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Rarity has been keeping to herself lately.

Applejack is determined to find out why.

This fic is a gift for the incredible rice, edited by the brilliant Silent, the talented Zontan, and the effervescent Otter.

Beware: comments contain spoilers!

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Library

A routine visit to Ponyville's ghostly princess is interrupted by the unfortunate fact that Rarity may have a small (see: big) fever.

Small oneshot set in the universe of The Enchanted Library. Takes place aprox. sometime before chapter 7 of TEL.

Thanks to lillo for the beautiful art!!!

Chapters (1)

On a day of celeberation, Twilight reflects on her life, who she is, and who she loves. She decides she is happy with the world.

Written as part of the Pride and Positivity event. Please go support that, and the Transgender Law Center. Every little helps, and please be awesome.

CW for some possibly dysphoria triggering descriptions at the beginning.

Trying to write this story was a struggle but when I listened to Vylet Pony's Antonymph this morning, I figured out the exact direction I wanted to take it in, what I wanted to do. This is fluffy celebration, pure and simple, with notes of my own personal life sprinkled in. I hope people enjoy it!

Cover art credit goes to @nebulanovia over on twitter, specifically for her free pride icon pack. They are wonderfully cute pieces.

Thank you to Silver Mint for proofreading this, and for also making the Spanish translation!

Thank you to dziadek1994 for making a Polish translation and Polish audio reading!

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It was a simple, straightforward question. Or at least, that’s what she thought. Nevertheless, she looked at the mare opposite to her and cocked her head. “Pardon me, but, do I know you?”

Originally written for Quills and Sofas Speedwriting “Do I Know You” Panic and expanded to this. Thanks to The Red Parade, AFanaticRabbit, Atom Smash, SnowOriole, nagolucky, BaeroRemedy, Morning Sun, and Emotion Nexus for prereading during the contest.

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Moondancer has a plan. A plan to get away from it all. Minuette has a similar plan. Hers just involves joining Moondancer on her airship and having them hunt for the fabled lost treasure of the Cloudshark.

Moondancer has a few problems with Minuette's plan.

Historian’s Note:
Clear Skies is set a few years after the ascension of Twilight Sparkle to the throne of Canterlot.

Inspired by and based on the epic Visual Novel "Highway Blossoms" by Studio Élan and Studio Coattails! Go play this VN! Seriously! Right now!

Cast: Moon Dancer & Minuette
Co-Starring: Even Keel, "Snappy Comeback," Whispering Trinket & Easy Wing
Guest Starring: Torque Wrench, Shining Armor & Princess Cadance

Covert Art: Little-Tweenframes
Cover Text & Section Break Design: Novel Idea/Amber Spark
Moon Dancer Cutie Mark: AllyCatBlu

Beta Reader & Editor Credits
Beltorn: Commenter-at-Large on FimFiction
JayMan155: Artist & Author Extraordiane!
Carabas: Author I Totally Didn't Fangirl Over

Word Count: 57,000 (To Date)
Version: 4.3B

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Twilight is on the cusp of leading Equestria for a year. It's been an easy year with no major difficulties. No wars. No natural disasters. No villains.

At least until a villain from the far, far future appears in Twilight's throne room. She's escaping defeat at Twilight's hooves, with one thought in mind: she won't be stopped if Twilight doesn't exist in the future. And here's Twilight's past self, right in front of her. Easy.

Unfortunately, she's not the only villain with this idea.

Chapters (1)

We all know the story of Equestria Girls, but did you really think Twilight Sparkle went the whole movie without thirsting for Sunset and calling her senpai? Did you really believe that? You fool!

A quick fic to put out something for the FiM 10th anniversary. I had considered a similar premise for the first FiM episode, but it just wasn't working out for me.

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After entering the mirror portal and enrolling in Canterlot High School, Sunset Shimmer is on the perfect track to have Equestria on its knees in two years time. However, she was beaten to the punch; an army is building ranks right in front of CHS, and they see a fresh world to conquer all around them. Finding herself at the last stand between defeating the Changelings or allowing a second invasion, she is forced to decide what type of person she wants to be, and what future she truly deserves.

Unfortunately, there is little time left for either.

An AU which diverges at the Canterlot Wedding, set two years before the first EQG movie. Cover art by me. Enjoy!

Chapters (18)

You can't buy happiness, but, thankfully, you can buy a wife. Legally, it's an arranged marriage, but everypony knows what's really going on. Unfortunately for Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara, duty calls them to make the ultimate sacrifice and marry to keep their families out of the gnashing maws of loan sharks and auditors.

It might even work, if either family had two bits to rub together.

This is a story I've had on the back burner for a long time. I started it as a fragment years ago and got around to finishing it now. I must have started around season 4, since Starlight hadn't been introduced yet, so that tells you how long I had it sitting as a fragment on my hard drive!

Anyway, rated T for alcohol use, fade-to-black sex, and gambling.

Thanks to all my readers and supporters. I love you all in a totally platonic way. Does anyone else think Plato would be disappointed his name was synonymous with the friendzone? Anyway, enjoy!

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Vinyl's best friend is a little bit too "friendly".

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