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On a day of celeberation, Twilight reflects on her life, who she is, and who she loves. She decides she is happy with the world.

Written as part of the Pride and Positivity event. Please go support that, and the Transgender Law Center. Every little helps, and please be awesome.

CW for some possibly dysphoria triggering descriptions at the beginning.

Trying to write this story was a struggle but when I listened to Vylet Pony's Antonymph this morning, I figured out the exact direction I wanted to take it in, what I wanted to do. This is fluffy celebration, pure and simple, with notes of my own personal life sprinkled in. I hope people enjoy it!

Cover art credit goes to @nebulanovia over on twitter, specifically for her free pride icon pack. They are wonderfully cute pieces.

Thank you to Silver Mint for proofreading this, and for also making the Spanish translation!

Thank you to dziadek1994 for making a Polish translation and Polish audio reading!

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Nailah #1 · June 12th · · 1 ·

A very heartwarming piece. I enjoyed the way you used the candies apples and I could see where this was going from the beginning, but despite knowing the plot, but whole story just fills you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Good job on this, and keep up the great work.

That was a sweet little story.

Also, happy pride month.

Really cute dynamic between the two.

The girls, all the other friends we have. Everything seems so… Sunny.” She bit her lip. “That sounds sappy, doesn’t it?”

I couldn't help but picturing Luna sitting at a table reading a newspaper, putting it down, and looking at a purple button saying "Start Rebellion" at that moment. [half joke]

That's a very good song, thanks

Looking forward to experiencing this particular moment for myself one day.

Really adorable story! Loved how nice and supportive their relationship is. Also particularly liked this bit.

Rarity pouted harder, opened her mouth to say something, then took a large, unladylike bite out of her candied apple. This just made Twilight laugh again and grin.

But further away, she didn’t see an atlas of disgust and shame.

This line is really good. But not just this line, the whole metaphor is wonderful. This is a really impressive piece of writing.

:twilightsmile: Fluffly, fuzzy, heartwarming.

Love to see Pride fics in the box. Very sweet. :heart:

Concerning number of dislikes around. C'mon folks, have some compassion. I really love this story; it's short and sweet, well written, and makes me feel fuzzy and yearning. Maybe I just have some empathy or maybe I'm an egg...
Happy pride everyone 🏳️‍🌈

So heartwarming and beautiful love the story
. happy pride yall! 🏳️‍🌈


maybe I'm an eggextremely large Scandinavian furniture store


MLP_RedRum #15 · June 13th · · 12 ·

Love this piece!

Note: For every downvote this gets, I will introduce 27 new genders and then come to your house and teach them to your children. Your move, bigots.

Bit late to start reading.... this morning (up all night again *sigh*). Guess I'll be back... today. Looking forward to it though; desc makes it sound sweethearted :pinkiesmile:

27 d / 79 l = 0.34
there really isn't an unusual number of dislikes. Any fewer and there'd be a risk of homogeneity; the true enemy of freedom.

Ah yes, Spending several minutes of your life disliking comments on a story about a trans character on a site about My Little Pony fanfiction. The actions of a logical and well adjusted adult.'

Comment posted by Professor Donger deleted June 13th
Comment posted by Professor Donger deleted June 13th

A fluffy sweet story :twilightsmile:

when I posted the comment there was an about even number of each on the story (and now it's 30/100, dislikes have levelled off to something a bit more reasonable) which I thought was disproportionately high for the quality of the writing, and I was also talking about the dislikes on comments which is definitely higher than usual, so I can only assume they're from bigots/transphobes being malicious

Cute. I don't know why this has so many dislikes. Rarity thinking facepaint is "tacky" feels in character for me because makeup and facepaint, although similar are things that ultimately look different from a measurment of beauty im the eyes of someone like Rarity.

Yeah that makes sense. Another comment written far too late at night / early in the morning. :ajsleepy:
Thanks for being chill about it, though; that was not expected.
One catch though: Don't assume the dislikes are malicious.

I am being given the impression Twilight is a trans. Is that right?

Yes, that's the intent in this story.

Aw,I loved the story. Why is this getting so many dislikes?

waser #28 · June 13th · · 14 ·

This should be longer. Right now, it is all fluff with little substance and that could easily be improved.

That was the entire intent of this fic, sorry to say :P. I wanted to write something fairly short and celebratory that's basically fluff.

