• Published 13th Nov 2014
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Forced Memories, Forced Mothers - Kirito-Persona

sometimes even the moon needs a child to call its own. Hypno story involving Twi and Nightmare Moon.

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Chapter 2: The First Night Part 1

To say Twi was confused would be an understatement of how she felt right now. She was scared, angry, and beyond weirded out by this....thing. She was an Alicorn like Celestia but with a few key differences such as her fur. Unlike Celestia's which was white as the clouds in her sky, this pony had fur as dark as night. Her mane also differed from Celestia's in that it was bluish with stars in it as if to further the night motif. She also wore armor across her body, legs, and head making her far more imposing then Celestia. But the strangest thing was her cutie mark, a moon inside of a splash of blue, it seemed to be a direct opposite of Celestia's own sun mark.

"Daughter I'm relieved to see you again!" Nightmare cried with tears in her eyes.

She stepped forward to embrace Twilight but she jumped back in a panic.

"Who are you?! Your not my mother!" She cried in fear.

Nightmare mentally cursed herself for thinking it would be this easy to bring the filly to her side. But luckily for her she had a backup in case plan A didn't work. She silently used her magic to will the dream to change around her to fit her liking.

"Oh but my dear daughter how your words wound me! Do you not remember the times we shared? Take a look my dear." Nightmare nudged Twilight to look around her.

When Twi looked around she saw the darkness was replaced with a room she vaguely recognized. It was a hospital room white and shining with fluorescent lights all around it. Her mother was on a bed holding what appeared to be a small bundle that was squirming and crying. With a startle Twi realized it was her as an infant, she watched the scene in nervous curiosity.

"Congratulations Mrs. Sparkle you should be proud." Doctor Whooves exclaimed.

"Oh yes doctor I am I'm very pro-" Twilights mother started but was cut off.

Suddenly the setting changed but not by a great deal though. The environment and doctor were still the same, and Twilight noticed that she was still a bundle but her handler was quite different. For in the spot where her mother was a few seconds ago now lay the Alicorn that called herself Twilights mother.

"Congratulations your majesty you should be proud." The doctor stated once again.

"Oh believe me I am so happy doctor. I always wanted a daughter to call my own." Nightmare moon replied in a loving voice.

Twilight froze for a second ever so briefly. The voice just made her relax somehow it felt... motherly almost. It was at this point the newborn Twilight began to cry loudly. Dream Twilight was covering her ears in agony from the loud sound but much to her surprise the Alicorn just smiled at her infant self. The Alicorn brought Infant Twilight close to her and she stopped crying.

"Hello my little foal. I'm your mother do you know that?" Nightmare asked her "daughter" lovingly.

"ma..ma..mama?" Baby Twilight asked.

"My my such a smart young thing to speak so soon after birth! Yes my sweet daughter I am your mother Nightmare Moon." Nightmare stated once again in that soothing voice.

"Mama! thehe!" The infant Twilight cried joyfully.

"Yes my sweet you are my little Twilight Moon aren't you?" Nightmare asked.

"Mama!" The infant Twilight Moon bobbed her head in apparent compliance.

"I love you my sweet Moon." Nightmare said nuzzling her foal.

"Mama!" Infant Twilight shouted nuzzling back.

All of a sudden the memory ended and the darkness returned discombobulating Twilight for a few minutes. When she regained her composure she saw the Alicorn apparently called Nightmare Moon. Part of her was screaming for her to run and try to call for help but... there was another part that was telling her there was nothing to fear. Yes Twilight decided nothing to fear, Mother is here to-WAIT WHAT?! Twilight snapped out of her daze and glared at Nightmare moon.

"Stop playing with my head!" She screamed.

"My dear I'm not playing with your head at all. I'm simply reminding you of our special bond that we once shared until Celestia took it away." Nightmare stated a little harshly but still in that hypnotizing tone.

"Liar Celestia would never do that! Your making up lies!" Twilight screamed shaking her head.

"Oh but I'm not you see, we still have many more memories to restore my dear." Nightmare stated in that voice again.

She walked forward and put a hoof on Twilight much to her horror. This creep was touching her so she should be panicking but.. she felt no need to move at all. And so she didn't.

"Many more memories my Daughter." Nightmare stated with a dark grin on her face.

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