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Forced Memories, Forced Mothers - Kirito-Persona

sometimes even the moon needs a child to call its own. Hypno story involving Twi and Nightmare Moon.

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Chapter 3: The First Night Part 2

Chapter 3: The First Night Part 2

Nightmare Moon paced around the now helpless young Twilight with a smirk of satisfaction on her face. Twilight for all she wanted to run and scream for help found herself trapped in place. Nightmare gazed upon Twilight Sparkle, her dark smirk turning into a gentle and motherly smile. And she spoke again to Twilight in that ever hypnotic voice.

"I'm so happy you've stopped struggling my little star." Nightmare said ever hypnotically.

"I don't have much of a choice in the matter you monster! LET ME GO!" Twilight screamed, struggling against her invisible bindings and Nightmare's hypnotic tone.

"Oh daughter how your words wound your mother! Why do you hate me so?" Nightmare cried still in that ever hypnotic voice.

Twilight looked up to see that the creature called Nightmare Moon was crying tears. Real genuine tears of sorrow and pain much to Twilights surprise. She knew this thing wasn't here for anything good, but she still shouldn't have made her cry.

"I'm sorry mommy." Twilight replied automatically.

WAIT WHAT? Twilight thought to herself. Why did she keep calling this thing her mother, it's clear they weren't related and yet... Part of Twilight wanted to agree with Nightmare and accept her despite knowing it was wrong. And that part of her seemed to be winning out.

"Do you truly mean that daughter?" Nightmare asked looking up at Twilight, grateful her false tears had proven effective.

But even with this new side of Twilight winning out, old Twilight wasn't going to give up without a fight.

"NO!" Twilight shouted, her mind ever crumbling.

"I see... Perhaps another memory is required then!" Nightmare shouted.

She stomped her hoof and the blank slate of the dream warped again as Twilight stood helpless. This time it was a location that Twilight didn't recognize at first. It was a large grandiose room with purple flooring and black walls with a moon painting on the roof, decorated by stars. There was a huge bookshelf that lined an entire wall of the square room, filled to the brim with thousands books of various sizes and colors. There was also a bed and nightstand nearby, neatly organized and tucked in a corner along with a desk lined with paper and quills.

Sitting in the middle of the room was Nightmare Moon and leaning against her was a slightly younger Twilight who looked very different. Instead of her usual mane hers now looked similar to Nightmare Moons, dark, shimmering, and filled with stars. Around her lie dozens of wrapping paper and piles of new books and toys, the largest of which was still unwrapped. With a shock Twilight realized this was her fifth birthday and she was celebrating it with moth-no Nightmare! Twilight shook her head, she couldn't let this monster turn her away from her life, her parents, her brother, and especially not Celestia!

"Take a look daughter and remember." Nightmare said ever soothingly. A smirk on her face.

Twilight found herself compelled to focus on the scene, a mix of horror and fascination present on her face. She watched as the younger version of herself smiled at her mother with affection. Pure, unforced, and honest affection much to her great surprise, she continued to watch the scene.

"Mommy can I pwease open my last Pwesent? The much younger version of Twilight begged in a pouty little voice.

"Ha-ha! Well since you said please my little stars yes, yes you may." Nightmare nuzzled Twilight affectionately.

The filly version of Twilight excitedly tore into the large wrapped box, and gasped in surprise when it was opened. It was a telescope like the one present day Twilight owned only this one was far more ornate. It was decorated with dozens of twinkling stars and had a much larger viewing glass, to show a better image of the night time sky. Twilight had to admit it was very beautiful, she would definitely have to thank mom for this wonderful gift. NO! snap out of it Twilight, she mentally chastised herself. SHE. IS NOT. MY. MOTHER! Though she was beginning to doubt that.

"Do you like it sweetie?" Nightmare asked with a loving smile on her face.

"I love it mommy! thank you so much!" Memory Twilight shouted embracing Nightmare Moon.

"Ha-ha! I'm so glad to hear that! I love you my little stars." Nightmare nuzzled Twilight.

"I love you more mommy!" Twilight nuzzled back.

The memory ended with the younger Twilight and Nightmare just sitting there, smiling and happy. Twilight felt a slight twinge of envy at the happy memory, part of her wishing she could have been that close to her parents.

We could be you know. A voice whispered in her mind.

Huh? Who's there? Twilight asked in her mind.

