• Published 2nd Aug 2015
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My Life is a Runway? - videomaster21XX

Evening Storm, the new English teacher at Canterlot high, just wanted to fit in. Becoming a teenage girl wasn't what he had in mind!

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No escape from Reality

Ugh, what did I do yesterday? I mean my entire body felt wonky. Weird, I don’t remember going home last night. In fact from the feel of the hard surface beneath me, I don’t think I even got to my bed. Did the Principal really spike my drink? Well that would explain the weird dream, Rarity using a magic spell to turn me into a teenage girl. How absurd.

Ow, whatever it was she put in there it sure packed a punch, this was some headache, and why did my chest feel all heavy? Light flooded into my eyes as I slowly cracked them open. Huh? Where was I? That wasn’t the ceiling of my room. A feeling of dread began to flow through my body. What did she do to me? Where did she take me?

“Looks like she’s awake.” I heard a voice say to my right. Was that Sunset Shimmer? What was she doing here? Oh I get it, I bet this was all some elaborate prank set up to properly induct me into the school staff. Whew, I was really starting to get worked up there. I shifted my position a bit when I felt something on my chest jiggle. T-that was just my muscles waking up right?

“Oh thank goodness!” I heard Rarity’s voice exclaim from my left. Before I knew it, her face was hovering right above mine. I could feel my heart began to hammer in my chest as I saw her wearing the same dress I had seen in my dream. M-Maybe it was just a coincidence! I saw her in that and dreamt about it. I mean that white sparkly thing couldn’t have really happened.

“Are you alright Mr. Evening?” Celestia said as her face also came into view. I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t want to even move. The memory of that reflection was burned into my brain. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be real!

“I can’t imagine how you must feel right now.” Celestia continued, her eyes drilling into my own. “But please remain calm. We have already taken measures to fix this.” I could only stare at her blankly, her words rattling around in my head. This must be her office I was in. Now that I felt for it, I could tell I was on carpet. I can’t keep fooling myself. I-I have to know.

Moving ever so slowly, I began to shift my gaze to my chest. Two fleshy mounds met my eyes. I could even see them slightly wiggling underneath my dress as I breathed, only now did the sensation of this begin to reach my brain. I couldn’t pretend anymore. I’m not hallucinating, and I wasn’t drugged. Magic was real and boy had it ever done a number on me.

“N-No way…” I said, flinching at the sound of the very girlish voice that emitted from my lips. Now that I wasn’t actively trying to ignore it, I noticed just how different everything on my body felt. Not just obvious things like my new… ‘assets’ but I mean my arms, my legs, even my feet felt weird. Attempting to sit up caused me to shudder. Yeah my body moved when I told it to, but at the same time everything just felt so foreign, I could barely wrap my head around it.

“Oh this is all my fault!” Rarity cried, guilt clearly plastered upon her face. “I just thought the magic would make people look fabulous! I never dreamed it could do this!” I couldn’t quite tell, but I think she had been crying I was still too shocked to really absorb all this. Just staring at my hands was enough to overload me.

I’m guessing it was due to the spell, but besides looking a lot more feminine, they sported long elegant nails that were a rather lovely shade of blue. Wait, lovely? How would I know what colors of nail polish would be considered nice? I mean yeah they did look great upon my whitish skin, and they complimented my black hair rather nicely- Ah! Stop that! What the hell is wrong with me? I mean besides the fact I’m in a body I was never meant to be in?!

“W-what have you done to me?” I could hear the panic rising in my voice. It was so strange hearing this… this girl speak instead of me. A beautiful alto, instead of my gruff baritone.

“Oh no…” Rarity whispered as she came to kneel by me. “Oh please no…” I felt her hand upon my arm. My now smooth hairless arm. It tingled where she touched, Why was it so sensitive? Did the lack of hair really make such a big difference?

“What have you done to me!?” I repeated hands now rubbing the upper parts of my arms, mesmerized by these new sensations. “I’m a guy. I’m a guy!” My entire body began to shake, as I came close to hyperventilating. It was all too much, I can’t handle it! What was I supposed to even do like this!? I’d lose everything I had! No one would believe who I was! I had no identity!

“Don’t!” Rarity cried, trying to hold me steady. “Don’t you’ll hurt yourself!” I tried to push her away, failing to be free. She did this to me! I had to get out of here! I don’t know what I would have done, had it not been for Celestia’s voice ringing out like a gunshot.

“BE STILL!” I froze in place. I had never heard such a tone used by her before, and judging by Rarity’s own expression, neither had she. Something about it demanded that you do as it said, and I was powerless to deny it.

“Mr. Evening Storm, believe me I know this is a difficult time, but you have to be strong. You aren’t hurt, you aren’t in any danger. Your body has just gone through a sudden metamorphosis, one that could very well be reversible.” I latched on to that final word.

“Reversible? Y-you mean I can be changed back?” I could hear the hope in my voice. If it was reversible, then I had nothing to worry about right?

“Well that’s what we are hoping to hear.” Sunset said, reminding me of her presence. Absently, I turned my gaze toward her, getting a better sense of my surroundings. I was definitely in her office, seated on the floor near the entrance. To my side sat a pillow, having supported my head till I woke up. As for Sunset, she was sitting in one of Celestia’s chairs that sat alongside the wall. Why bring me here? Why not the nurse’s office? For that matter, why was Sunset here?

“Oh why can’t Twilight hurry it up?” Rarity fumed impatiently, “I can’t bear this waiting!” She clenched stressfully at the hem of her dress as she spoke. The look on her face really struck me then. She looked so lost, so hurt and ashamed. How could I be so insensitive? Of course Rarity was upset on having done this, and here I go and have a panic attack like that in front of her. A memory of a similar situation tried to surface, but I beat it back down. No, no I didn’t need to remember that to know I had to be strong. I had to remain calm.

“R-rarity…” I said, trying not to wince anymore at my voice. She jumped as I spoke, watching me with dread. She probably expected me to tear into her, and honestly a part of me still wanted to, but… I couldn’t. Celestia was right, I wasn’t hurt, and we didn’t know how long this would even last. Right now I had a job to do as a teacher. If… if I just focused on that, I think I could do this.

