this have to be so confusing!

“So uh, still unpacking?” Sunset said, looking around at the boxes.

“I’ve sorta been putting it off…” Rubbing the back of my neck, I looked around at the damage. I really had been skimping on this hadn’t I?

“Wait i-is this for real?” I looked over to what Sunset was talking about. Leaning against the wall, mostly hidden behind a few other boxes was another rather large flat box. Oh right that. To think I’d almost forgotten about it. The ‘condolences gift’ from my aunts.

“M-Mr, Evening!” Rarity exclaimed, forgetting my new name. “How can you afford this!?”

“It was a gift. For uh moving in. I never got around to setting it up as I don’t really have a stand for it.”

“Still, a seventy inch high def television! No wonder you’re so worried about thieves darling.” Huh, I guess they would go for that. Funny I didn’t think about that. Guess I was still worried about how they’d see me, and not my home.

“You have to let us set this up. Besides I think a movie is the perfect thing to take your mind off all this.” Sunset was already pushing aside boxes, looking just as excited as Rarity. You know what? She’s right, a movie would be great right now. I apparently had an entire day to learn how to be a girl tomorrow. I deserved some R and R.

“Fine, but I don’t have cable or anything yet. We’ll have to unpack my blu-ray player and movies as well.” I looked around at the sea of boxes. “They’re in… one of these.”

“Seriously Morning, what do you do with free time if you haven’t even opened this yet?” Sunset said, feeling along the box top.

“I have a smaller tv in my room okay? This one wouldn’t fit so I didn’t bother with it.”

“Wait, if you don’t have cable, what do you do with it?” I found myself rubbing the back of my neck again.

“Er, my gamesquare is hooked up to it.” Sunset actually looked shocked.

“You play videogames?” I crossed my arms.

“What you think I just grade papers all day and be boring?” She held up her hands.

“Fair point. Anyway let’s set this sucker up. Who wants to help?”

“Well I’m not getting all sweaty trying to set this beast up.” Rarity said, walking over to a box. “I’ll go through these while you two do it.”

“Most of the boxes are still taped shut, let me grab you a knife from the kitchen.” I started to head that way when she waved me off.

“Oh no need for that dear. Allow me to introduce you to one of the many girl’s best friends.” I raised my eyebrow at the object she was holding.

“A hairpin? Is it really a best friend because it’s pointy enough to open a package?” My comment earned a scoff from her.

“Hardly darling. True that’s the reason I’m using it now,” she said, slicing the seam to a box open in one neat swipe, “but besides its usual function, it’s also rather handy to stab a rouge hand reaching where it shouldn’t.” She wasn’t looking at me, but I think she predicted my expression.

“I know you forgive me dear, and I while I still feel guilt, I want to make it clear that being a girl does not mean you have to be defenseless.”

“She’s right Morning, I know you’re still getting use to your body, but you don’t have to worry about anything with us here.” Sunset smiled at me as she began opening the television box. Did she use a hairpin to break the seal as well?

“I-I know. I’m not trying to say girls are weak or anything, I-I mean my mother was anything but, it’s just… I’ve had this body for like four hours maybe…”

“Say no more, it took me at least a week before I really got use to a human body after growing up as a pony.” Sunset said, giving me another smile. I really liked her smiles. “Sorry Morning, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that.”

“No, No it’s okay. I-I guess this will be a learning experience for all of us. Just, try and be patient with me okay?”

“Darling I’m sure I’ve said it before, but take your time. Neither of us expect you to adjust to this overnight.” Sunset nodded in agreement.

“And hey, who’s to say you have to? You could be back to normal before the weekend. So who’s up for just forgetting that right now and setting up this beast of a TV for a movie night?” I really liked how positive Sunset was. I really wish I could be more like her.

“Hear Hear!” Both Rarity and I yelled at the sametime. Caught off guard we both stared at each other for a moment, before she broke into giggles. Sunset soon followed, and despite myself I ended up joining in. It was strange hearing that bubbly sound escape my lips, and yet it felt liberating in a way.

We spent the next hour pulling the TV out of the box, and trying to make sure it was properly put together and working. Apparently Rarity had forgotten about looking for the movies as she put herself on ‘instruction duty’ which basically consisted of her sitting on the couch reading the instructions to us. Finally, after threatening to grab the paper out of her hands, we managed to work together enough to get the stand put on it and plug it in. One button press later, and it sprang to life, eliciting a cheer from all three of us.

