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It's been a while, but I'm back home! Don't know when I'll write something for this site again, but enjoy my other stuff in the meantime!


This story is a sequel to Yeah, It Needed More Ponies

My name is Lyle Anderson, age 17, part time human, and all the other times I'm a (pony, griffin, zebra, breezie, etc.)

Why can I become so many fantasy creatures from a show directed towards little girls and bronies? Well, blame my friend, who happened across transformation spells while dabbling in witchcraft. I admit, it's been fun this far, and my life has gone as far from ordinary as possible right now... but on a school trip to Washington D.C., I realize Angela isn't the only one who can perform the spell. That someone wants to see the capital burn.

And all the while I'm wondering, "How the hell did I get thrown into the middle of this?!"

Rated Teen for the occasional cuss
Character listing for this story will update as more transformations occur, but not of specific ponies; Just species like Changelings or Breezies.

[Edit}: Has made Featured List at least three times... I think. I may have lost count.:twilightblush:

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Oh hush, Mr. Negative.

I for one think this series has been quite fun so far, but I'm glad that #3 is seemingly going to have a bit more of an outright intrigue then just RL pony shenanigans happening. That basic premise was still fun in #2, but definitely wearing a bit thin so glad to see that addressed already. :twilightsmile:

I love this so very much!

The whole "glove transformation circle" thing...


AAAaaaaaaaaaaand tracked.


I waited since ... forgot it... ANYWAY let's wait for the next chapter and hope that it is going to be good.

well great, now we got arcane homegrown terrorists too:facehoof: the democrats would blow up a storm about that:rainbowlaugh:

But Max couldn’t notice it as sharp pain suddenly racked his whole body and a scream exploded from his longs.

I think you mean lungs shadow:derpytongue2:

Hmm, is Angela coming to this trip too? Because I can only see Lyle ever being turned to a pony if this evil guy transforms him. But I do have to wonder, how is this going to turn out. Also, I bet to you Angela actually figures out how to make the transformation basically instant, and as little pain as possible. Just discomfort like in the first story.

Alright! Third installment is a go, and it already looks like it's going to be awesome. Nice to see that Lyle's family has taken every thing so well. Particularly his sister.

6157096 Hopefully 'Dad' stays at Mustang and doesn't dip into Tucker territory. I would not like to see that happen to McKenna.


Hopefully 'Dad' stays at Mustang and doesn't dip into Tucker territory. I would not like to see that happen to McKenna.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO:raritydespair: Why did you have to remind me of that


but this better not happen:pinkiesad2:

Dude. Creepiest episode ever. :fluttershbad:


Will read now...

10 bucks says the guy transforms Lyle into a pony in DC and it turns out lyle isn't as 'harmless' a pony as he seems. You know, because everyone transformed will be tripping over themselves because new bodies and all...except for Lyyyyle~



I love this series! Kind of sad though that only Lyle will be in this one mostly. Also kind of sad that you are getting rid of the slow transformations. But I don't really know what will happen so I have to wait and see. :)

This is the best family ever. "Hey, you son turns into a cartoon pony because his friend is a witch," and they're like, "meh."

Yeah, my family... "didn't take it that well" when the learned I had an alien time machine. (cough, shameless book plug, cough cough, the second is better, cough) Sorry, sore through.

Well, well, well. We got another story in this little series. Time to track it down and see where it goes.

6157677 6157645 Double agreed. :fluttershyouch: That one was really brutal. :ajsleepy:

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I really enjoyed the first two in this series. Here's to MOAR PONIES! *holds up glass of sparkling apple cider*

So this has finally cropped up, I want to see where this goes, hopefully chaos!

Just not too much chaos, don't want Discord looking our way and adding insult to injury.

Huh. I smell new victims in the air.

Is this man gonna kidnap Lyle and this new two kids? Because that is a sadistic way to test a transformation spell, one I may add, does so instantly! They would feel the pain and not be able to handle it as well as that one guy who turned into a dog. I would fear they would be out for a few hours even.

So we got two new characters in the story; Dale, a brony who loves physics and biology, and Fiora, who is not a brony and loves sports. This should be interesting....