“L-Look, I know you didn’t mean to okay? S-so let’s just focus on fixing me. Who’s this Twilight?” I think she was so surprised by my sudden change in attitude that it knocked her speechless. Luckily Sunset was there to aide her.

“It’s a long story, but the gist is that we have contact with someone who knows more about magic then even I do, and I’m able to speak to her through this book.” She patted an old looking tome currently sitting upon Celestia’s desk. Okay, I didn’t really get how that worked, but hey I was just turned into a young lady. Contract through a book didn’t seem that far fetched anymore. Still, it begged a question.

“Can’t we just call her or something?” Sunset shook her head.

“She doesn’t exactly live in this world, so this is the only way.” Wait what!? I guess she could tell what I was about to ask, because she held up her hand. “Principal Celestia, I know you wanted to ease him into all this, but given the circumstances-”

“I was just thinking the same thing.” Celestia said with a frown. Concerned, she placed a hand upon my shoulder. It was rather nice to see her this worried about me. Looking at her face though, I felt something was off. Not with her, but still me. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something about looking at her now felt different.

“Are you okay to sit in a chair? We have much we have to tell you.” Slowly nodding my head I attempted to actually stand up, Rarity helping me out every bit of the way. I flashed her a smile of thanks. She still looked weary, but smiled back. Once I was seated, Rarity took a seat besides mine, while Sunset continued to sit to the right of the desk. She also wore a troubled look on her face, and I had a feeling it wasn’t about my situation. Could it be I was finally getting some clarification on those rumors?

“Well, I guess I’ll start at the beginning.” Sunset sighed as she gripped her knees. I wish I could tell her it was okay if she didn’t want to talk about it, but I knew if she didn't, Principal Celestia would probably have to instead, and so I sat there as the three girls told me their story.

Now had it still been this morning, I doubt I would have accepted anything they told me. A world full of sentient ponies? Banished creatures? Magical rock band battles? Even sitting here in a body I shouldn’t have, this felt hard to swallow. Except I was in a body not my own, I had seen magic envelope me directly. Hard as all of this was to imagine, I could tell they weren’t lying to me.

“S-so, Sunset you’re from another world entirely, as are these siren girls, except they don’t have power anymore, and now when you guys play music, you get pony ears and a tail, like I saw Rarity do earlier today?” Why couldn’t this just all be an elaborate joke? Even knowing this as the truth, I was having a hard time believing these words just came out of my mouth.

“Well that’s a rather odd way of condensing it all darling, but that is about the gist of it.” At some point Rarity had put her hand on my arm for support. How strange that I had wanted to do the same for her earlier, yet didn’t feel it appropriate thanks to me being a grown up male. Now though, it just didn’t seem as big a deal.

I paused. Was it because I was a girl her own age? I suppose seeing me like this, it was hard not to treat me as such. Did anyone here even see me as a teacher anymore? One thing for certain, when I stepped out of this office, no one was going to see Evening Storm, a teacher in his mid thirties. No, all they’d see is a young girl just hitting-

My eyes widened. P-Puberty… in this body I was- No! No no no, don’t think about it! Do NOT think about that!

“You seem to be taking this rather well.” Celestia commented. Oh yeah, I was taking this so well with almost having multiple mental breakdowns!

“I...I think my brain broke.” I said, holding my free hand up to my head. “J-just how long was I out, and how long does it take for you to usually get an answer in that book?” No sooner did I say that, did the book start to vibrate while glowing with a soft green light.

“You were only out for about an hour, and there’s our answer.” Sunset replied, as she opened the book to a random page and began reading. I tried my best not to shout for her to hurry the hell up. I mean I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I wanted nothing more than to just go home and curl into a ball hoping this would all be over in the morning!

I stole a glance at the still worried Rarity. Except, if I did that, I’d just cause her to sink further into her guilt. I didn’t want to do that to her. Besides, with luck Sunset would say the counterspell and I’d be back to normal before dinner. After what felt like forever, Sunset set the book on her lap and looked first at Celestia, then Rarity and then me. Her expression caused my stomach to drop.

“I-I’m sorry. Twilight and I both agree, we’ve never heard of anything like this before, even in Equestria where magic is plentiful. We have no idea what could have caused this to work or even why.” I felt numb.

“S-so I’m stuck like this? F-forever?” She shook her head, likely preventing me from fainting again.

“I don’t know, but we don’t believe so. It’s highly likely this will wear off.” Highly likely? She mean positive right? Right?!

“Yes but when darling? I cast the spell and I don’t even really understand how!” Sunset sighed, giving us a shrug.

“Please don’t think I’m being unsympathetic, but that’s the thing, we really don’t know anything. I mean, this could wear off next month, or next week. It’s possible you could go to sleep tonight and wake up as your old self again next morning.”

“So, I could be back to normal by tomorrow? That’s great!” Sure I’d be stuck as a girl for a night, but all things considered it really isn’t the end of the world.

“I wouldn’t really count on that too much.” Sunset said, her gaze upon the floor. “Rainbow Dash’s guitar.” I blinked.

“Rainbow Dash? Guitar? What do either of those things have to do with me?” Sunset turned her gaze toward Rarity.

“If I remember your story correctly, wasn’t her guitar a different color before she began to play it in the music shop?”

“Well yes, it went from a light blue, to a much darker shade of it. It even got little lightning bolts up the stem, but I’m afraid I echo Mr. Evening’s confusion. What does that have to do with our current situation?”

“Simple, that means Rainbow’s magic changed the guitar right? Have you ever seen any signs of it changing back?” Rarity’s eyes widened.

“No, no it’s been that way ever since.”

“Which was a few months ago right?” I could feel my breath start to quicken again.

“Well yes, but Rainbow plays on that thing frequently! Surely it’s remained as is because of her constantly feeding it magic!”

“Yes, but there was the week she couldn’t play because she needed to practice for a soccer match. Far as I recall, the next time she brought it out, it was still the same. Much as I hate to say it, if I had to guess on the length of this spell, I’d imagine it won’t wear off till next month.”