“Finally!” I said collapsing on the couch next to Rarity. “I have to say, things seem a lot harder to do in a dress then I thought.” I fingered the skirt as I sat there. Despite the weirdness of it all, I think I was starting to really get use to the feel of the stockings against my legs. Not that I’d admit it to them.

“Welcome to my world darling.” Rarity said with a giggle. “It’ll certainly be a challenge when we go shopping tomorrow. I assume you aren’t really into the feminine clothing part of this, though if you don’t mind my saying, you have the perfect figure for it.”

I could feel my face heat up at those words. Was I blushing? Ugh, what the hell is happening to me? I was really starting to get worried that the transformation came with a slew of side effects I didn’t know about yet. I mean, that had to be the reason I was feeling like this.

“Uh, yeah sure.” I quickly stood back up. “Maybe I should change out of this already. Though finding clothing I own that fits is going to be a challenge in itself.”

“Oh yes, I almost forgot.” Rarity said suddenly leaping up and walking over toward the front door. She came back carrying a tote bag I didn’t notice before. Well I wasn’t exactly all that aware when they came in.

“I took the liberty of grabbing you a few articles of clothing just in case, including a set of pajamas. Y-You’ll have to keep wearing the undergarments you have on, but at least you don’t have to sleep in your current outfit.”

“Or nude.” Sunset helpfully added in. I shot her a ‘not helping’ look. She just grinned in reply.

“Rarity you’re a lifesaver! I’d give almost anything to get out of this skirt and into something more…” I was digging through the bag for the pajama set when I pulled up a single piece of cloth that consisted of what appeared to be a blue tank top, except the shoulder straps were rather thin and it looked long enough to reach my knees.

“P-Please tell me this isn’t what you were talking about.” I said lifting up what I could only guess was a nightie. This time it was Rarity’s turn to blush.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry! I didn’t think I actually grabbed that!” She yanked the thing out of my hands and quickly stuffed it back into the bag. “I promise you there is a real set of pajamas in there. The nightie was… a mistake.”

“I dunno it looked good to me.” Sunset said with a grin, before Rarity turned on her.

“It’s your fault! You kept rushing me to get back here that I just sort of grabbed whatever!”

“Girls keep nighties in their pajama drawers?” I asked before I could stop myself. Was that too much to ask? I know I’m not currently a grown male, but it still seemed like crossing a line.

“N-Not exactly…” She said, handing me the bag. “J-Just go into the bathroom and change! Sunset and I will figure out dinner! Do you mind if we use your kitchen deary?”

“I, uh yeah that’s fine I guess, I don’t think I have much though.” She really wanted to change the subject, what was the big deal about accidently grabbing a wrong article of clothing?

“Not exactly how Rarity?” Sunset asked, causing Rarity’s blush to darken a bit.

“I-It’s not really important.” I rolled my eyes.

“What’s the big deal? You just grabbed it on instinct or something right?” She didn’t answer.

“Right?” I repeated. Honestly I was curious now.

“I-I was thinking about how nice it’d look on you…” For a moment I thought I had misheard her.

“W-what?” She looked at me sheepishly.

“I’d never pressure you about it of course, and I’m sorry I brought it. I-I know you aren’t a girl at heart, but you really do have a nice figure and I was thinking about all the different outfits you’d look good in.” She could likely see the blush I knew was spreading across my cheeks, as she quickly began to wave her hands.

“No no! Not to worry Mr., I mean Morning, I promise you I won’t do that. Much as I admit it’ll pain me to restrain myself, I have no right to do that to you! Tomorrow I promise we’ll get outfits only you approve of! Nothing more!” Still embarrassed, she peered up at me. “Of course, if you would like to dress up a bit…”

“Y-Yeah, t-thank you. I’ll just um… g-go change.” I replied, quickly running and shutting myself in the restroom, my hand over my beating heart. W-what was this feeling? The entire time she was talking about dressing me up, I kept feeling this weird tingle, and that offer at the end! I-I wasn’t actually considering that was I? I’m a grown man for crying out loud! I can’t go around wearing dresses and nighties and stuff! I mean, they’d look silly on me.

