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This story is a sequel to Twilight Hears The Narrator

After her odd encounter with the mysterious entity, Twilight has grown rather accustomed to living with the voice of a narrator following her life. Although she still doesn't understand his presence, she has begun to accept him as a friend. But the confusion only grows, as the Narrator finds himself following the stories of other ponies. And Twilight will soon learn that she is not the only one who can hear the voice of the handsome, talented, witty, charming, manly gentlecolt yours truly!

Chapters (11)

One fateful morning, Princess Luna finds Celestia has turned into a megalomaniacal tyrant with one clear goal in mind: to be sent to the moon. She even has her bags packed and everything.

So what about this seems off?

Now with a youtube reading! HERE!

Featured on Equestria Daily 11/03/15!

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Poor Twilight Sparkle... she never realized how foolish Celestia was...

Co-Written by Nonagon and Lunacorva

Now with Dramatic Reading by DRWolf!

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Equestria and Yakyakistan are friends for a thousand moons thanks to the ingenious efforts of Pinkie Pie. However, Twilight still feels guilty about letting everything get out of control like she did. During the party, she approaches Princess Celestia and Prince Rutherford to issue her heartfelt apology in private. But as she soon discovers, she's not the only one who needs to brush up on her diplomacy.

My mini-epilouge to the episode Party Pooped.

Chapters (1)

Twilight finds it a bit difficult to reconcile Celestia's playful new manner with the regal teacher she knew for so long.

Once she does, however, the benefits are plain to see.

Ideas, editing, and criticism provided by my partner in crime, Cryosite.

Now with a reading by HanaYoriUta.

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This story is a sequel to Past Sins

In the wake of the battle with Tirek, Twilight Sparkle becomes fixated on restoring Golden Oaks Library. After all, it was home for her little family of three. But as her attempts to repair the books and tree continuously fail, her friends must take matters into their own hooves. Discord, as the good friend he is, tosses Twilight and her extended family into an unexpected adventure while Twilight's other friends get to work on the new crystal palace.

All together, they'll do everything to ensure Twilight and her family have a place to call home when they reach the end of the road.

Chapters (15)

Rainbow Dash walks in on Twilight pondering her existence.

Like, really pondering her existence.

Preread by Rainedash!

Youtube Reading by Wander MD!

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One day whilst working, Rarity is horrified to discover a spider and tries to kill it.

Things quickly escalate.

Now with a YouTube reading!

Big thanks to Vexy and Abramus5250 for editing and RainbowBob for pre-reading. Go check out their work!

Cover art found here by otakuap, go check out his work on his deviantart!

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Cadance didn't know what to expect when her formerly banished Aunt Luna returned from her thousand year banishment. But, she's quite entertained by the hilarity. Especially if it means a chance to play a little joke.

Edited by Habanc. Preread by The Albinocorn, Foals Errand, and Timaeus

Cover art was done by Silfoe and used with permission! In fact, this fic is a gift for her!

Now with Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI.

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When Rainbow Dash receives the verdict that her final grade is in jeopardy, she enlists the help of most eggheadiest person she knows.

Unfortunately, she encounters a problem. A naked problem.

A very naked problem.

A comedy of the nudist variety.

It brings me great pride to say that this fic inspired the Nudists and Nudity group. Go check it out for all your barebacked needs!

Rated "T" for trigonometry.
Sex tag is for lewd jokes and language, not sex scenes.

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