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"You were good, son, real good. Maybe even the best."


My name is Bold Buck. I lost someone very dear to me. Forever.


Let me just go off on a whim, I made this story back in mid 2015 (May 8) when I thought my friend Bloodwing01 committed suicide. Work halted on this story seemingly indefinitely, and is one of two stories I aimed to work on and complete by the end of 2016, or by March of the same year.

Is this a story meant to help those who are contemplating suicide? Yes.
I decided to finish this one since it's the one that's been collecting the most dust that I haven't completed yet, and as of this edit in the long description on April 19, 2016, I am also working on Rainbow Dash Vs. The Bed (goodness knows I'll get to that).
The layout is reminiscent of my other story, Never Forget... (read that, by the way), except this one deals with suicide of a dear friend as opposed to the presumed death of a mother.
Story was originally called, "From Darkness Comes Light". Felt this title was more appropriate.

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Comments ( 4 )

Wow... Thats really sad... But i enjoyed it. (:3

Why do I get that feeling this title, or what you were going to call it was based off a Disturbed song...Good none the less:raritywink:

7157257 A.) It's actually based on Black Sabbath song.
B.) I don't like Disturbed.

7157893 that is a travesty! But black sabbath is good as well. I accept this.

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