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I'm a brony. I do most of my Fanfiction on Fanfiction.net but since i started a story called Fallout: New Pegasus, I thought that I would upload some of that story here.


No more than five years after the Royal Wedding, the megaspells fell all over the globe, thus ending civilization as it was known. However, ponies and other species which dwelled in equestria survived in the stables scattered around the land. Other species managed to survive, either through radiation spells, private bunkers, or by surviving massive doses of radiation. That and by hiding, deep beneath the changeling hive, where the entire changeling race fell into hibernation. Now, a century later, the hive is found, and what awakens in its depths, is hungry, deadly, and on a time limit. Queen Chrysalis must set out in her weakened state to find a source of love, or her children will die, and shortly after, she will follow suit.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 10 )

Interesting gonna give it a chance, but you can work on chapter lengths

Hmm this should lead to some interesting events

4564220 yeah. if you check my big fallout story, chaps ranged from 2500 to 6000 words

4565020 I'll bite... Mostly because i hope Chrysalis isnt gonna be generically evil.

eee nope, wait out of what I can accept

Scythe, dragons, trying soooo hard to make character look insane that it look just bad. Still short chapter.

Just not my cup of story


4 am madness plus ideas that go in my head equal insanity. I assure you, the crazy train shouldn't take control very often

"You sorry life ends here Arkantos..." "So... he did not only kill ye..." e.t.c. you know the rest... Daemos Phobos e.t.c Mars' moons... interesting inspirational sources.

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