“N-Next month!?” I screamed standing up, god my voice sounded so weird when I raised it. “I can’t wait around as a girl for a month! What about my job!? I’m suppose to be teaching the kids here! I can’t teach like this!”

“Why not?” I blinked, turning my head to Celestia who spoke. She was regarding me with a very cool gaze.

“B-but I’m-”

“Still a teacher.” She interrupted. “It’s not uncommon to have aides take over a class during times of need. We’ve even had representatives from Crystal Prep come here to teach classes anywhere from a week to a month as credit for their own education. I don’t see why we couldn’t set that up as a temporary solution.” I let that sink in. Well I wouldn’t be losing my job at the very least. That was just one small problem amongst many however.

“B-but how are you suppose to pay me? I can’t very well use my bank card looking like this!” She nodded.

“That could be an issue. Thankfully I’ve happened to make a few friends while in this town, one of them happens to work at the bank. I’ll see about setting up a new temp account for you to access as well as transferring any funds from your current account over.” I stood staring at her blankly.

“Y-You’re kidding, you can’t seriously just expect to do that.” I could see that knowing smirk creep upon her lips.

“I may only be Principal of this high school, but I take a very active role in the well being of this town. I assure you I can do as I promise here.”

“B-but…” I looked down. “What am I supposed to wear? I quite obviously don’t have any clothing for teenage girls at my house!”

“Hmm, that is a problem. Rarity, can I get your assistance with this?” Rarity nearly leapt from her seat at being addressed.

“What? O-Oh of course Principal Celestia, but I couldn’t possibly make her that many outfits!” Celestia shook her head.

“You misunderstand, I wouldn’t expect you to do that. What I propose is taking her shopping for a new wardrobe. I’ll supply you with three hundred dollars for the task.” Both of our eyes bugged out.

“T-three hundred?” I stammered in shock. I mean sure I couldn’t possibly afford this with my own funds, but for her to just offer this out of the blue!

“Consider it a loan Evening. What I would like to propose, is that I take twenty dollars from each of your future paychecks until it’s paid off. Interest free of course.” Her smirk had become rather playful. I didn’t know if I liked how this conversation was going.

“I-What? But I’m not a girl!” I protested, stamping a foot. I really hoped that didn’t look as cute as I think it did.

“Listen Mr. Evening Storm.” Celestia said, her expression once more becoming the serious one I had seen in the cake shop. “What has happened to you today is not something I had anticipated, and for not having the foresight to stop this I do apologize. Never the less, the fact is you are a teenage girl right now, and we do not know how or when you’ll revert back to normal.”

“I’ll do my best with Twilight to find a way to reverse this as soon as possible.” Sunset added, writing in the book of hers. I guess she was sending off another message. How weird, it was like old school texting. “In the meantime though, I think Principal Celestia has the best idea. I-I’m sorry but I really don’t have any clue yet as to how magic works in this world, or even where to begin to fix this.”

“Oh It’s all my fault deary. You go out of you way to help me, and this is how I repay you!” Rarity’s voice took on that really high pitched whine it did while I was talking to her during lunch. Was that just a thing of hers? All three of them sat there staring at me, waiting for me to make a decision.

“I-I-” With a sigh I sat back down in my chair, defeated. “I don’t really have a choice do I?” Celestia let out her own sigh.

“Not really. Again I’m sorry about this, but be assured I’ll make certain to help you out as much as I can.”

“Oh me too darling! I promise that I’ll do all in my power to make this up to you!” Rarity’s gaze was so intense it was starting to scare me.

“T-thank you.”

“Now then Rarity?” Celestia spoke up once more. “If you could fetch my sister for me? I’d like to discuss the loan with her, so there is no confusion on where the money is going.”

“M-Me?” Her gaze hovered upon me again. “Don’t you think-”

“I have something more to discuss with Sunset, and we wouldn’t want to give such a task to Evening right now after all he’s been through. So I’m afraid you are the only one I can trust with this right now.” Rarity hesitated for a bit more, but we could both see the logic in what Celestia said.

“Y-Yes of course, right away Principal.” As I watched her go, I felt a twinge of worry inside my chest. Poor girl was possibly more broken up over this then I was. I really wish I could set her mind at ease, but I don’t think I could pretend all this didn’t bother me.

“You’re wondering why aren’t you?” Celestia said suddenly, causing me to jump.


“You’re wondering why I’m doing so much to help you right?”

“W-well I guess so. I mean I know you probably feel a bit responsible since you told me the magic would be harmless, and you said you want teachers like me at this school, b-but all this?”

“Make no mistake, this isn’t a ploy to cover up the strange magical happenings at this school or anything like that.” She placed her hands under her chin. “I’m very serious when I say I want teachers like you at my school. Just how terrified are you of all this?”

“Y-You mean being a girl? Younger?” She nodded.

“All of it. How terrified?”

“Extremely! I don’t even know what to do in this body!” The panic I was feeling flowed freely now, causing my entire body to shake. “How will people see me now? I don’t know how this body works, or even how people are going to treat me! I’m not suppose to be this way!” I felt Sunset’s hands upon my shoulders, attempting to calm me. I didn’t see her move to do that, but the support was welcome. I didn’t know how long I could deal with this. After everything that had been happening in my life, I thought I had finally started to climb back out of the pit, only for this to be thrown at me. Magic? Teenage girlhood? It was too much.

“All very understandable, and that’s part of the reason I want to help you as much as I can. However…” I looked at her, my eyes bleary from crying. I don’t remember starting.

“H-However?” She grinned in that mischievous way again.

“Why did you act as if everything would be fine when Rarity was in the room? It’s because you didn’t want her worrying herself over this mistake wasn’t it?”

I wanted to speak, but the words wouldn’t come. Too tired to protest I simply nodded. Was it really so obvious? Her grin widened.

“And that Mr. Evening, is why I want to help you and the reason I want you to remain a teacher. That’s a very fine quality to have as a person. So if you are willing, I’d like you to continue your duties here while in your new form. However long it may last.”

“I-I…” She held up her hand.

“Please, don’t decide right now. You have enough on your mind as it is. Sunset?”

