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Hope is the faith of the young. Losing everything she holds dear, Puppysmiles embarks on the adventure of her life to find her mother, her hopes of meeting her again driving her through the horrors of a world not of her making. Too bad the Wastelands doesn't care about hope.

Chapters (21)

Having lost much of her past, memories and purpose in life, Aurora Borealis stumbles upon the junkyard and its sole inhabitant Scraps. Having regained her name and desiring to find her past and place in the world, she begins to walk the paths of discovery. But what she finds and what impact she has may be more than she ever expected.

Chapters (11)

Surprise is a young pegasus mare eking out a modest existence as a third-rate Enclave soldier in the Primum Mobile Military Base, a remote weather outpost on the edge of the cloud cover. Life in the Equestrian Wasteland below is a constant fight for survival, but above the clouds, the worst thing Surprise has to deal with are the hallucinations caused by her schizophrenia.
However, when the base discovers a hurricane is headed towards Enclave airspace, Surprise is among those sent into action to try and intercept it. As Surprise quickly learns, though, the impending tempest is no ordinary storm. Rather, it is a militarized pegasus city from before the Great War, possessing enough prewar wonders and horrors to make whoever gains control of it the most powerful pony in the sky...if the city doesn't completely destroy the aerial nation of the Enclave.

Update: Recently O. Hinds, the esteemed editor for Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons, was amazing enough to read what currently exists of my story. Here's what he had to say about it, which he has given me permission to share:

“While at times Storm Chasers seems to me an odd story in a way that I cannot seem to put my hoof on, this is only a different quality, not an inferior one. I have found the plot and characters to be interesting, and the mechanical quality of the prose is quite impressive, particularly given Chaotic Dreams's lack of an editor; in Chapter 2 (the latest at this message's time of writing), I noticed only a few errors, and, while it has been much longer since I've read the first chapter, I do not recall anything particularly bad in that, nor did I see frequent errors in the skim I undertook just now. Oh, and the illustrations are pretty good.”

Cover art by DoomSp0rk.

Logo by TheOmegaRidley.

Surprise by Zubias.

Hurricane Megaspire by Nukechaser24.

Illustrations by me.

Chapters (3)

From neighboring stables, a pair of unlikely friends find themselves thrust into a wide, frightening new world, ripe with dangers and exciting adventures in store for them. Between the new friends they'll make on this expedition, and the new challenges they'll face in the irradiated icebox the North Equestrian wasteland is, they have to decide for themselves just how much it was worth it to leave their homes.

Co-written by myself and my close friend Minty Candy.

Now with a page on TVTropes!

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A man wakes up with a blinding headache and no knowledge of where he is or how he got there. Furthermore, it turns out that the world that he’s found himself in is populated by Technicolor ponies. However, there’s a glitch in the matrix. This world is not the Equestria of old where peace and harmony reigned supreme. No, this is the Equestrian Wasteland. A place where ponies struggle for their survival against bands of murderous raiders, xenophobic Enclave pegasi, and mutated monsters of all shapes and sizes. Luckily, this man’s name is Ethan Smith, aka The Lone Wanderer, aka that Crazy Son of a Bitch. Join him on his crazy quest to find a way back to his home in the Capital Wasteland, and with any luck make Equestria a brighter place along the way.

A side story to Light Wanderings and Dark Wanderings but neither have to be read in order to enjoy this.

Chapters (14)

My name is Littlepip. After activating the SPP, the room was filled with radiations and I passed out. When I woke up, however, I wasn't inside the SPP: somehow I was in the Ponyville of the past. I met the younger versions of the Ministry mares, and in a short time, they accepted me as their friends.

This place is like paradise on Earth; if it's for me, I can stay here forever.... but I can't. I must find out how did I get here and find way to return to the wasteland. But.... where do I start?

(Warning: the fic main contain big spoilers from "Fallout: Equestria". If you haven't read it, check it out here or at least learn a little more about it's story in the fan-made wiki here.

Chapters (6)

When the megaspells fell, everything died, but New Pegasus endured. The city of mobsters, crime, vice and gambling survived and thrived during the long balefire winter. Twenty years after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, New Pegasus is still a beacon in the middle of the Neighvada Desert, a pot of gold for whoever can get his hooves on it.

My name is Farsight, and I know everything about the dark secrets that the neon billboards don't show... I've seen the best and the worst; and I've pulled many strings. In my world, there are no heroes or villains, just ponies with ambitions and goals that can be bent to one's interest; for I know an undeniable truth: Everypony has a plan. Allow me to show you how I worked my way out of the gutter, how I climbed to the top of the ladder... and how I fell.

PDF version also available for download: Viva Las Pegasus PDF

Note: Thanks to Doomande, Dinawartotem and Fillyosopher for their help! To all readers, comments are welcome! I'll try to reply to them as much as possible. Thanks!

Cover Art by the magnificent CalamityB31

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This story is on indefinite hiatus. I've grown out of MLP and this story. What's there is yours to read, however updates may never happen, as much as it pains me to admit.

A young stallion, alone for the first time in his life, finds himself a long way from home in the Ponave, a vast wasteland filled with danger where small pockets of civilization attempt to survive while factions war over territory and power. This is the story of Clover as he attempts to make sense of his brother’s murder while exacting a personal justice over the one responsible…

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No more than five years after the Royal Wedding, the megaspells fell all over the globe, thus ending civilization as it was known. However, ponies and other species which dwelled in equestria survived in the stables scattered around the land. Other species managed to survive, either through radiation spells, private bunkers, or by surviving massive doses of radiation. That and by hiding, deep beneath the changeling hive, where the entire changeling race fell into hibernation. Now, a century later, the hive is found, and what awakens in its depths, is hungry, deadly, and on a time limit. Queen Chrysalis must set out in her weakened state to find a source of love, or her children will die, and shortly after, she will follow suit.

Chapters (2)

Violet Swing is the single mother of a young foal in North East Equestria. When the Zebras launch their megaspells at Equestria, the country is turned into an irradiated wasteland full of dangerous creatures and desperate ponies who won't hesitate to kill others. In this new reality, Violet struggles to protect her foal, meeting some friends along the way as well.

Chapters (2)
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