Once more I was staring at the girl in the mirror. Yes, I would have looked silly. When I was a guy. As Morning Rain though I bet I’d look rather cute. I peered more closely at myself. You know, I can kind of see my mother’s eyes in my own. In fact the way my hair has that slight waviness to it is exactly like her’s. I guess I could pass as her daughter. She always did want a daughter, and to give me a sibling. Well one out of two isn’t bad I suppose.

Shuffling through the bag again, I found the pajama set Rarity was talking about. It was a plain white top, with matching white pants. Probably a spare set she had. Holding the shirt up to me looked off. Heh, I guess white wasn’t really my color. I really did think blue complimented me much more. Was that a normal thing to think? Hmm, speaking of blue…

I once more lifted the blue nightie out of the bag. No one could see me in here right? What harm would there be in just trying it on? It’s not perverted to know what you look like in an outfit, and I was just a curious teen girl right now right? It’s not like I could turn myself on or anything. I was already pulling my top off before I could question what I was doing.

Oh, so that’s what I looked like with just a bra on huh? It was a plain blue bra, but just seeing those two little mounds gently snuggled in it was enough to bring my blush back. I wonder how big I was? I mean I wasn’t huge, but I certainly couldn’t be an A cup. Was I a B? Maybe a C? Well I guess I’d find out tomorrow when Rarity or Sunset measured me. Boy was that going to be awkward.

Pushing that thought aside, I began to fiddle with my skirt. Was there a latch or something? After feeling all around the seem, I could only conclude that you just pulled it down and off like a weird pair of shorts. Sure enough, with a small bit of struggling, I had it off, now standing in only my stockings and underwear.

That was really me? This cute sexy girl? I shivered while shaking my head. I didn’t need to be thinking of myself that way, this was confusing enough. Still, while I didn’t possess the beauty of Rarity, I don’t think I was any slouch either. When I was going to high school I would have fainted if a girl like this asked me out.

I shook my head again. Okay time to stop thinking about stuff like that. If I was going to do this, I’d better do it before I lost my nerve. Taking a quick moment to make sure I had it right, I slipped the thing on, my eyes closed. Feeling to make sure it was on correctly, I braced myself and faced where the mirror was. Just remember, this wasn’t being perverted, I was just curious, and this could be worth a good laugh later. So, no regrets. On the count of three, I opened my eyes.

I couldn’t help it, I gasped. I really was a beauty! S-she looked amazing in this! Twirling around, I tried to take in as much as I could of it. This was likely the only time I’d ever wear one of these, so I should savor the moment. I almost wish I had a camera, too bad my phone was a piece of crap. Oh well, this was fun, but I should probably dress in the pajamas now.

“Morning dear? What would you like on a pizza? We decided it was the best...option… Oh my!” Rarity said holding open the door and staring directly at me. Feeling like a deer caught in headlights I slowly turned to her.

I had forgotten to lock the door.

“I-I…” I began, fearing the blush was over taking my face. How could I be so stupid!?

“EEEE! You look absolutely fabulous!” She screeched, turning me this way and that. “Oh I knew this would look wonderful on you! The color! It matches you to a T! Oh I’m so glad you like it! It’s yours dear! No no! No need to thank me!” Her finger on my lips before I could say anything. “I wouldn’t dream of taking this away from you now that I’ve seen you in it! Oh! We’ve got to show Sunset!”

“W-wait!” I cried as she yanked me from the restroom, my cries going unnoticed. In a matter of seconds I found myself standing in the kitchen where Sunset was scrolling on her phone.

“Hey, did you get what toppings Morning wants on her pizza? I think I’ve got a coupon for...” She finally looked up, my outfit causing her to blink.

“M-Morning?” I was unable to meet her eyes.

“Y-Yeah, I was uh… curious.”

“Doesn’t she look amazing darling!? Oh! Oh! We should all put on nighties! I’m sure I grabbed one for each of us!” Rarity was already out of the kitchen, looking through her bags. Completely embarrassed, I just stood there trying to turn invisible. It wasn’t working.

“I didn’t think you’d actually put something like that on.” Sunset said. I began to fiddle with my fingers, trying not to curl up into a ball.

“I-I thought I’d look cute a-and I mean it’s not like I’d get another chance…”

“Rright, well I should probably go stop Rarity before we’re all wearing one and you’re stuck in it for the night.”