“Yes Principal?”

“Could you drive Mr. Evening home? I’d rather he not attempt the bus in his, or I suppose her current condition.”

“Of course Principal Celestia.” She smiled at me. “I’ll even stay the evening if you like. I’m sure you could use some support. Rarity will likely want to join as well.”

“What? You can’t stay over! You’re both teenage girls and I’m-”

“Also a teenage girl.” She finished, causing my words to die in my throat. That’s right, I’m not a guy, I’m not even an adult, I-I’m the same age as both of them. If they did stay over, it wouldn’t be seen as creepy, just three girls hanging out. My hand went to my forehead. All of this was giving me a headache.

“Look at least let us see you settled in. If you really don’t feel like company we’ll head out okay?” She looked so concerned for me. How funny given I had spent the entire day trying to talk to her about the rumors. I never thought I’d find out the truth about it all like this. Maybe I could have a chat with her about that later tonight? I looked down at my newfound breasts. Then again, maybe I had enough to worry about.

“Fine, I- I really don’t like this, but I guess the best thing for me is to just get a good night’s sleep.” As if that could possibly be enough to prepare me for tomorrow. It was only Tuesday! I still had three days of class to teach!

“Excellent.” Celestia said, making marks on a piece of paper. “I’ll have Cheerilee take over your classes for tomorrow.” My eyes widened at the mention of that name. Cheerilee!

“Oh my goodness! I totally forgot about Ms. Cheerilee! Is she okay? She got hit by the spell too!” Celestia gave me an amused look.

“Relax Mr. Evening, I don’t blame you for not thinking about that till now, given your current situation. Ms. Cheerilee is just fine, if anything I think she’s enjoying her new youthful body a bit too much, but at the very least it means she should have the energy to teach both classes tomorrow.”

“I-I can’t do that to her! I-I mean she has to be a little upset right?” Celestia shook her head.

“While I appreciate your concern for her, it’s not… exactly like your case. You’re not just younger, but in a very different body. She just got a few years returned. She’s still herself in a sense.”

“To be honest I almost didn’t notice a change.” Sunset piped up, “You can tell she’s younger, but it’s subtle. Most might not even realize she’s different.” I couldn’t help but feel annoyed at that. Here I get my life turned upside down, and she’s having the time of her life it seems. Well it certainly made me feel less guilty about her taking over my duties for tomorrow. Wait, why was she doing that anyway?

“Hold on, so I don’t need to come in tomorrow?” Celestia actually laughed. I sure wish I could get her to do that while a guy.

“Do you want to come in tomorrow?” I quickly shook my head.

“That’s what I thought. I imagine if I woke up as a teenage boy tomorrow I wouldn’t want to come to work either. Give it a day and call me, we’ll go from there.” I nodded. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all. At the very least, I had a very understanding boss.

“Come on Mr. Evening, I’ll lead you to my car.” Sunset said as she picked up her book, “I should probably get your number too so I can call you the moment I find anything out.”

“Y-Yeah sounds good.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. A flip model that was probably five years out of date. Sure it wasn’t fancy, but it could send and receive calls and texts. That’s really all I needed. “Okay it’s- Oh wait, shouldn’t we wait for Rarity to get back with Vice Principal Luna?”

“Don’t worry about that.” Celestia said. “I plan to have Ms Rarity dropped off at your place later anyway, as Sunset said, not only will she likely insist, she’ll be able to drop off a few necessities, like sleeping garments, unless you plan to sleep in the nude.” I’m sure both of them were fighting back laughter at how quickly I shook my head at that. I didn’t even want to think about this body being naked right now!

“Very well, oh Sunset, a quick word before you go?” As Sunset walked back toward her, Celestia turned to me. “I’m sorry to ask this of you after all that’s happened, but can I get a moment alone with her?”

“O-Oh yes of course.” Excusing myself, I wobbled over to the door, shooing Sunset away as she tried to come over to help me. My balance was all off, but I couldn’t very well have someone leading me everywhere like this. I’m sure with a bit of practice I’d be able to walk just fine. I managed to get myself out the door without falling on my face at least. Whoa, had this room always been this big?

I’m so glad there wasn’t anyone in the waiting room with me right now, because they’d likely stare at the weird girl who looked as if she never saw a damn desk before, but I couldn’t help it! PIcking up a nearby vase full of sunflowers, I could barely lift the thing using both hands! Before I could have easily lifted this with just one! Everything in here just seemed so much larger than before!

I scolded myself mentally. Duh it looked bigger! You just lost like a foot or something in height! Trying not to look too suspicious, I began to walk around the room, trying to get use to all the little alterations to my center of gravity. Try as I might I couldn’t stop from stumbling. Seriously, it was just walking! How was it this hard? It was like my legs just refused to move the way I wanted them to.

Feeling frustrated, I began to force my body to go faster, attempting to re-adjust my balance whenever I felt like I was about to lean too far left or right. Before I knew it, I was actually walking a lot better, was being reckless really the solution? Why did I suddenly- are my hips swaying?

I took another couple of test laps around the room, and sure enough, I was swaying my hips ever so slightly as I strutted around in my circle. Seriously? I was not walking like that. I forced my hips to stop, and immediately had to grab the desk next to me to keep from falling. Try as I might, I just couldn’t move without that sway. Great, not only did I look like a girl, and sound like a girl, I moved like one as well. Wait did that mean?

...Yep smell like one too.

“Heeeeeeeeey Rarity! Sunset you in here!?” A pink blur asked seemingly popping out of nowhere. I jumped, nearly crashing into the nearby wall. W-where had she come from? I mean, I’m sure she had to come in through the open doorway to the hall, but I didn’t hear a damn sound!

“Oh, sorry Mr. Evening, didn’t mean to scare you like that. Say you look cute as a girl! Oh wait I’m sorry! You’re probably still really sensitive about that!” She reached into her purse and somehow produced a perfectly fine cupcake. Seriously the frosting wasn’t even mushed.