Tehe! I'm your true self silly filly. And I'm here to remind you we need to be with mommy! The voice giggled.

She's not my mother! And your not my true self! Twilight snapped back at the voice

Yes she is Twilight! Just accept it! The voice singsonged.

Twilight resisted but inside she began to think to herself. Would having Nightmare as a mother really be so bad? She appeared to be much more kind and affectionate then any member of her family had been, even her BBBFF wasn't this kind to her. Maybe... she should...

Yes Twilight. Don't fight it. Just embrace your new life. Mommy will take better care of us then anyone else. The voice whispered.

Yes... Embrace my new life... Let Mommy handle... everything Twilight whispered.

Nightmare smirked as her horn began to radiate magic. Twilight slowly felt all of her memories begin to unravel and become replaced but she didn't care. Her happy new life with a loving new mother awaited at the end of it all. A life where she could be as brilliant and wonderful as she could possibly be, with someone who finally loved her for all her aspects, even the negative. Memories of days with her old family, tutelage under Celestia, even some of who she was began to disappear in place of new memories and ideals.

Yes Twilight. Listen to the truth of our new life. Nightmare Moon is our mother. We love her more then anything. You are perfect just the way you are. Celestia is the enemy, she stole us from mommy. We love the night, it cascades us in warmth and protection. We are Twilight Moon. The voice whispered seductively in Twilight's mind.

Yes. Nightmare Moon is our mother. I adore her more then anything. I am absolutely perfect. Celestia is our sworn enemy for she erased who I was. The night is my warmth and protection. I am TWILIGHT MOON! Twilight stated in her newly rewritten mind.

Nightmares horn stopped glowing and she looked at Twilight triumphantly. Twilight now stood tall and proud, her mane just as it was in her new life. Long, dark, and flowing with stars in her mane giving it a similar look to Nightmare Moon's. Her cutie mark was also different now, a full moon now surrounded by twinkling stars, a mark to symbolize her new life. She looked up at Nightmare and her eyes became filled with deep worry and affection.

"Mother! Your back!" Twilight Moon rushed to her new mother and cried.

"I can't believe I forgot you mother! How could Celestia do such things and take your rule from you!?" She cried.

"Shhhhh.... It's alright my daughter. Mommy's here." Nightmare whispered and hugged her new daughter.

"I'm so happy to see you again Mother!" Twilight shouted.

"Ha-ha! I love you my little stars." Nightmare whispered.

"I love you too mommy!" Twilight shouted.

Nightmare pulled away from Twilight and smiled. It felt nice... having someone who loved her and all that she stood for. And now came the best part of this whole experience. Revenge against Celestia.

"I'm happy to see you my daughter but we must work now. We must save Equestria from Celestia's dark rule." Nightmare stated.

"Yes.. Celestia! The enemy must suffer for what she's done!" Twilight shouted.

"Yes daughter... But not yet. I cannot come into physical form yet. And you must not attack her until I return."

"What! But why not mother?!" Twilight shouted.

"If she becomes aware of our plans then all will be lost! She'll turn you against me again and Equestria will be doomed to the sun!" Nightmare warned

"Ah your right mother I apologize for my outburst. But what will the Sun lover say of my true form?" Twilight asked.

"Out of your dreams you will maintain your physical presence as Celestia made it. In here however you will maintain your true form daughter. And I will train you in true magic." Nightmare stated.

"Thank you mother! Your love and compassion knows no bounds!" Twilight stated.

"Thank you daughter and now you must awake. The accursed day is starting." Nightmare sighed sadly.

"Cursed sun! Very well mother. I love you so much!" Twilight hugged her mother.

"I love you more daughter. I will see you tomorrow." Nightmare whispered.

And so the dream ended like that. Twilight Moon awoke in the real world to find herself back as she was before her restoration. Spike lay softly asleep next to her and she smiled.

"Today is a new day Twilight. A new day and a new night. The end of a false life and the beginning of the truth." She told herself.

So she got up, cleaned herself up, and trotted out the door to the days lessons.

From the moon Nightmare smiled at her new daughter and silently praised herself for this plan starting without a hitch. And as she thought about all that she had done so far she knew there was still much more to be done. She still had to train Twilight in the ways of high powered magic after all, plan a trap for Celestia, oh and of course phase two. Twilight would need an accomplice during the day to help her keep cover, a sister as it were. But who to choose...

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