• Published 13th Nov 2014
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Forced Memories, Forced Mothers - Kirito-Persona

sometimes even the moon needs a child to call its own. Hypno story involving Twi and Nightmare Moon.

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Chapter 1: The Nightmare's Daughter

The royal chamber of Princess Celestia was truly an impressive sight to behold if one was lucky enough to gaze inside. It was a large circular room with white as its main wall color. On the roof shined down a symbol stylized with the design of Celestia's cutie mark a bright, powerful sun. The princess herself lied on the bed in a rather lazy fashion casually eating a piece of cake while watching her young pupil. Twilight Sparkle was a small unicorn filly who had only become Celestia's personal pupil six months ago but she had already begun to display her incredible mental and magical abilities. She lay on the floor carefully analyzing her book for the day entitled. "Levitation spells for beginners by Star Swirl the Bearded." Celestia's sun shone down over her purple fur and book giving the young filly a good light to read the large tome. Celestia smiled at her pupil, taking a moment to raise her neck and show her shining white fur that contrasted her pupils darker shade.

"Is everything alright my dear pupil?"

"Huh? o..oh yes princess! everything is fine! see look I'm finished with todays book!' Twilight almost shouted in panic.

"Hm hm. indeed you have my dear Twilight Sparkle. And just in time to. Todays lesson just ended." Celestia replied.

Twilight looked rather disappointed at that statement.

"Hu...huh? What do you mean princess?!!" Twi asked in a panic.

Celestia chuckled and then opened the curtains revealing the setting sun.

"The day is almost over my faithful student. It's time for you to go to sleep." Celestia stated in a motherly voice.

"Awww but I don't wanna!" Twi whined.

Celestia chuckled. "I understand the desire to continue my dear Twilight but you must get your rest. I'm sure Spike is tired as we-"

"Oh my gosh SPIKE!!!! I forgot! the poor dears probably exhausted after waiting for me!! I'm sorry princess I have to go!!" Twi shouted while running back to her room as fast as humanly possible.

"Don't worry my student! Things wont change. your studies will still remain tomorrow." Celestia shouted.

Oh how wrong those words would prove to be. Meanwhile up above in the clouds Nightmare began to joyfully chuckle. At last after months of planning and preparation tonight was the night. Tonight Twilight Sparkle would have a change of mind about her loyalties. And Nightmare would have her new daughter at last.

She watched from her white prison as her future daughter put her baby dragon to sleep after feeding him. Then the filly herself began to slowly crawl into her purple bed. And at last with a great sigh the white walls of Twi's room began to disappear around her as she drifted off into dreams. Nightmare chuckled once again as she focused the power she had spent months preparing and let it flow forward. Though the magic could not give Nightmare corporal form it would in theory allow her access to one ponies dream per night. Much to her delight and relief the spell worked as intended and she found herself entering Twilight's dream. When she stepped inside she found herself inside a massive library. It was so long that no one could see the ending wall and it was so high no roof could be seen. Millions of books of various sizes and colors lined the walls. And sitting in the middle of this endless library was Twilight Sparkle. Nightmare began to Laugh evilly and stomped her hoof. All of a sudden the library vanished and there was only darkness in it's place. Twilight turned to face the laughter and gazed upon Nightmare in terror.

"Whe..Where am I? WHO ARE YOU!!!!" The filly screamed in a terrified voice.

"What's Wrong Twilight? Do you not recognize your own mother?" Nightmare asked in a voice that was both motherly and dark.

Author's Note:

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