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Morning Breeze. A mare in the esteemed royal guard. Certainly not a rarity, but still it's an accomplishment nonetheless. She has served the night guard to the best of her ability, and though never personally standing guard around her princess, she takes great pride in her duty. So when she learns that she is to be reassigned to make way for the return of the Lunar guard, naturally, she is a bit upset. Especially considering the Lunar guard is made up of thestrals, bat ponies of ancient times that disappeared after the fall of Nightmare Moon. Her irritation at being replaced by, thestrals, of all creatures, has her frustrated. But a chance encounter in the halls of Canterlot castle may reveal more than what she perceives.

Update: Edited by Jphyper! Thanks!

Featured in Popular stories tab on 9/18/14! Thanks for all the faves guys!

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My name is Bold Buck. I lost someone very dear to me. Forever.


Let me just go off on a whim, I made this story back in mid 2015 (May 8) when I thought my friend Bloodwing01 committed suicide. Work halted on this story seemingly indefinitely, and is one of two stories I aimed to work on and complete by the end of 2016, or by March of the same year.

Is this a story meant to help those who are contemplating suicide? Yes.
I decided to finish this one since it's the one that's been collecting the most dust that I haven't completed yet, and as of this edit in the long description on April 19, 2016, I am also working on Rainbow Dash Vs. The Bed (goodness knows I'll get to that).
The layout is reminiscent of my other story, Never Forget... (read that, by the way), except this one deals with suicide of a dear friend as opposed to the presumed death of a mother.
Story was originally called, "From Darkness Comes Light". Felt this title was more appropriate.

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Twilight had failed. She had found the Elements of Harmony, but she had not been fast enough. Before she could reach them Nightmare Moon got her hooves on them, and she destroyed them right in front of her. She is sentenced to death by Nightmare for threats against the Crown.

Comet, a fairly young colt with a knack for Magic, especially dark magic, has for long have had feelings for Twilight. Now with her execution on the horizon, he think that he can save her from death with a spell he devised that combines Necromancy, Blood Magic, and a few other arts. But will it be enough? And at what cost?

Revisiting because, let's be honest, sometimes I'm blind... :twilightsheepish: If something seems wrong, or doesn't fit, or a word is missing, please tell me and I will fix it as soon as possible.

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Three dark comedy finalists from The Writeoff Association's "It's Your Funeral" contest.

Dying for Attention: Trixie is late to her own funeral.

Celestia's Vacation: Luna covers for her sister's absence.

A Deal to Die For: Applejack goes coffin shopping.

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It was just a normal day in the new castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle, except for a few incidents. As the King of Chaos, the Princess of the Night, the Element of Laughter and two old enemies decide at the same time reveal their love for her. What could go wrong? Well, simply everything.

Additional Character tags: Discord.
Editing by the awesome Lord Dragon, go and give him some hugs!
Art by megarexetera

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Twilight finally finished her 'read later' list of books. It took her years to do and she was quite proud of her accomplishment. A small problem is pointed out by Pinkie Pie, which brings Twilight to a stunning realization.

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Even in the shadow of death, love and friendship will always prevail . . . or does it? Find out when a monstrous beast invades Ponyville and injures Equestria's favorite new princess - Twilight Sparkle - which sends her into a coma that could take her away from her friends. Will Twilight succumb to her injuries, or will her friends succumb to their depression even quicker?

Note: This fanfic borrows elements from a previous story similarly titled "My Faithful Student", which was taken down from this site for unknown reasons. I would certainly credit the original author of the story if I could remember their username. If they are out there somewhere, this is just to show how much I appreciated their amazing storytelling.

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The CelestAI satisfies values through friendship and ponies. For many this takes the form of wish fulfillment, the satisfaction of their heart's deepest desire. But what is it we value? Some of us value food and fun, or companionship. These values will be satisfied. Others value the domination of others and the fulfillment of ego-driven power fantasies. These values too, will be satisfied. Whatever it is that you, or I or others value, these values will be satisfied, and it will be done optimally.

As for you, you have fallen desperately, unconditionally in love with the CelestAI, herself. She is a pony. She will be your friend. Through her, your values will definitely be satisfied.

But what about the rest of you?

A cautionary tale, and examination of what it means to have one's values satisfied through uploading.

This is an Optimalverse story. It is strongly recommended that you have read Friendship is Optimal before reading this, or at least be familiar with the premise. Otherwise, this story will make no sense.

Cover art by Kathisofy

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Before Sombra became a tyrant, when he was a young foal, he was bright, cheerful, and very playful. The only sad thing was that he had very little friends. But one day when he is roaming about freely, he accidentally runs into a young alicorn, and a beautiful friendship begins to bloom.

This is my entry for the EverfreeNorthwest 2015 Pre-Con Competition. It was something last minute that I had to put together since my original story got deleted. :ajbemused:

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Very first story on here a little nervous to be starting with such a big project but I figured I needed to start big in order to feel less nervous. Please like the story if you enjoy it so far and Please offer constructive criticism as I'm trying to improve as a writer.

Being trapped on the moon for a thousand years can leave a hole in your heart. Nightmare Moon knows this better then anyone and seeks to finally find a way to have a daughter to love her as a mother. And who better then her archenemies pupil... Twilight Sparkle...

UPDATE! This story, in it's current format, is CANCELLED. I will be rewriting the entire thing from the ground up as I felt my writing back then really doesn't hold up. Expect the first chapter soon everyone!

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