Pretty decent writing. I liked how it showed this Twilight's dysphoria in a grounded, believable manner. It wasn't in my face going on and on, which I appreciate in these sorts of stories. Plus it had some good ol' Raritwi, which is always nice.

Comment posted by N o - F a c e deleted June 13th

Why does this have dislikes? It’s perfect! :D I think I cried a lil...

Happy Pride everyone! Here’s to finding those special people in your life, “special sompony” or not!

Reading this was way harder than I thought. Harder than I wish it was... Just the first paragraph did hit me in ways I'm constantly trying to run away from, the reason I'm too scared to do "that" step... Those little things that seems too big to just "not notice"... And also realizing I don't know how to write, hehe.

Actually, I apologize, I don't think I can finish it, yet. Too much too fast for now, but I wanted to write this comment to let you know that it's powerful what you wrote, and I'm glad to see things like this exists.

(Few hours after, I finished. It's beautiful. I don't know what else to say honestly, hehe. It looks like something I had dreamed before. Thank you for writing this.

“Well it’s a good thing I’m not a lady then,” said Twilight, taking on a slightly more serious tone.

Got scared on this part, not gonna lie.)

Considering the author's consistently good scores in past. I'd say the dislikes have nothing to do with the contents of the story but the idea of trans people being in it

I felt Twilight's dysphoria pretty hard there, as I read this. And yet I also felt the way she's come to terms with it, the way she's been accepted, and more than that, loved.

This was a lovely little fluff piece, very cute. Rarilight is a ship I have enjoyed from time to time, and being a trans lady I'm definitely a fan of any interpretation of one (or more) of the Mane Six as a trans lady. That tongue in cheek "I'm not a lady, I'm a princess" was a lot like something I'd say too. Very much identifying with Twilight here.

Well done. And shame on all of you disliking this. I know why you're doing it, and you should be ashamed.

“You especially, of course, but just in general too. The girls, all the other friends we have. Everything seems so… Sunny.” She bit her lip. “That sounds sappy, doesn’t it?”

*whispers* G5 foreshadowing


"I figured out the exact direction I wanted to take it in, what I wanted to do. This is fluffy celebration, pure and simple,"

Or it's exactly what it's meant to be.

She had let Rarity do her makeup, to hide some of the things she disliked, and to emphasise what she did. Her eyes, for one, and the shape of her mouth.

I can see how this all started, as in canon. Rarity's initial shock at Twilight's appearance, because she saw how much beauty there was to bring out from underneath the surface.

Twilight shuffled back beside Rarity, their bodies touching, and she flicked her tail around to fall into Rarity’s tightly spun coil. “You love it, really.”

tailholding also aww

“I know so. I know you have a unique experience with life.” She then leaned up, kissing Twilight’s lips. They held together for a few moments, and then the sticky sugar pulled apart as they separated. “It’s good to know that despite that, you’ve taken to life like you’ve taken to every dress I give you. It fits you perfectly and brings me an endless amount of joy to see.”

Twilight’s heart almost burst, and they kissed again.

Combining figurative sweetness with literal sweetness, a very nice touch.

A great take on RariTwi, very sweet and fluffy. Supportive Rarity is always nice to see.

I do love sweet fluff like this. RariTwi is one of my fav ships too
The tailholding :heart::rainbowkiss: My heart melted.

Because there are unfortunate number of bigots in the fandom (despite it being completely against the message of the show), and trans people in particular are the favored target at the moment, since with the success of same-sex marriage in more and more countries, traditional gay-bashing is increasingly a losing proposition. Hence the blooming of various TERF organizations, and the increased focus on trans people by right-wing political groups, in the recent years.

Teal deer: shitty people are shitty.

Beautifully executed story! I'm a sucker for this kind of characterisation through mundane interactions, and the dialogue was also spot on.

Thank you for sharing this!

It's nice, it's fluffy, and it's just... well, hell, it's just sweet. Well and truly deserves a fave. :pinkiecrazy:

Fluff comes in all stripes. Nice work.

Nice work on this story. Not perfect and a little bit of errors but otherwise this makes a nice and cute romance story between Twilight and Rarity:twilightsmile::heart:

This was great! The dysphoria hit a bit hard, but I'm glad Twilight is handling it so well. Featured on episode 311 of my podcast, Pony 411.

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