“Here! This should cheer you up!” She placed it into my hand, her mouth going a mile a minute. “Have you seen Rarity or Sunset? I mean I know they are both looking after you right now, but I realllly need to ask them if it’s okay to throw a “Group meeting to come up with ideas to help Mr. Evening’ slumber party! That’s you of course, (She snorted then) But of course you knew that! I mean I wanted to throw you a ‘Welcome to girlhood’ slumber party, but Rarity said you might be still scared about being a teenage girl, and you might not like that, and while It’s sad that I can’t throw you a party I tooooooootally get how it’d make you uncomfortable! I mean there was this one time I was dared to act like Rarity for an hour, and it was suuuuuper hard! I know that’s not like you’re situation really, but it’s the best I can think of. Still I bet it’s really scary for you, so I totally understand if you didn’t want a party celebrating it. Still I hope you’ll come to a party, because it’d be so awesome!” She stood there smiling at me, as my mind trying to catch up. This had to be the Pinkie Pie I kept hearing about.

“I uh… thanks? F-for the cupcake I mean. I-I don’t think I can do a party right now…”

“Aww, well I understand! I wouldn’t want a party celebrating something I didn’t like. Like what if someone threw a party for someone who just broke their leg, calling it a ‘Congrats on breaking your leg!’ Party? That would be the worst! So how’s the cupcake?”

“Oh uh,” stunned I quickly took a bite, my eyes widening. “Amazing!” I don’t know if it was my taste buds, or it was just that well baked, but this was seriously the best cupcake I’d ever had. Somehow her grin got even wider.

“Super dooper! I knew you’d like it! My Pinkie senses told me you’d like peanut butter chocolate! Oh hi Sunset!” I blinked as she waved to just behind me. Turning I caught the door closing as Sunset exited the office. Did Pinkie somehow sense she was coming out before actually she actually opened the door?

“Hey Pinkie, um, you aren’t giving Mr. Evening a hard time are you? She’s-”

“Had a long day, don’t worry I totally get it. No parties right now.” Sunset relaxed a bit at that, but still looked weary. To be honest, I couldn't’ tell if it was from Pinkie, or the conversation she just had.

“So…” Sunset said, letting the word trail off. Pinkie looked confused for a second, before literally gasping.

“That’s right! I know we can’t have a party for her right now, but I totally think we should do something for her! Maybe a lunch? Or a dinner! Or a Dinner Lunch brunch where everybody eats burgers with waffle buns?!”

“We’ll talk about it later okay? Right now I think Mr. Evening just wants to go home.” I had really thought Pinkie would protest but she just kinda shrugged.

“Alright! We’ll get together maybe tomorrow after school? See you later Mr. Evening! Ha! It’s so weird calling you that. Oh! Oh! Maybe you should get a new name? I mean new body, new name am I right? How about Evening Gale? Evening Star?” Her eyes suddenly widened so much I was afraid they’d pop. “I’ve got it! Morning Rain!”

“Morning Rain?” I repeated, my expression blank. “Why?”

“Because it’s the opposite of Evening Storm! Morning Rain? Evening Storm? It’s perfect!” She grabbed my hands, jumping up and down. “Of course it’s your name, so you can call yourself whatever you want, but it’s a good suggestion! Right? Right?!” At this point I was willing to tell her anything if only to get her to calm down.

“Sure! Whatever I’m Morning Rain!”

“Yay! I’ll go update my party files right now! You know juuuuuuust in case!” About as quickly as she popped up, she was gone, out the door and off to who knows where. I immediately placed a hand over my heart, trying to stop it from beating so hard. Forget surviving this way for a month, I just wanted to last the day!

“You okay Mr. Evening?” Sunset asked, placing a hand on my shoulder. “You’ll have to forgive her, she’s… well she’s Pinkie Pie.”

“Y-Yeah, I’m okay. I see now why the other teachers warned me about her. Does she ever calm down?”

“Not that I’ve seen.” She shrugged. “At least she has enough sense not to try and throw you a welcome party.”

“Thank goodness for small miracles.” I muttered as we both left the room. Finally we were on our way down the hall. With luck we could get to the car and to my house without anything else happening. It was still kinda strange how I had to sway my hips to walk, but at least I wouldn’t fall over. Curious I glanced over to Sunset’s own hips. Being slightly behind her I was able to observe her movement without her notice. Yep sure enough, her hips had a slight sway to them as well. Did every girl walk that way? Not like I’d ever really looked for that before. Maybe I could ask Sunset?

I thought about that. No, on second thought let’s not. This entire situation was awkward enough as it is. We walked on in silence, myself trying to ignore the weird looks I was getting. Did they know? Were they there when the transformation happened? Were they even now laughing about me behind my back? Or maybe. Maybe they were merely wondering who the new student was, not aware of my fate at all? Thankfully the halls were mostly empty, so I didn’t have to put up with that too much.

“How do you girls wear skirts like this?” I asked, absently trying to pull the fabric down. The cold air against my legs was something else entirely. Even as a guy I didn’t normally wear shorts. Of course my legs being devoid of any hair probably didn’t help matters. It got even worse when we stepped outside onto the student parking lot, the wind now playfully blowing against my legs. I immediately went to hold my skirt down. I was not about to flash someone!

“Heh, it takes a bit of practice I guess. Honestly it took me a while to get use to wearing clothing at all. Where I come from, it’s not really a big deal. Thank the Princess I never went outside in the nude here.” It took a few seconds for what she said to click in my head.

“Right, I forgot, you’re a unicorn from another world that came through a mirror.” I was getting another headache. “Just what kind of job did I take?”

“One full of surprises.” She stopped by a black car that had a weird sun symbol on it’s hood. At least I think it was a sun, could be a fireball. Wasn’t the same thing on that book of hers? I had just enough time to confirm that as she threw the book and a purple purse into the back. Purple? That didn’t match her at all. Wait no, focus on the symbols. I made a mental note to ask about them later.

“Yeah, well I think I’ve had enough for one day.” Even getting into her car felt weird. I mean it would have been weird anyway, a student driving a teacher around. Yet with me as I was right now? Total freakyness. Geez, was I just going to react this way about everything? I swear, even breathing felt different.

