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This story is a sequel to Brother vs Brother; Duel Between the Stars

Star Hunter's life has gone through many up and downs. From leaving his neglectful parents to stay with his aunt, his brother getting arrested, getting a one of a kind deck for the most popular game on the planet, becoming Captain of the High School Dueling team, having his brother return and challenging him to a Shadow Game. Pretty crazy stuff.

Hopefully things will cool down now at Canterlot High...right?

Join Star Hunter, Moondancer, Wallflower Blush and the rest of the Dueling Team as they continue their High School lives as they continue down the path of the duelist.

A continuation of Brother vs Brother; Duel Between the Stars, set in the same universe as DrakeyC's Yugioh stories as well as Tales of the Canterlot High Duelists

Edited by Speculore

Chapters (1)

Blueblood's date goes from bad to worse when he realizes that his chariot has gone missing. His investigation doesn't take long - but when the meter maid who towed it has a warship, a private army, and absolutely no respect for royals, will he get it back?

Tempest Shadow & Prince Blueblood - not fully romantic, though with potential and some flirting and innuendo. Not related to "Betraying Tempest", though the banter vibes are roughly the same. Also not a "Fast & Furious" parody - the title just clicked.

Written for the May 2021 Pairing Contest

Contains innuendo, ponies mocking royal titles, Blueblood being a bad boss, lots of shouting, yet another made-up country, and mockery of heliocentrism.

Chapters (1)

Duel Monsters.

A card game that has taken the world by storm. Ever since its creation, players of the game, known as duelists, compete worldwide to determine who is the best. As popularity grew, so has the format. What started as tabletop games transitioned to holograms, then AR, and now they've taken over the virtual realm known as Link Vrains.

However, the digital realm has secrets best left untouched. And when they are threatened to be unraveled, the guardians, the Ignis, seek out partners to help protect them. Fate led them to find the Rainbooms and a few others that they found themselves compatible with. With AI and human allied together, they must face the evil that lurks beneath the surface of the virtual world and reality.

It is time to link together and face the future! Deck set! Into the Vrains!

A crossover series combining My Little Pony Equestria Girls and Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains. The series uses elements from Vrains, but I have taken some liberties to make its own world. Links are prevalent, but other summoning methods like Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum will be included. There will also be different master rules used depending on the format.

This story was inspired by countless Yu-Gi-Oh! fics on and off this site. They include:

Monty Eggman's My Little Pony: Friendship is Numerous

Banchee531's Yu-Gi-Oh! Stories

Drakey C's Yu-Gi-Oh! stories

Brony-wan-kenobi's Yu-Gi-Oh! Stories

Night-Quill's Equestria Girls: Duel Monsters

RitsuD95's Regenesis, A Duelist Story

Darthvalgaav's Dueling Around Canterlot

And additional Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains fics like Hidden Memories

Special thanks to Monty Eggman and Banshee531 for their help in making this story a reality.

Chapters (2)

With the development of Duel Disks that utilize hologram technology, the card game Duel Monsters explodes with popularity among adults and children alike. It becomes so seriously taken and widely enjoyed, professional leagues and academies begin popping up. All with the dedication to dueling.

Not long after, Twilight's devices lead them right into a proverbial minefield with the detection of a mysterious reading. One that has never been seen before in their world.

What is this new, atypical magical energy being utilized by the girls' new foes?
And what does the sudden emergence of a card game have to do with it?

In a world now occupied by Equestrian Magic, is the threat of new energy and a crop of dark duelists be the final dagger?

One thing's for sure... Sunset and friends won't let it be without a fight.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls: Duel Monsters

This story has been cancelled.


A month has passed since the nightmarish mid-term duel between Princess Twilight Sparkle and the dethroned Duel Queen Sunset Shimmer. Now under the help and guidance of her first five friends at CHS, Sunset must prove herself to those around her of her change, free from the darkness that once poisoned her thoughts.

The road to redemption is lined with obstacles and hardship, as the very students she once dominated over as the undisputed champion duelist of CHS, seek to assert their newfound dominance over her, whilst trying to fruitlessly earn the trust of one she wishes to call a friend. All the while their fellow students begin disappearing day by day.

Sunset and her friends must solve the mystery behind these disappearances, while most of the school is ready to accuse her, and the dark powers she once wielded. But is she the only one to have such power? And who are the three new girls enrolling at CHS, and what is their fixation towards Sunset and her friends?


The second arc of Equestria Girls: Duel Monsters. As a new chapter opens; there have been changes set for the formula: No longer will duels be limited to only official cards, but cards seen only in the anime, as well as original additions to existing card series and archetypes being also made valid.

Chapters (17)

Set in the same universe as DrakeyC's Yugioh stories as well as Tales of the Canterlot High Duelists

A new sensation is spreading across the nation: Team Dueling! All of the schools have been getting in on it, gaining sponsorships and donations...except for Canterlot High. With their old format rules and restrictions gone they now have a chance to start up their own team with VP Luna coaching them. But will this group of secondary characters have what it takes to make this a permanent thing? Or will they go down in flames....

Special thanks to Speculore for editing

Chapters (17)

Twilight's in a bit of a pickle. On one hand, two years of marriage with Rainbow Dash have been absolutely wonderful. On the other, well... two years of marriage have passed without a single thing happening in the bedroom.

Why? Well, that's one mystery even she can't seem to solve.

Then Scootaloo comes home from school and asks Rainbow a question that makes everything crystal clear.

Rainbow has no idea what she's talking about.

Chapters (1)

The last few weeks of summer are fast approaching and Twilight's plans to spend it with her friends have sadly been dashed, however, when Twilight learns that her princess counterpart is in desperate need of some R&R she arranges a beach day for the two of them, together!

Cover Art designed by: LifesHarbinger

Big thanks to Drache Schatten for proofreading and EverfreePony for pre-reading/editing.

Featured: 15/04/2019

Also, I'd like to give huge thanks to Lonely Fanboy48. This was originally his idea but has chosen to offer it up and I was happy to accept. I hope you enjoy it, my friend.

Chapters (1)

Pinkie is looking for more lucrative work so that she can eventually start her own bakery, so she's applied to be one of the Night Guard. The job pays well, and the benefits are fantastic...

But in order for her to take the job she has to undergo a change.

Is it worth transforming into a Thestral for 750 bits a week and full health and dental? She'll have to think carefully.

Chapters (1)

With her ascendance into an alicorn princess, what Twilight Sparkle thought would be a simple royal summit to the Crystal Empire goes horribly wrong when Celestia's wayward former student Sunset Shimmer steals the Element of Magic into another world. Equestria's newest princess must hurry and get back her element before nefarious forces within this new world can use it to wreak havoc.

Forces that go beyond the notice of this world's inhabitants, bound within a game tied to the very history and fabric of this new world. The name of the game is Duel Monsters.


An alternate Yu-Gi-Oh take on Equestria Girls. After feeling uneasy about using someone else's established setting for my previous anthology, I decided to put my own spin on the concept, and thus we have Equestria Girls: Duel Monsters.

Chapters (24)