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Doing a lot of thinking as of late. My pm box is always open if you wanna talk ^_^


Very first story on here a little nervous to be starting with such a big project but I figured I needed to start big in order to feel less nervous. Please like the story if you enjoy it so far and Please offer constructive criticism as I'm trying to improve as a writer.

Being trapped on the moon for a thousand years can leave a hole in your heart. Nightmare Moon knows this better then anyone and seeks to finally find a way to have a daughter to love her as a mother. And who better then her archenemies pupil... Twilight Sparkle...

UPDATE! This story, in it's current format, is CANCELLED. I will be rewriting the entire thing from the ground up as I felt my writing back then really doesn't hold up. Expect the first chapter soon everyone!

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Title needs to begin with a capital letter, and the paragraphs need to be spaced out.

Also, only use ! once, there's no need to use it more. It looks sloppy otherwise. If you need an editor I'd be more than happy to skim these chappy's for you :)

Thank you for the offer Zam! how do I let you edit these stories. Ah! I cant believe i forgot the title and paragraphs. Though I usually use the !!!! to show how shocked the character is.

It can use a bit of cleaning up, but I'm interested in the concept. Keep it up!

Thanks twinkle! I'm trying to become as good a writer as I can be so I appreciate the advice! Also three likes in so short a time? I'm so happy!

Also changed the title to Forced Memories Forced Mothers. sorry for the inconvenience,


Message me your email addy and I'll forward the edited chappy's for you in a bit :)

im actually a little concerned about privacy and i like to keep my email address secret. sorry. is there another way?


Fraid not, no matter :)

Just keep the paragraphs/sentences spaced out in your chappy's. A big block of text is a pain to read and most won't even bother. So some editing needs to be done before you continue :twilightsmile:

drat! I'm trying to edit my story but every change I make wont confirm. How do I make my changes apply?

5267762 See the save button between Import GDoc and Bold? Hit that after you edit.

Thanks Derpy! New Chapter is up! Last one till Sunday or Monday though.

sunset, as a new user and first time writer myself all i can say is that compared to my sorry excuse for a story, this is fantastic! I have always loved the twilight-daughter-of-Luna concept, and this is an interesting twist on the idea! At least for me anyways, please keep it up! Also around the beginning you said weirder where it doesn't quite flow.

She was scared, angry, and beyond weirder out by this....thing.

Other than that, I LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:
the part where nightmare changes the memory and twilight almost falls for it was FANTASTIC!!!:pinkiehappy:

Ok this is awesome I now have one of my friends now

I'd keep the daughter thing with Twilight alone myself, adding another takes away from the whole 'Will Celly figure out her student has been stolen by her dark sister'.

Overall, not bad. A few spelling mistakes here and there but all in all, not bad at all :)

Fluttershy, she's the cutest also there is a good reason to choose Fluttershy as her stare would make a good weapon against Celestia

i think having 2 could work as you could have chapters of the 2 sisters meeting up to come up with plans

Okay this is good thanks for the advice everyone! Also turns out I can write this weekend yay! Also now I'm conflicted with what to do about a second daughter. I see both sides of the argument but I'm not sure which one to choose. Btw I've narrowed it down to three possible nominees. Fluttershy, Trixie, and Rainbow. Please vote if you care to if not that's fine.

Chapter 1 has been edited. didn't remove the multiple ! points as it's just a habit I use to make a reaction louder. If you guys are bothered by it then I'll fix that though. Btw does anyone know where I might find some good fics with Chrysalis hypnotizing Twilight? I read the concept on the ask queen Chrysalis tumblr and it's been stuck in my head ever since. Please leave constructive criticism and like this fic if you enjoyed it and if not then that's perfectly fine.

oh wait sorry I pushed the wrong button hang on :twilightoops:

okay the edit is finally up! Please enjoy the edited opening!

Definitely Dash. Pinkie is...a little too random, and I feel like even with NMM intervening, Twi and Trixie would get along like cats and dogs that don't have Fluttershy nearby.

I vote trixie! Trixie trixie trixie! :trixieshiftright: This is awesome start Sunset, you are really good. I cant wait for more! :twilightsmile:

Ah. Alright then thanks! TBH I picked those 4 for particular reasons. Fluttershy and Pinkie because their fan favorites. Trixie because I find that concept fascinating. And Rainbow because I've heard of the Rainbow verse where Rainbow became Celestia's pupil instead of Twilight so I thought maybe the idea would make sense. Sorry if my reasons aren't to good.

Wow. Over 550 views already! Thanks so much everyone/pony! You are all amazing and supportive! Thanks so much! I love writing this story and you guys make it even more pleasant! Thank you all so much!:rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

You know my vote, but still, TRIXIE!

Hey, SP! Now you've got two friends! Yes, I'm Velvet

Great! And I'll be glad to comment after every chapter! :raritywink:

And my guesses for your questions would be......I think Cadence for the specialist. I think Trixie would be the best sis cuz she's also powerful in magic and can help Twi and NM. And NM's plan would win

oh oh a Twilight x Chrysalis, i love them stories X3 it's such a shame there so rare. i do have one in my head but i gave up on it as i can't write

5309482 Would you be willing to comment after every chapter of that story I write? I'm planning it to be a sort of commenters choose what happens next. That's why I need some commenters, if you'd be interested of course

i would say either trixie or sunset shimmer

5309493 if i think of something when i read it then i comment and don't worry, i won't any of the one i have in my head to your story as, mines about Celestia makes Chrysalis tell Twi the real reason why she invaded Canterlot X3

I like the Sunset ideas as well, but Rainbow Dash forming the Shadowbolts would be awesome as well.

Vote for Trixie here. I don't see anyway for RD or Fluttershy to be of any real use or even available to interfere in Canterlot and Pinkie is too uncontrollable.

I'm voting again Fluttershy

I vote Rainbow Dash, her loyalty would be a great 'asset' for Nightmare to take advantage of, plus the Shadowbolts idea

rainbow dash, the idea of the shadowbolts actually forming is far to good to pass up.

over 1000 views!!!! YESSSSS!!!:rainbowlaugh: Thank you all so much for reading this story!! Your all amazing!

The sister is a hard choice but i choose........Fluttershy. First of all, since she's so shy no one would suspect her. Also, Rainbow is a little too hot headed and could do something she'll regret.

i believe sunset shimmer or trixie would be a good cause
both could be found in canterlot around this time and be believable
sunset shimmer ex-student of celestia, could easily be corrupted as seen in EG, well versed in magic and as far we know older than twilight
trixie a young upstart magician possibly, seeks to be noticed and to have power to back that up

I'm still voting Dash, and a hypno fic's always good :twilightsmile:

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