Also, I hope Lyle and the others watch their backs. I don't like what the mysterious man is planning to do....

If only our buses only had 20 kids in them :rainbowlaugh: hell, most field trips our school took us on ended up putting the guys on one bus and the girls on another and we had a class of 67.

The smallest I've done was a trip across state to Fredericksburg and that was only 16 kids and a rocket

So we got a socially awkward second Brony and a sports enthusiastic girl.... Hmm:trixieshiftright:

Five bucks says flora is a Pegasus and dale is a unicorn:pinkiehappy:

And what a lovely plan it is:pinkiecrazy:
The descendent of a witch coven (since I can't think of any better analogies) takes them and ponifies only for Lyle to be like this is normal:rainbowlaugh:


And I smell fun in the future:pinkiecrazy:

Celestia knows how I have a girlfriend now."

Can... can I facepalm? Please? I don't know why, it just gets to me when someone talks like a pony. I think it was because of the worst fanfic ever, where everyone was, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being closet and 10 being clopper) they were all 8!!!

Hm... Dude, you do realize that this phrase is coming from becomes a pony on a regular basis, right?

And about that scale of yours, I'm pretty sure there's such a thing as a closet clopper (unless you count that as 5, which I doubt that's the case)

I scratched the back of my head, chuckling, "I know, right? But anything in history has always kind of clicked for me. It's like hearing a story you really like and remember later, except it happened centuries and millennia ago."

Y'know, it isn't every day that I encounter someone who has explained their love for history in almost the exact way I have. It's like English class, but with more focus on the story instead of "analyse this and what it hypothetically means and explain how it correlates to real-life politics and culture and give a 10-minute oral presentation on it."

I read this when it came out, but I forgot to comment! So I am doing it now, so my memory of this chapter may not be exact.

So far the new characters seem nice! I predict the two of them and Lyle get transformed eventually. Then again the man may not know how to do magic on multiple people at once, though if Anglea is right and that man got his magic from a family of witches then he probably knows how to do that. He knows how to modify the glyph to change people into ponies so it is likely he knows how to do it on multiple people...

I am excited for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

I loved it! It's just as good as the rest of your chapters. Keep doing a good job!

Keep writing chapters like this and I will regret never having hacked FiMfiction and therefore never implementing being able to give multiple likes.

Good job, I FUCKING LOVE THIS! What happens next, what happens next, what happens next?

I will wait... impatiently... So please, MOAR PONIES!

Well, things escalated quickly. And I don't have a problem with that. Much. Still, good chapter.

Holy crackers! That evil guy can do a ton of things! Not only can he turn people into ponies, but he can do telekinesis, destroy stuff, and teleport (or move to somewhere at instant speed). I wonder what the evil guy meant by "revenge", though? What sinister plans are forming in his mind to carry out his little "revenge"?

So now Lyle is back to his yellow earth pony form with cyan mane again. And Fiora is now a moss green earth pony with brunette mane, and Dale is a unicorn pony with umber fur and icy-colored mane. (I'm just repeating the stuff in the story to remember how the trio looks like in their pony forms.) I can't wait to read about Fiora and Dale's reaction in their new pony bodies. I bet it'll be something along the lines of "AAH! WHAT HAPPENED TO US?! WE'RE CUTE LITTLE HORSES WITH HUGE EYES! Wait...."

Overall, this was a nice chapter to read.

MOAR PONIES!!! And just as I got back from work

Holy guacamole! That escalated really damn quickly!

And I can say that I'm the same as Lyle is: a history loving nerd:twistnerd:

And it's sad that I too know people who think the national mall is a shopping mall:facehoof:

No! He might get away with Dale! And he can teleport too!

6361886 You called wrong! Fiora drew earth pony XD


You guys are following this story, too? Awesome.

There are some errors, but that's to be expected without an editor. I'm so hyped for this! Keep up the good work! HURRAY FOR MOAR PONIES!!! :pinkiehappy:


Athletic usually means pegasi in my head:twilightblush:

Who knows maybe he's trying to balance out his unicorn bias in Equestrian Legends Online:rainbowlaugh:

6362863 I agree with the first thing, and the unicorn bias thing I didn't know about. :twilightsheepish:

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