“NO!” I cried grabbing her arm. Startled, we stood there for a few seconds before I let go.

“I-It’s fine. I can survive one night in this, besides, it’ll make Rarity happy, and I don’t want to worry her anymore.”

“Well, that’s fine I suppose, but Morning you really shouldn’t push yourself to do this. Rarity will understand if you feel uncomfortable in that.”

“I’m not, it’s fine honest.” What was I saying? I didn’t really want to spend the night in this right? Or was I going along with it because I’d get to see Sunset and Rarity in ones? Come on Morning, that’s wrong to think. They’re teenagers for crying out loud! If you were in your old body, you’d be nothing more than a dirty old man! Soon after, Rarity came rushing back in, already dressed in a matching white nighty of her own. Ha see! I wasn’t even attracted to her.

That was a good thing right?

“Here’s your’s Sunset!” She exclaimed, draping an orange nightie onto her arms, causing Sunset to raise an eyebrow.

“You just happened to have an orange one?”

“Ha, yes well always be prepared!” She chirped before pointing to the Living room. “Oh my! I forgot to locate the movies! Best go do that!” She was gone before we could protest.

“Ready for what?” I asked. “Who goes around carrying nighties?!”

“Allow me to introduce you to the real Rarity.” Sunset replied with a smirk. “Honestly you could probably ask for a wedding dress and she’d pull one out.” She shrugged and went back to her phone. Yeah, I wasn’t going to be asking for that. EVER.

“Ah here we go! I knew I had a coupon.” She turned her head toward the Living room. “So what do you want on your pizza? I’m thinking a small for each of us.”

“One small for each of us? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just do one giant one?” She shook her head.

“No, that could get complicated. I doubt we’d agree on the same toppings, and I’m not asking to make a third of the pizza one type and so on.” Huh, yeah I guess that made sense. If one of them wanted tomatoes on it, I’d gag. I hated those things.

“Well okay, but can I have a medium? I doubt a small will be enough.” Even before I finished the sentence, she was giving me this weird look. Was it taboo to get medium or something?

“Ahem, Morning, remember that you aren’t as big as you use to be.” What? What did that have to do with anything?

“So? Don’t teenagers eat more anyway?” I asked with a scoff. Her look didn’t waver though.

“Trust me, I doubt you could even eat an entire small.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Oh, this is getting exciting!” Rarity said, clapping her hands together as she walked back up. Sunset on the other hand just rolled her eyes.

“You don’t want to do this.”

“Oh yes I do! I bet you I can eat the thing and still be hungry! When I do you have to help me as my teacher's aide for an entire month!” Sunset shrugged.

“Sure that’s fine, I’m good at things like that. Very well I accept, but if you can’t then, then... hmmm.” She placed a hand on her chin.

“In addition to the clothing we buy her tomorrow, we get to dress her in whatever outfits we want!” Both of us turned to stare at her.

“Uh Rarity, didn’t you say earlier-” Sunset began, but she was cut off.

“I know! I know what I said darling, but after seeing her in that nightie I reeeeally want to dress her up! How’s this, we’ll stop if you get too distressed, but this is a bet after all. At least let me have one!” One girly outfit? If that’s all they wanted, I was getting off easy.

“Deal! I can live with being put in one measly outfit.” Rarity clapped her hands together again in excitment.

“Heh, you should make her Pinkie promise.” Sunset joked, the look Rarity gave her however was grave.

“Don’t even joke about that! You don’t know the horrors of the Pinkie promise!” Pardon? Just what were they going on about? The pinkie promise was just linking pinkies when you promised right? I relayed as much to them.

“No no no, you don’t understand darling.” Rarity said, her expression grim. “We don’t mean that pinkie promise. We mean a Pinkie promise, as created by our friend Pinkie Pie. To break one is to invite such unspeakable horrors!” She shuddered. “I dare not even joke about it!” I just rolled my eyes. I didn’t think Rarity could be this silly.

“Oh come now, you’re both over reacting.” To my annoyance they both shook their heads as if I just claimed water wasn’t wet. Just who were they fooling?

“You’re joking! You must be!”

