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The last few weeks of summer are fast approaching and Twilight's plans to spend it with her friends have sadly been dashed, however, when Twilight learns that her princess counterpart is in desperate need of some R&R she arranges a beach day for the two of them, together!

Cover Art designed by: LifesHarbinger

Big thanks to Drache Schatten for proofreading and EverfreePony for pre-reading/editing.

Featured: 15/04/2019

Also, I'd like to give huge thanks to Lonely Fanboy48. This was originally his idea but has chosen to offer it up and I was happy to accept. I hope you enjoy it, my friend.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

Interesting idea for beach story... You have my attention.

I like this! So interested on where this goes. <3

I'm looking forward to this

I like this story
Hope it is continued

This is cute! :twilightsmile: I like it and hope to see more!

Interesting start. Look forward to more

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