“So uh, where to you live?” Oh right, that was probably important.

“Do you know stable street? The one that intersects with wagon drive?” She nodded, good that’d make this easier. “I live not far from there, on a side street. I’ll point it out.”

Without another word, she put the car into drive and we were on our way. Much like our walk down the hall, for the most part we rode in silence. I spent this time staring out the window, trying not to flinch at what I could see of my reflection. Of course the window didn't really let me see too many details. I was going to have to spend some time in my bathroom when I got home if I wanted a good look at the damage. Wow that sounded a lot dirtier in my head then I had meant it to.

“Mr. Evening? Am I going the right way?” I looked up, seeing the crossroads come into view. I pointed right, indicating for her to turn onto my side street.

“It’s just a couple of blocks up this way. Old blue painted house, one three one three, and don’t say anything, the irony of the number isn’t lost on me.”

“Don’t worry I wasn’t, I figure you deserve a few breaks today.” Despite her saying this I could still see a smile on her lips. Eh whatever, I’ll let it slide. This did remind me about something important though. I doubt I’d like it, but it was probably for the best.

“A-also it’s Morning Rain.”


“My name. You may as well call me Morning Rain like that Pinkie girl suggested. If you all go around calling me Mr. Evening Storm while I’m like this it’s just going to look and sound weird. So why not? New body new name.”

“Well, it makes sense but are you sure? I could just call you Evening.” I shook my head.

“Evening is commonly a boy’s name. I’d still get odd looks, nevermind those who know me might figure it out. However, no one would think it odd if my name was Morning. It’s almost poetic really. I’m called Morning because while like this it’s kinda like I’m in mourning.”

“That’s… a grim way to look at it.”

“Well excuse me if I didn’t feel like being turned into a girl today!” She flinched, I sighed.

“Look Sunset, I don’t mean to be cross-”

“No it’s okay Mr. I mean Morning. I get it in a way. I mean it was a bit of a shock for me to have hands and feet and all that when I came here, and I made the choice to come. I imagine if I had just been thrown here, I’d have freaked out.” I couldn’t really respond to that. Just what kind of stuff had Sunset gone through while here? She was certainly stronger than I felt right now.

I was out of the car and halfway up the walkway to my door when a terrible revelation came to me. When I was a guy, I had my keys and wallet in my pants pockets. Currently I was wearing a skirt with stockings. No way I had any pockets in this get up! Why didn’t I realize this earlier?!

“Problem! Problem!” I hissed, trying not to attract the neighbors. It was bad enough they were about to see a teen girl entering the home of a middle aged man. I didn’t want to focus on what conclusions they might draw from this.

“What? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Sunset hissed back, quickly moving to my side.

“M-My keys and wallet were in my pants before I got zapped, but they sure as hell aren’t in this get up.” I waved a hand over myself.

“My only spare key is in my personal storage locker at the school! We’ll have to go back!” Sunset looked worried for a second before she slapped her forehead.

“Oh that’s right, we forgot to tell you.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Tell me what?” Sunset was already heading back at her car. She quickly opened the door back up and began to fish for something inside. A few seconds later she removed the purple purse I saw earlier.

“This was found on the ground next to you after you changed. We confirmed it’s yours when we saw the ID in the wallet.” Stunned I reached out and took the thing. I guess out of everything else that changed this really shouldn’t be a surprise, but I still couldn’t believe it was mine. Sure enough though, upon opening it up, I found my wallet complete with my old ID card inside. Odd, so my clothing changed, but not my ID? Whatever, I’d had enough of this.

“Of course! Of course I have a purse! Why not? What’s next? I walk into my house and everything is pink? I own a thousand pairs of shoes? I… have something else that’s stereotypical of a girl to have?” Sunset gave me a look.

“Well I don’t know what teen girls in this day and age do or have! I’m a grown man!” My voice rising.

“Okay, I think we need to get inside now before people call the cops.” Sunset said, grabbing my purse and fishing out my keys. Right the neighbors, so much for me keeping a low profile. Damn it Evening, why do you have to be so stupid? No I’m sorry, not Evening, I’m Morning Rain now. Why me? Why did Rarity have to zap me? Why couldn’t I just keep to myself?

All I wanted to be was a teacher. I just wanted to feel like I was making a difference for once in my damn life. So many years I spent simply going from day to day, working because that’s what was expected of you. Why did it have to take such a tragedy for things to change? Was that what this was? Another screwed up event designed to get me to take some sort of step for self improvement? I put the work in to be the teacher I had always dreamt about being, what more did you want from me life? I’ve already lost someone important, did you have to rob me of my identity as well!?

Peering into the darkness of my home, I slowly began to trudge my way inside. This is what life wanted to throw at me huh? Fine, I’ll deal with all this too. That’s what mom would have told me to do. Heh, what would she say if she could see me like this? Her daughter instead of her son? Hell what would dad think? Shaking my head, I tried to once more gather myself together. With luck I’d be back to normal before I had to have that conversation.

A quick look around proved that nothing had changed. I guess the only things altered were my cloths and body. Well that was something I guess. Drained, I collapsed on my couch the moment I got to it.

“Ugh, please tell me the day is over.”

“Sorry Morning, not just yet.” I groaned. I had a feeling the real lessons in having to deal with my body were about to begin. A strange beeping sound emitted from Sunset for a few seconds, before she pulled out her phone and gave it a look. Given she didn’t answer I assumed it was a text.

“Rarity needs a ride. She’s got the loan from Principal Celestia as well.”

“Are you two really going to come over? This is weird enough as it is.” She nodded, closing her phone. The look she was giving me now reminded me a bit of Celestia’s serious face.

“It’s likely for the best, you’re going to need some help adjusting, and I don’t think Rarity would take no for an answer, and I… you were trying to talk to me today weren’t you?” My eyes widened. How did she know? I never said anything to anyone!

“H-How?” Her expression went back to being a smile.

“You kept giving me this look all day whenever I noticed you. It’s the same look I use to get whenever I wanted to talk to one of my friends, when I first became one to them that is.”

“I- Yeah I did. It was about the rumors.”