“Morning I was joking, I shouldn’t have made it. Just trust me on this. You don’t want to invoke the Pinkie Promise.” Sunset said matter of factly. Okay, I had enough of this. What, they think because I got frightened earlier I was scared of some stupid promise? Just because I looked like a teenage girl, didn’t mean I thought like one. I was still an adult male in my mind. Magic being real or not, this was plain superstition. I was not about to be beaten by that.

“Tell me how to invoke it.” I could practically see the color drain from Rarity’s face.

“Darling, you really don’t-”

“No tell me. I’m going to prove how stupid this all is. Besides, there’s no way I’m going to lose this bet.”

“W-well you do this.” Rarity said, shifting her stance. “Ahem, cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!” As she spoke she did various motions, ending with her pushing her fist into her closed right eye.

“Really? That’s it?” Sunset nodded.

“Yeah, but seriously don’t do it.”

“Oh please.” I took the same stance Rarity did. “Cross my heart and hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in my eye!” I did the motions exactly, making sure I had my eye closed when I lightly punched it. Then again, who’d be stupid enough not to do that?

“I ‘Pinkie promise’ “ I said doing air quotes. That if I can’t eat an entire small pizza by myself, that you can dress me in whatever you want tomorrow Rarity. No matter how girly!” I could see Rarity’s face light up with anticipation, but Sunset still looked very weary.

“EEEEE! Really darling? Anything! Oh this is going to be so exciting!” She was practically dancing for joy.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you Morning. We’re both here to support you, and I don’t want to push you into anything, but this… this is something else.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I have to fail in eating a pizza first. A small pizza. Speaking of which, we should probably get around to ordering them.”

“I still think you made a huge mistake, but what’s done is done.” Still shaking her head, she began to dial, stopping when it came time to hit the call button. “So what kinds do you want anyway?”

“Just a pepperoni for me deary.” Rarity said, scribbling on a piece of paper. Was she seriously already planning outfits for me? Whatever she was going to lose. Also just pepperoni? Bleh, how terribly plain of her.

“What was that look?” Rarity asked.

“What look?” I asked back. I was pretty sure I kept my face neutral.

“It was subtle, but you had this ‘ugh’ look.”

“What? I.. okay fine pepperoni? It’s your pizza, so eat what you want, I just find that a bit plain for my tastes is all.”

“Plain? How so?”

“Well I mean, it’s the base ingredients, and then the one meat. I know it’s popular, but I always found it so boring. The only thing worse is a plain cheese pizza.”

“Um, that’s what I’m getting.” Sunset said, raising her hand.

“Really?” I sighed. “But that’s not even a real pizza! It’s the bases for a pizza just without actually making one!”

“Well regardless, it’s what I want. It’s my pizza right?”

“Well yeah, but I mean just cheese? At least pepperoni is some sort of topping!”

“Yeah, I don’t eat meat.” Sunset said. I was about to ask why, when the reason kinda hit me. Right, former pony. Well now I kinda felt like a jerk.

“O-Oh right, sorry.” She shrugged.

“I’ve gotten use to it being a thing in this world, I just won’t eat it myself. Anyway what about your pizza?”

“Yes miss pizza queen, what will thy majesty have?” Rarity mocked, giving an over exaggerated bow as she spoke. Puffing up my chest, which made my breasts stand out far more than I intended, I answered with as much dignity as I could muster.

“Easy, I want italian sausage, with spicy italian sausage, and pineapple.” Rarity nearly gagged, while Sunset just made a face.

“Really deary? Pineapple?”

“What’s wrong with pineapple!?”

“Well nothing inherently, but on a pizza?”

“Yeah, you criticize our pizzas and then order that?”

“Bah! I can’t help having good taste!” I said, twirling around and strutting out of the kitchen.

“If you say so darling.”

“Well that was rather girly.” I heard Sunset say in a low voice, but not low enough for me to miss it.

“We’re sure he wasn’t always a teenage girl?” Rarity shot back.

“Well, we’ll find out when you play dress up with her tomorrow.”

“I heard all that!” I shouted back at them. “I’m not going to lose at eating a pizza!” I could hear them giggle in response. Bah, I’d show them. I use to be able to eat a large pizza back when I was a teenager the first time. A small shouldn’t be any problem at all.

