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It's Cadance's first Hearts and Hooves Day since she's come into her own as the Princess of Love, and she has high hopes for it. However, the day starts with a visit to Twilight's classroom that doesn't go at all the way she planned, and from there things only spiral further into chaos. By the time it's all over, Cadance will realize just how much she has to learn about love.

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It was my pleasure to help with this story! And it was a hoot to see it come along. This story did a lot to bring a smile to my face.

That whole classroom scene was hilarious/adorable.:rainbowkiss:
Especially the bit with Twilight commenting on STDs.:rainbowlaugh:

Ohhh goodness. She completely has no idea.:rainbowlaugh:

"getting use to the"

The awkward.
The awkward is strong here.

Trolestia is in full force.

"If I couldn’t even help my best friend, what chance did I have with random strangers?"
Weeeeeell, sorry to say it, but if that was a sample of how good you are at matchmaking... Uh, yeah. Probably want to brush up on reading ponies a bit first. :)

"“Something bigger?” An idea popped into my head. An utterly insane idea."
Oh no. :D
I don't know what it is yet, but I expect that it will result in Hijinks.

...And methinks Celestia is trolling...
Hm, and derailing the effort before the Hijinks (beyond her own small prank) could come along. I suspect that was deliberate. :)

"Well, this had not gone according to plan at all."

Oh, hm. I wasn't expecting it to end there; it seems a bit abrupt. Then again, I suppose that this is a slice of life story.

agreed to visit to our classroom and

To many to's

And this was a lovely little piece

All around really cute and funny.

Agreed. It's got lots of great writing and great individual scenes, but I don't feel like the ending wraps everything up right. I was expecting something else to happen, like Shining Armor being in the group of ponies that was showing up, or Cadance eventually realizing what Shining Armor meant, or something. Instead we get... Plum being a little happier... kind of? I don't see the narrative throughline connecting everything together.

That's why I wanna ... go out—to hang out—with you. Since you’re a pony that's my friend but ... you know, as friendly friends.

Nope.... Shining Armor isn't related at all to Sparkler in the Winningverse. Couldn't possibly happen ever. :trollestia:

Wait.. that's it?

This really feels like the end of another chapter instead of the end of the story... :fluttershysad:

This had a few amusing scenes in it, but as a story it felt lacking. Every time something started to happen there was a scene switch to another place/group of ponies. It reminds me of a clip show in story format.

To be clear I quite enjoyed what was there.

I'm going to bludgeon Cadence with something heavy. . . and made of metal. :facehoof:

This was a cute Cadence story, but the whole thing felt extremely short. Especially the end, it doesn't feel like there was much of a resolution there for the whole thing being marked as "complete".:applejackunsure:

Commence read.

Well, shenanigans abound today.

As I was rapidly learning, a classroom full of energetic young girls was a lot more work to keep in line than a single filly.

Hey, why is the entire class room female?

Who dose your cover Art and do they accept commotions?

Now off to read your story!!

Hm, guess the story can be summed up as "not everything goes perfectly, especially on the first try"? I guess its more a slice of life of Cadance growing into her role, but not much else. I'm not a fan of all those friendzone cliches, misunderstandings (poor Shining), though good job with all the misleading. The fact that it didn't end up as a sappy "everyone happy thanks to Cadance's efforts" is kind of a twist, even with the misadventure in the title, but still, also felt kind of... unfulfilled, incomplete? Shining just slinks off, depressed and disappointed (Cadance probably ruined his day, probably would have been better if he hadn't seen her today at all, though she's still oblivious about it).

It feels like there's no resolution to the story, :/


I thought Cadance would go back to Shining, given the chapter title. This was enjoyable, but it does just kinda...end


Not sure how a 'hey if you like and have extra money you're looking to give away...' at the end of a chapter in a little box most people never read anyway actually ruins a story. Rather than saying it ruins readability, say you have some strange and nearly unique disease that causes blindness to text upon viewing A/N containing Patreon info, so that you aren't speaking for everyone.

“Thanks, Shiny. You’re a great friend and a really sweet guy.”

Wow, friend-zoned so hard he's lucky he didn't go blind, and then mistaken for gay. I feel much better about my own love life now.

6937148 Maybe the classes are divided into males and females. I know they do that in my uncle's school.:applejackunsure:

This needs one more chapter.
Just one.

More than one would be nice, but regardless...
It could start with Cadance leaving the group, with her going over the conversation in her mind, then leading to her taking another go at helping Shining Armor.

So on and so forth, sunshine and roses, a kiss, heartwarming all around.
:heart: and :heart: and more :heart:

6937089 Well let us know when other people agree with you, then we might take you seriously.

Love is blind. Princesses of Love, more so.

