Fallout Equestria: Viva Las Pegasus

by S3rb4n

Afterword: Going Home

Afterword: Going Home

“So… why don’t you want to go?”

“I told you, it might be dangerous. Besides, that place brings back memories that still hurt a bit. I will visit the ruins eventually, my dear, but I need time to get over it.”

“But Auntie Rose, Atreid and Harko are constantly telling me that we should go and see the ruins of New Pegasus together!”

“Atreid and Harko are both grown up ponies now… They can do as they wish, and besides, they’re just like their father.”


“Reckless and a bit nuts.” Rose laughed calmly.

“But I want to go!”

“And you will go!” Pet entered the room and patted the young colt on his head. “You’ve got your Cutie Mark, and I promise that I’ll take you to the ruins. Not today, though… you need to go to school.”

“But I don’t like school, Uncle Pet. I’m too smart for that, I always know the right answer!”

“Of course you do. You’re just like your father.” Pet smiled. “Now get a move on, young one!”

“Fine…” The colt grumbled. “Bye, Auntie Rose! Bye, Uncle Pet!”

He waved and dashed out of the room, leaving Pet and Rose alone. The pegasus moved and kissed the mare, who smiled and caressed him in return. Ever since she had arrived at their new home, she had shown her feelings towards Petlyakov overtly, and true love had bloomed out of the couple.

“That kid is terrible.” Rose shook her head.

“He’s called Free Sight for a reason, Rose.” Pet smiled.

“I think Avro had a moment of clairvoyance when she named him.” Rose laughed. “What worries me is something else, though.”

“What is it, honey?”

“His Cutie Mark. Have you seen it?”

“Yes, a banner with the red eye of his father and a sword.”

“What do you think it will mean?”

“Frankly, I don’t know. I guess he will follow his father’s ways.”

“But what about the sword?”

“It might not mean anything, Rosie. My Cutie Mark has a dagger on it too, and I’m no killer.”

“But you were a soldier.”

“An engineer, honey. I never fought a single fight.”

“Yes, but…”

“Take it easy, Rose! He’s just a colt right now, and I can understand that he wants to learn about his past. Atreid and Harko go there every now and then, and so do Dee and Nadyr. All of us need to pay honors to our past.”

“Yes, but… I don’t know if that’s the best idea.”

“Why not?”

“Because of the rumours that run around in the Wasteland… voices of a lone wanderer, a blue unicorn with a white mane, covered in bandages, walking around in the desert… looking from a distance. Could it be him?”

“Those are nothing more than stupid ramblings of drunken caravaneers. You know that Farsight is dead, Rose. Nothing could survive an explosion like the one of the Enola… not to mention the radiation.”

“But what if he had another ace up his sleeve?”

“Rose, he’s dead. My crew has searched far and wide for proof of his survival, even Avro has, but we have found nothing more than the large mark of the explosion. It’s simply impossible, darling.”

“You can’t prove that, Pet. Imagine what would happen if Free Sight met his father in such a condition!”

“As long as he wasn’t nuts, I wouldn’t mind.” Pet laughed.

“Cut it out, Pet!” Rose hit the pegasus with her hoof.

“All right, have it your way.” Pet shrugged. “We’ll keep searching for that mysterious wanderer. However, you should give Free Sight the chance to make up with his past. He deserves it.”

“Fine, fine… just go.”

Pet smiled and trotted out of the room, leaving Rose alone with her thoughts. It had been almost seven years since they had arrived at Fortune’s Loss, and the community had grown to be a pretty little town. Every pony from New Pegasus had relocated without much trouble, and things were starting to look up for them, now that the Republic and the Tsardom had left Neighvada out of their plans. She walked out into the street and trotted towards the town entrance, where a large stone statue of a pony stood welcoming the visitor. It was a young unicorn stallion, dressed in a sharp suit and wearing a PipBuck on his forehoof. He looked at the newcomers with a confident and defiant face, proving that he was the one to follow, the one to believe in… the one that gave his life for them.

“Thank you, Farsight.” Rose let a tear roll down her cheek. “Wherever you are.”

“Rose!” The voice of a mare rang from the skies. Such an uncanny entrance… it had to be Avro. Rose looked up to see the pegasus descending in circles to where she was standing.

“Hello, Avro. How are you?”

“Fine, thanks, Rose.” She smiled. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t pick up Free Sight before. I guess you managed to convince him to go to school, didn’t you?”

“Pet did, actually.” Rose laughed. “Free Sight keeps insisting on visiting the ruins of New Pegasus.”

“He can be as stubborn as his father.” Avro smiled sadly, looking at the statue. “He will have to go someday, though. He deserves that.”

“You’re the second pony who tells me that, the first one being Pet.”

“Pet and I think alike in many things.” The pegasus shrugged.

“Avro… what do you think about Free Sight’s Cutie Mark? It worries me.”

“Why?” Avro asked. “Because of the sword?”

“Yes.” Rose mumbled. “I care a lot about him, and I don’t want him to go on some loony crusade. That’s why I try to keep him at a safe distance of his past.”

“Rose, don’t worry so much about it. Free Sight will be fine, with all of us watching.”

“We have our lives to live, Avro.”

“Yes, but my life is his, Rose.” Avro smiled. “I will be with him, protecting him when he needs it, helping him when he asks for it, and caring for him until my last breath. You’ll have foals one day, and you will understand.”

“Of course.” Rose nodded slowly. “Maybe I’m just… worrying too much.”

“Yes, but anyway, I can’t thank you enough.” Avro smiled. “I need to go to work, Rose.”

“One more thing before you leave, Avro… what about the rumours?”

“What rumours?”

“Those of the lone wanderer… the burnt blue stallion.”

“You think it can be Farsight?” Avro sighed. “I don’t know, Rose. I’ve been searching for him almost everyday since I first heard the story, but honestly, I think it’s a legend… like the one of the Light Bringer, you know? Virtuous ponies that get elevated into almost mythical beings. After the blow he delivered to the NER and the Tsar, I am certain that the inhabitants of Neighvada see him as a spirit that defends the Territory. The Light Bringer sacrificed herself for the rest of the world… or so it says in the book.”

“I read it, Avro.” Rose smiled. “What would Farsight’s virtue be, then?”

“I don’t know, you’re the one that knew him better.” Avro smiled.



“I said that I suppose that Farsight’s virtue would have to be reason. He always knew what to do and why to do it… and that was why he was never defeated.”

“Yes…” Avro smiled sadly. “But look at the cost he had to incur.”

“He would have said that it was a calculated risk.” Rose laughed.

“That would have been typical of him.” Avro laughed as well. “Anyway, Rose, I must be going now. See you later!”

“Later, Avro.” Rose sighed and saw the pegasus fly away.

After Avro disappeared on the horizon, Rose turned around and took one last look at the billboard that had been built at the entrance of the village. The words were clearly readable from a distance.