Shoving thoughts of the bet and Pinkie promise aside, I attempted to locate my box of movies. It wasn’t like I had a ton of boxes, but there were enough that it was taking far longer than I hoped. After about fifteen minutes of searching, both Rarity and Sunset joined me. So many boxes had been left unpacked. Many of my cloths and even dishware were still boxed up. Admittedly I hadn’t really been all that eager to get around to unpacking all this, as if by keeping them in storage I wasn’t really moving into this place. Like, by not moving in made it seem that the last few months never happened.

If only...

Eventually we found the box we sought, that I thankfully had also packed the blu-ray player in. However, we still had the issue of the TV not having a stand. After a few moments debating it, we decided to simply use the box the TV came in as a table, and propped everything up on some sturdy boxes, making sure no corners would collapse like earlier. Thanks to the styrofoam, and some stuffed in clothing, the TV box was sturdy enough to support the massive television itself. Man, seeing this thing set up now was rather exciting. The sucker was huge! I should have done this weeks ago.

“Okay, so what should we watch?” Sunset asked, looking through my stuff. “All I’m seeing are cartoons in here. Don’t you have anything else?”

“Oh yeah, sorry the other movies are further down.”

“Of course they are.” Sunset grumbled as she began to set random cases to the side, both Rarity and I helping. After a few moments of digging Sunset’s eyes lit up.

“Hey! You have Teacher’s lounge? This is a classic! Aliens take over the faculty of a school, and slowly start to infect the place, making all the students into zombie slaves.” She spared a glance at Rarity. “Er, I swear I hadn’t seen this before my uh, crown thing plan.”

“Uh, well…” My eyes shifted toward the window. It was already getting dark outside. It’d just be the three of us here. Young teen girls, in nighties, all alone. S-surely there was nothing to worry about. I mean yeah that sounded like every horror movie ever, but this was real life! Nothing weird like that happened in real life! L-Like mind controlling students, or siren creatures roaming the town, or people being randomly gender swapped and age regressed...

“Oh wow! The Bitterness!” Sunset exclaimed pulling another movie from the box. I forgot I even had a copy of that. I think I got it in a bundle at some yard sale. “I’ve wanted to see this! It’s about this woman who is killed by her husband, and her bitterness curses the house, causing her ghost to kill off this new family that moves in!”

CRACK! Both Sunset and Rarity jumped at the sudden sound, before staring directly at me. What? What did I do?

“Uh Morning?” Sunset asked, gesturing toward my hands. Looking down, I saw I was holding two halves of a dvd, my knuckles white from gripping them.

“O-Oh, I guess I need a new copy of this…”

“Er, deary, perhaps a horror movie wouldn’t be the best right now. Why not a comedy instead?” Rarity, if it wouldn’t be so weird, I’d kiss you!

“Uh, right comedy. Um… huh Enchantment? About a princess that gets stuck in our world by an evil queen. Does the director of this know about the Equestria portal?”

“Oh I love that movie!” Rarity practically shouted. “The outfits the princess makes are dazzling! I mean she makes one out of a curtain! Oops, I suppose that’s a spoiler.” Sunset shrugged.

“Eh, I’ll give it a shot if Morning wants to watch it.” I quickly nodded my head. It was better than the last two options, and I had been meaning to see it again.

“Well, Enchantment it is then.” She moved over to the TV. “I know the pizza will be here soon, but do you have popcorn?” Sadly I shook my head.

“No, sorry I haven’t really had the budget for snack foods. I do have a hot air popcorn popper though!” I looked over the many cardboard squares. “In one of these boxes.”

“Ugh, it could take us all night to find it. How about I go get us some microwave popcorn from a store? Shouldn’t take me that long.” I tapped my index fingers together sheepishly.

“I uh, don’t have a microwave.” Both balked. Rarity was the first to comment.

“You have a seventy inch television but not a microwave!?”

“It was a gift!”

“And yet you also have a hot air popcorn popper?”

“It was really cheap…” I said in a near pout. Both girl’s sighed.

“Maybe stove pop popcorn?” I suggested. Rarity raised an eyebrow.

“Does your stove work?”

“Of course it works!”

“Nothing personal dear, it’s just at this point it wouldn’t have surprised me.”

“Ugh forget it!” Sunset cried, “I don’t even know if the nearby stores sell the stove top stuff. We’ll just make do without.” She finished setting up the movie, making sure everything was working before she headed to the bathroom to put on her own nightie. Part of me was eagerly awaiting to see what she looked like in it.

