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Forced Memories, Forced Mothers - Kirito-Persona

sometimes even the moon needs a child to call its own. Hypno story involving Twi and Nightmare Moon.

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Chapter 4: Deceitful Plots

Chapter 4: Deceitful Plots

Twilight trotted to Celestia's class with an extra happy skip in her step. And why shouldn't she be super happy? After all she had remembered her true life and she was with her mother once again, even if it wasn't full time. She continued her walk to class when she stopped and looked at the glass window display, one in particular. The one she looked at was of Celestia banishing Nightmare Moon, mom to the moon. Hate swelled inside Twilight as she looked at the liar banish her mother and her young mind turned briefly to violence.

No. We can't attack her yet. We have to wait for mommy Twilight. Her mind rang out.

Twilight mentally cursed herself for nearly being so stupid. The voice, her true self was right. Only mommy had the power to banish Celestia and rule Equestria. How foolish of her to think that a lowly unicorn like her could ever be as powerful as mommy was. She trotted into the day rulers room, greeted Celestia with a casual "hey" and sat down. Celestia was rather surprised with the blunt greeting, Twilight was usually so polite during her lessons.

"Is everything alright my dearest student?" Celestia asked.

"Huh? Oh!.. Oh yes Princess Celestia everything is fine! I'm sorry about my greeting." Twilight lied through her teeth.

Celestia noted the lying strain in her students voice and thought to ask about it but then stopped herself. Something was obviously different about Twilight, she wasn't the kind of filly to lie to her teacher. But Celestia reasoned that it was probably just a bad dream she didn't want to talk about and decided not to push any further. After all, for her plans to work Twilight would need to trust her completely.

"Oh It's no problem Twilight! I'm rather flattered you consider us close enough to address me so casually." Celestia replied.

Twilight for her part was rather grateful that Celestia was falling for her little ruse. It was only their first time meeting after Twilights restoration after all. It simply wouldn't do to blow her cover so early into the game. For according to mother it would take no less then 4 years for mommy to return to Equestria. After which mom would rule Equestria with her daughter by her side, finally giving Twilight the life she once had.

And so with both falsely believing things were going as they wanted the day's lesson began. It became evident to Celestia that things were more wrong then she had first thought. For one thing Twilight was more confident then she usually was, unlike past lessons she worked at a determined, relentless pace. She was also trying to pressure Celestia into teaching her more advanced and powerful magic then they were currently learning. But the biggest worry to Celestia was Twilights sudden interest in the moon and stars, it appeared that Twilight had struck some form of... obsession with the celestial bodies out of nowhere.

At first Celestia was worried about this new obsession with the moon and stars, Twilight should show more adoration to the sun at this point. For a second she feared that Nightmare Moon had somehow corrupted Twilight but she quickly put that thought aside. Nightmare Moon was powerless at this point in time, their was no possible way she could do such a thing to Twilight. And so she pushed her concerns aside for the day. But it persisted.

For the first few days Celestia tried to shrug it off as simple curiosity that would fade over time, oh how wrong she was. By the second week of Twilights moon phase Celestia was beginning to panic. She knew that Nightmare couldn't be behind this obsession and yet... No it was probably just some phase, nonetheless it was a phase that could create a big time problem in Celestia's plans for the future. After todays lesson Twilight excitedly ran off to bed and Celestia sat at her desk. She began to write a letter to the one pony she knew could remedy this....


Nightmare was feeling the exact opposite of Celestia at this point meaning she was in complete joy. Her plan was going even better then she had expected at this point and it was thrilling to her. Twilight was completely under her thrall and her adoration helped to fuel both her wounded pride and slowly restore her power even faster. The research into a proper means of defeating Celestia was also going wonderfully as she had several potential plans for victory. But unfortunately it looked like her plan was about to hit a little snare.

Celestia was calling in a particular pony to see Twilight about her recent behavior and if Nightmares suspicions were correct... This pony could singlehandedly destroy Nightmares plan and take her new daughter away from her. Well Nightmare just couldn't let that happen and she wouldn't. Unfortunately for Celestia and her "specialist" Nightmare had a plan.

Another agent on Equestria would be needed, a sister to Twilight as it were. One who was under less scrutiny from Celestia's watching eye and one who could keep Twilight safe from Celestia's specialist. But who to choose?...

Author's Note:

Who is Celestia calling in to "fix" Twilight? Who will Nightmare brainwash next? Who's plan will win out? Please feel free to guess as to the nature of these answers my friends...

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