“Oh… guess you got your answers then…”

“Y-Yeah I did.” Silence.

“Are you going to be okay Mr. Evening?”

“Seriously, stick to calling me Morning. The sooner I get use to it the better, and shouldn’t I be asking you that?” I got a small giggle for that. Heh, it was kinda funny seeing her do that, given the tough girl look she wore.

“I’m not the one dealing with a life crisis right now.”

“I-I’ll be okay. Well no that’s a lie, I have no idea if I’m going to be okay, but I’ll manage. I have to.” Thankfully, It looked like she believed me. I didn’t feel like arguing my mental state with her. Still the look of concern didn’t leave her face.

“It’s just I need to pick up Rarity and something from my house, but I don’t want to leave you alone right now…”

“Sunset I’ll be fine. I’m not going to hurt myself while you’re gone.” This time I could clearly see her flinch, guess I couldn’t blame her.

“It’s the truth right? You’re all thinking it. You think I’ll hurt myself because of what happened.” No answer. Things were getting too heavy in here.

“I-I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t like this, but at the same time I realize there are far worse things I could have become. Just… please give me some time…” Without even thinking about it, I had my knees up against my chest as I sat there hugging them on the couch. Was I crying again? Ugh, I’m chalking it up to female hormones.

“Hey, Hey, it’s okay.” I could feel her hand on my head, causing me to look up at her. She had such a friendly smile, it made me feel better just knowing it was aimed at me.

“None of us are here to judge you okay? I told you already, it’s understandable. I may not be able to relate to this exactly, but I know enough to know how overwhelming it must be. That’s why Rarity and I are staying here tonight. To give you support.” I couldn’t believe how nice it was to hear those words, to feel her hand rub my head. Was this part of the spell? Shouldn’t I be upset she was treating me like a kid?

“T-thank you. Really thank you. I promise I’ll be fine without you for an hour, so go get Rarity.” Screw it, this felt nice and I wasn’t going to question why. After everything that had been happening in my life, no matter what was causing this, it was a wonderful change of pace.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can okay? You have my number now, so call me if you have need. I promise I’ll answer if I’m not driving.” I tried to give her a faint smile as I nodded. It took her a few more minutes to decide I was indeed going to be alright before she finally left. I waited till I heard her car drive away before locking the door.

So now I was alone. No one to see anything that I did. I practically ran for the restroom. I needed to see a mirror, now! I froze the moment I got inside, facing the glass. There she was again. That raven haired beauty staring back at me.

“T-this is so unreal.” Naturally the reflection mimicked me saying that exactly. I’d had this body for nearly three hours now, yet I still couldn’t believe it. If I had just woken up, I’d swear this was a window, some teen girl staring back at me from the other side. Just, how was this me? How could this be my body? My gaze once more shot straight down. How could t-these be my...my…

I slowly brought my hands up, amazed at how small they had become. They looked so delicate. No way I’d have the grip I use to, would I even have my old strength? What am I thinking? Of course not, this body had like a quarter of my size removed. Hell I couldn’t even feel the pitiful muscle I had built up anymore. My arms instead were slim, s-smooth.

I ran my hand up my arm a few times, marveling once again at it’s lack of body hair. W-whoa, that felt so weird. Was this just how sensitive skin was without the hair, or was it a female thing? I continued to feel around my body, going up my arm to my shoulder. Yeah, it was slimmer than it had been, not that I was surprised. So if I understood anything about female bodies, I’d loose the broadness here, but my hips would…

Whoa! Yeah they were wider alright. One might call them birthing hips. I shuddered, okay I’m not ready to think about that right now. Instead let’s… let’s move onto…

I stood, staring at the mirror. Deliberately focused on my chest, I began to turn to the side, my mouth going dry. There they were, jutting out invitingly. I shouldn’t right? It was wrong of me. Except, they were there. I mean right there! P-Plus they were mine right? It’s not like I’d get in trouble for it. I was going to have to in the morning when I showered anyway right?

Trying desperately to control my breathing, I lifted my hands and slowly cupped the underside of my boobs. O-Oh wow! Oh that feels so strange, and I was barely touching them. Weird, I was even wearing a bra. Well Rarity’s magic was through I’d give it that. Blushing I bounced them up and down a bit. Okay t-that felt even stranger! I-I wonder what it’d feel like if I gripped them?

Holy cow! Well they certainly were sensitive, it’d probably hurt if I was rough with them, but a gentle rub should be okay. Glancing over the the mirror I felt my face heat up at the sight of this teen girl nearly groping herself. I was such a pervert, I can’t believe I was doing this! I should stop, go sit on the couch and just wait for Sunset to get back with Rarity. Except…

Except what other time could I ever do this? Any other guy wouldn’t hesitate right? I-I was just doing what anyone would do in my situation. Yeah, that’s right, I could rub them if I wanted. I-It was just like a science experiment really. Steeling myself, I began.

“AH~” I gasped, slamming my mouth shut. D-did I just do that? What the hell kinda sound was that? It couldn’t be a moan right? I mean, yeah i-it felt nice, but that’d just be lewd. M-Maybe a few more minutes experimenting is needed to really draw a conclusion.

“Ah! NNNG!” Ah hell, those noises really were coming from my mouth! The soft feminine pitch of them was actually kinda turning me on a bit, which only made this all worse. I’d never actually gotten to feel these before. It was like they were full of sand almost, at least that’s how it felt in weight, though they didn’t quite shift as such. If I had to describe them to someone, it was like playing with heavy dense jello, just contained in two sacks of flesh.

“MMMF!” O-Okay maybe that was enough, I-I was feeling really weird in the pit of my stomach and… and other places I didn’t want to think about right now. Despite that, my right hand ran across my crotch. N-Nothing, or well, not what I had yesterday. Okay, that’s enough exploring for now. Breasts were one thing. I wasn’t ready to deal with the idea down there yet.

Focusing up top again, I couldn’t help but wonder. What would they look like bare? This was just more of me preparing myself after all. I’d have to bathe, get dressed and stuff, so I’d have to see them at some point. I began to lift up my… I didn’t even know really. It wasn’t a dress, was it a tank top? A blouse? With a groan I realized I had a long road ahead of me in being a girl. Perhaps I was better off taking this slow. Besides, there was still the bra. How did I take that off? Oh that was going to be a fun question to ask Rarity or Sunset.