I still felt kind of dirty for thoughts like that, but well I was a male deep down. I couldn’t do anything in this body so why worry about it. Unless they were lesbians…

No! Bad brain!

Knock Knock. A visitor? At this hour? Oh right the pizzas.

“Hey Rarity, who’s paying for these anyway?” I asked as I headed toward the door.

“Oh, I’ve got it deary, let me get my purse- Morning wait!” Wait? What for? The delivery guy was here, and I bet it was cold out. He likely just wanted to finish this delievery and go home. Opening the door, I was met by a guy who was maybe just a few years older than Rarity or Sunset. In his arms was the bag containing our dinner. The moment the door finished opening, I felt the icy blast of air blow against my body. Man! It was freezing tonight! It certainly didn’t help matters that I was wearing… a nightie...

I was standing half naked in front of a boy very close to the age I had become. To make matters worse, I was now a girl. Likely a very pretty girl in his eyes. Slowly looking up at his face, I could see the healthy blush.

“Um, p-pizza ma’am.” At least I think that’s what he said, my mind was too busy trying to process what I just did.

“Ma’am?” He repeated looking worried.

“YES!” I squeaked suddenly, causing him to jump back. I wasn’t even aware my new voice could reach octaves this high. “Rarity! Money!” I said pointing to her, then to him. As she walked up to pay the guy, I made haste to the living room, hiding behind the couch.

“So terribly sorry about that deary, she’s just very shy.” I could hear Rarity say from the front door. Then, as her tone shifted to a more flirtatious one. “Thank you sooo much for bringing these. Here’s a little tip for your trouble. Take care now!” The door closed, and after a few minutes I actually heard the car drive off. Funny how I hadn’t heard it approach. Shortly after Rarity leaned beside me.

“Morning Rain?” She placed a hand on my shoulder. “Darling? Are you okay?”

“He, he saw me.” I said with a shudder. “He saw me like this!”

“Yes darling he did. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to warn you quickly enough.” She rubbed my shoulder, trying to sooth me. “He’s gone now though.”

“I know it’s just. He blushed when he saw me. I mean I knew boys might find this body attractive but I wasn’t ready to see it happen!”

“I know deary, but it’s not really that big a deal. He saw me in my nightie as well after all.”

“Yeah but you’re use to being pretty!” I cried, I think she blushed.

“What’s all the commotion?” Sunset asked, walking back into the room. I looked up long enough to see that she had indeed dressed into the matching orange nightie, but I was too distressed to enjoy the sight.

“Morning accidently answered the door for the pizza guy as she is.” Sunset flinched.

“Ouch, you okay Morning?”

“I want to die.” I couldn’t see their faces since I just buried my own in my hands, but I had a feeling they were rolling their eyes at me.

“Really Morning, you’re blowing this out of proportion. I bet he hardly even noticed.”

“Actually if I saw correctly, a certain bulge proves otherwise.”

“Really? Damn. Well she is a cute one.”

“Not helping! YOU BOTH AREN’T HELPING!” I screamed wanting to choke them.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Rarity said quickly, standing up and picking the pizzas up off the couch. “Look the pizza’s are here now, and I’m sure you’re hungry, so why don’t we just watch the movie and eat? Forget all about today?”

“Yeah, come on, join us on the couch. You can’t tell me you never dreamed of having two cute girls in nighties sitting next to you.” Sunset said, giving me a playful wink. I groaned.

“That sounds so wrong on so many levels. I’m your teacher for crying out loud! I’m like twice your ages!”

“Oh? You look like just another teenager to me.” She said sitting on the couch, and opening her pizza box. “Come on, you don’t have to be one of the girls, but just be one of the teens for a couple of hours.”

“I agree deary, just relax a bit and go with the flow.” It was Rarity’s turn to wink. “Besides, don’t you have a pizza bet to show us up on?”

Yeah, yeah the pizza bet! She’s right! Screw all this, I had pizza and a bet to win. I wasn’t going to be beaten by this! I was going to show the world that despite all it threw at me I could still come out on top of it! Ignoring what just happened, I stood up.

“Let me at that pizza!” I exclaimed, earning a cheer from them both. “Time to show you just how much of a man I still am!”