Like what they said. This needs a resolution. As it stands, it feels incomplete. Even just one chapter of Caddy going home, lying down and wondering what tomorrow may bring would add more closure than ending at the GOS meeting.


Been there, done that, although I don't think it was quite as awkward as this when I found out.

I agree with everyone else, this was lacked a good resolution. On the other hand though, the more time spent of Sunset Shimmer and Sunbeam the better.

6939231 6939331 6935901 6936264 6936737 6937374 6938311 6939231 6939331
I'm inclined to agree that the story could use an epilogue. The rough draft actually had one, but both I and the pre-readers weren't too happy with it, and since I was tied to a Valentine's Day release date there wasn't time to make a new one from scratch. I'll give the old epilogue another once-over and see if it's salvageable.

Ah, good luck there.

Gotta agree with the rest. It felt like the fic was just bunch of story premises rather than a story. It started like three different plots and finished none. Few cliches aside, it was enjoyable reading regardless. I especially liked the class room scene and how the foals' dialogue was written. It actually made effort for the foals to sound like kids.

What a tease. I'd hope it would be twice as long with this quality.

Good Story, I really enjoyed it.

Aaaahh. It's so refreshing to see a fic where she's the oblivious one for once.

Not that we don't all love our adorkable friend Oblivious Shining Armor.

I just want you to realize that just because you had one bad experience means you should give up on every form of love.”

There should be a negative somewhere in this sentence.
HAHA! I have found an error in a Chengar Qordath story! My life is complete!

Also, I agree. Make it longer! We must have moar awesome ForceField Horse and oblivious Love Horse!

So... Not going to address the Shining Armor thing...?

Kids will be kids.
Also, Twi commenting about STDs. Not surprised at all that she knows about them. She probably doesn't fully grasp what they are yet, but still. Yes Cadance, you need to talk with her parents about proper reading material :rainbowlaugh:

Whelp. Gotta make the story somehow (by making heartbutt really dense), even if it's so ultra obvious from the very first reaction of his :rainbowlaugh:

It's been said, but I just feel compelled to repeat it.
Trollestia strikes again. And it was glorious!

Whelp, that was a bit unexpected. I thought she'd run off after Shining without letting him calm down. And then clear the misunderstanding. And then giggles and d'aws happening.

Still, even though this was different, it was not unwelcome. Nicely done :twilightsmile:

Well... I have to say that ended abruptly. Not badly, as such, but you certainly left a lot of threads untied.

Are there any plans for a sequel to this? To flesh out events around Shining Armor and/or the Grumpiness Conclave?

So does anyone else look at Cadence in the cover art and see a pink stallion instead of a mare?

6944405 I don't mean to make fun of the art style, but...yeah, she's definitely had a major sex change in that picture.

6944502 even little twilight looked rule 34rd...


(Psst. That's rule 63. 34 is the one about porn.)

Though granted, she is really into that book...

Ok, so I enjoyed this story but I've got a complaint: that ending.

Seriously, it didn't even truly end. The story just stopped with almost zero resolution. Maybe that was the point but it felt like we were gearing up for some big revelation, instead we get a promise of an underage Cadence talking with grumpy old men in a bar. If we got that scene at least I would have nothing to complain about, but instead we got the promise of what was coming.

Look, I love your stories and this one was great, but that ending ruins the whole experience and all because we were left with no resolution. I may be alone in my opinion but I don't care. This was not the ending this story deserved.

On that note, I'll be looking forward to your next story.

6939357 ... Oh... There might be an epilogue coming...

Well that's what I get for writing my opinions before reading the comments. I'll just show myself out...

My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped. “T-Twilight! How did you find out about STDs?! What kind of books have you been reading?!”

The ... educational kind :pinkiecrazy:

Lemon Hearts frowned and cocked her head to the side. “So you like me but you don't like me? What does that even mean?”
Twinkleshine tore her eyes away from her teacher to answer. “She doesn’t mean like, she means like like, beaker-head.”
Lemon Hearts groaned, her hooves flailing about in frustration. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means I just like you as a friend, silly!” Minuette snapped.
“Ohhh!” Lemon Hearts’s eyes widened in comprehension. “Well why didn’t you just say so?”
“I did,” Minuette grumbled running a hoof through her mane.


My plan was fully taking shape now, and I knew I didn’t have a moment to lose. I was the Princess of Love. It was my duty to help ponies find love on Hearts and Hooves Day.

Nothing could go wrong here, nope, nothing at all :trollestia:

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