What was that!? I spun around, my eyes on the door. I can’t believe I closed this behind me like someone was going to walk in. I was the only one here. Wasn’t I? That noise came from the living room. Had Sunset returned so soon? Or… or was somebody else…

My heart sped up again as I began to imagine someone breaking in. Straining to be as quiet as I could, I put my ear up to the door, trying to hear any other sounds. Far as I could tell there was nothing but silence. No shifting or rustling, but there was definitely a crash! What made that crash!?

Quickly checking my surroundings for a weapon, I cursed myself for neglecting this restroom. Being I lived alone, all my stuff was kept in my personal bathroom attached to my room. I only had soap and toilet paper in here, along with a plunger and toilet brush. Well I guess it was better than nothing. Grabbing the plunger, I cracked open the door, peering left and right, my ‘weapon’ at the ready.

The bathroom opened into a hallway, my room and the two spares to my right, the kitchen and living room to my left. I just so happened to keep a metal baseball bat in my closet for just such an occasion. The plunger at the ready, with the rubber part on the end I wasn’t holding, I quickly rushed to my room, throwing open the door. I winced at how loud that sounded as I dove for the closet. Fearing I’d see the shadow of some unknown person pop up on the wall any second, I grabbed the bat and-

Damn, this wasn’t as light as I remember it being. I mean sure I could pick it up, but I know it didn’t feel like this before. Ugh, no way I was swinging this one handed like I use to. Wobbling, I tried to give it a few test swings using both arms. All I managed to do was throw off my already messed up sense of balance. Stumbling, I fell upon the bed, dropping the bat to the other side.

It hit the wall with a loud clang. Damn it, if they hadn’t heard me before, they must have now! This stupid body was still too new to me. I’m sure if I had time to practice I could accommodate the change in balance and strength, but I doubt the burglar would be willing to stand aside while I did that.

Having no other option I grabbed the plunger again and braced myself, my hands gripping the wood in fear. I glued my eyes to the doorway, waiting for any signs of the approaching danger. A shadow, footsteps, heavy breathing. A full minute must have gone by before I realized no one was coming. Had they seriously not heard me? Or were they simply waiting for me to let my guard down? What if they got scared off? I mulled over if I should go check things out. That’s how people got killed in movies. Still, anything had to be better than just waiting in here alone.

It took a few moments for me to get my legs working again, but I managed to exit the bedroom and make my way down the hall. I kept shifting my gaze around frantically, trying to catch a glimpse of anything out of the ordinary. Coming up on my right was the door to the small washer and dryer room, still closed shut. I’m sure I would have heard them open it right? Ignoring it for now, I focused on the door-less opening in the wall just beyond it. The entrance to the living room. Taking a deep breath, I ran into the room, plunger swinging.

“AHHHHHHH!” I screamed, hoping to catch whoever off guard. There near my couch was an overturned box, now sitting in the middle of the floor. Someone had knocked it over! Where were they? Why hadn’t I seen them yet? I spun around frantically, trying to catch my assailant sneaking up on me. Oh why didn’t I just go with Sunset to pick up Rarity? Why weren’t they back yet!? I kept looking around, desperate for any clue on the burglar’s where abouts. The only clue I had was this one box, and the collapsed corner of another one by it.

Wait a second. Upon taking a closer look I realized the way the box was bent, was perfectly aligned with the box on the ground. As if the weight had finally worn it down enough to slide down and crash.

There was no burglar, I was just bad at stacking boxes. I felt the tension wash out of me like water. I can’t believe I just got so worked up over nothing. With a sigh I walked over and collapsed upon the couch exhausted. What the hell was wrong with me? I mean besides everything with my body right now.

Still, what if it had been a burglar? What would I have done? Stuck a plunger on their face? Didn’t that only work in cartoons? I couldn’t even swing a bat properly right now, and if they were bigger than me, could I even fight them off? Hugging my knees again I began to shiver.

What if they were men? Men who saw a small frightened teenage girl? I’d seen enough horror films to know the many ways that could end up. T-that could be me now. I’d be powerless to stop them. I didn’t have a gun, only the baseball bat and some kitchen knives. Would that be enough? Why couldn’t this place be smaller? Or better equipped with alarms? Why did I have to inherit the thing in the first place?! I’d give anything if only…

Damn it, there’s no point in thinking like that. It happened, and as a result I now owned this house. A three bedroom all to myself. How ‘lucky’. Oh why couldn’t Sunset hurry up? Feeling smaller than I had ever before, I sat there staring at the floor. I didn’t feel like checking out my body anymore.

“Mom I can’t do this!” I cried to the empty room. “Why!? Why did this have to happen!? I’m not strong enough for this! It’s too much... “ I pulled my feet up, once more hugging my knees to my chest, feeling my new breasts pressed against them.

“Why did you go? I-I don’t want to be alone…” There was no answer. No other sounds then my own sobbing.

Author's Note:

Yay chapter 2!

Okay, when I originally began to write this, I had a planned stop. It's just after I finished I had so much written that I decided to break it into two chapters. So what does that mean? Well that means chapter 3 is already done. I just need to edit it. I'll alter what this paragraph says when it's out. (Or just add a bit on. The chapter is done and up at this moment.)

I'm sure many of you might be upset that Cheerilee is just kinda pushed to the side for the moment. Don't worry, we'll see her again, but the focus of this story isn't on her. (Come to think of it though, that'd be neat if we had a story with her side of things. Afraid I simply can not take on that work load though)

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Oh one other thing I guess I can say. Yeah, Morning's skin is a similar color to Rarity's or Celestia's I guess. Maybe Applejack's. I basically see it as the normal Caucasian color. This... is a cheat basically as she's based off a pony OC of mine who doesn't have black hair, or a white flank. She's actually the same color as Thunderlane, with a sapphire blue mane and tail. However... honestly I just don't see that working for her in this story, so it's been changed.