* *

“T-this can’t be happening! It’s impossible!” I cried staring at the plate before me.

“I told you it was a stupid idea Morning, next time listen to me.” Sunset said, placing her hand on my left shoulder.

“A promise is a promise deary, and no one ever breaks a Pinkie promise.” Rarity added, placing her hand on my other shoulder. Crestfallen I simply stared at the three slices left. It had started out so well. I had scarfed down three of the eight slices like they were nothing, the delicious cheese sliding down my throat, the toppings exploding with flavor upon my tongue. However, halfway through my fourth slice, I felt my stomach begin to lose interest

Baffled, I kept eating, so sure it was just a fluke. No way it was giving out now! However after forcing the fifth slice down, my body had had enough. I had gotten maybe a bit out of the sixth piece when I began to feel the need to barf. Staring at the leftovers, there was just no way I was going to do this. I wasn’t going to risk throwing up all night just for a bet. Even if the consequences were as they were.

“I-I never said all in one night?” I asked timidly.

“Sorry darling, but a bet is a bet, and a Pinkie promise is as it is. I’m afraid you lost.” Damn it, it was worth a shot.

“Maybe I only put on the number of outfits I had slices left?” Also worth a shot.

“Nope,” Sunset said crossing her arms. “You made your bed, now you’re gonna have to lie in it.”

“Fiiiiiiine.” I said slumping down. I can’t believe I failed at this. It was just one pizza. A small one at that!

“I don’t get it! I use to eat large pizzas by myself when I was a teen. This should be a cakewalk!”

“It’s because of your body type.” Sunset answered, causing me to give her a confused look.

“From what I hear, Pinkie is like us and she could do it! Hell I bet Rainbow Dash could do it too!”

“That’s because Rainbow Dash is an athlete. They burn off more calories than we do and have to eat more to compensate.”

“As for Pinkie.” Rarity shrugged. “Honestly her entire existence is an enigma. It’s best not to try for an explanation.”

“So how does all this relate to my body type?”

“Well neither Rarity nor I are really as active as Rainbow Dash is, and neither of us could eat a full small pizza-”

“-so we figured you couldn’t either darling.” Rarity finished while giving me a smile. “Cheer up deary, why I bet once you get into the swing of things tomorrow you might even enjoy yourself!” I scoffed.

“Oh yes, enjoy being used as a grown up doll.” I groaned. “Whatever, I’ll deal with this tomorrow. Going back to the whole, ‘making beds and laying in them’ I think it’s time to sleep. I’ve had enough of today.”

“Agreed.” Sunset said, turning off the TV. “I think I speak for all three of us when I say there’s been enough excitement for one day.”

“I concur completely. I just hope Twilight can give us some insight on how to fix all this and soon.” Rarity’s smiled slyly. “Though maybe not till after the shopping trip tomorrow.” I decided to ignore that part.

“So which one is your guest room?” Sunset asked, taking the leftovers to the fridge.

“Uh, about that…” I said, my thoughts once more drifting to just how big and empty this house seemed. “I was wondering if you minded sharing a room?”

“I do hope you aren’t suggesting something impure.” Rarity said with a scowl, I waved my hands in a frantic motion.

“No! Of course not! I just don’t want to be alone!”

“Still frightened by earlier?” Sunset asked with concern. I barely was able to nod in response. Truth be told, I was still terrified of someone breaking in. Despite all that had happened tonight, being able to joke and laugh with these too had really helped. Just having them close was enough to make me feel safe.

“Well why didn’t you say so darling?” Rarity beamed, her expression doing a one eighty. “Go ahead and clear some room, and I’ll get the sleeping bags.”

I don’t remember much of what happened next. Even with my little nap earlier, I was increasingly feeling exhaustion pulling me down. I vaguely recall clearing a space on the floor in my room for two sleeping bags, before I crawled into bed and passed out. My last thoughts being about the rollercoaster ride today had become. I was turned into a girl, got to feel my first breasts, ignoring the fact they were mine, ended up dressed in a nightie, set up my TV, watched a great movie with great company, and even embarrassed the crap out of myself when I answered the door earlier. So many things I’d never dreamed I’d do, and I still had the day off tomorrow to look forward to!

Indeed, tomorrow was another day!

Now if I could only shake this sinking feeling it was going to be worse.

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