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If you look around the multiverse, you'll find several entities who would be happy to see them, at least initially. Those sapients would be operating on dreams of free wishes and gold -- or, for the more sensible, shoe repair. But Equestria knows nothing of those tales. And so all Rainbow knows is that it's a very important day, one where she absolutely must have privacy, and that means she needs to get these miniature green-jacketed lunatics out of her life.

Must be Crackfic Week again!

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This story is a sequel to Oncoming Storm: Through a Mirror Darkly

Cloud Kicker and Rainbow Dash usually get along, especially since they started dating. However, when Rainbow pulls a prank that Cloud considers a bit too ambitious, the two of them have a falling out that leaves their relationship strained. Will an upcoming gaming tournament give the two of them a chance to reconcile, or will tensions boil over and push them apart for good?

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Rainbow has a lot of things going for her. And she should. She has friends, family, she's one of the Elements of Harmony, and she has her best friend Fluttershy. But what would happen.......if they all didn't want to be around her anymore? Even Fluttershy?

*P.S. Twilight is not a princess in this, even though it is after season seven. Just thought I'd put that in there.*

How do you guys like my new cover? I think it looks great and portrays the image of the main character very well! Tell me what you think in a comment!

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Rainbow Dash has always been an incredible fighter, the best in Canterlot High and the region, but when a new student shows up, she struggles to keep the title. Even more surprising, however, is that the student is a boy.
Anonymous is different than every guy Dash has ever met. Strong, confident, and more than capable of handling himself, it's no wonder Canterlot High's star athlete has taken an interest in him. When he shows her just how strong he is, however, it shakes Rainbow Dash to her very core.
With a desire to reclaim her title, Dash throws everything she has into defeating Anon, wanting to prove her strength and earn Anon's respect. Yes, his respect, and nothing more...

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Anon-A-Miss. They happened, people were hurt, the mess was cleaned up, people are begrudgingly forgiving the trio responsible, if only for Sunset, and everyone in the school is starting to become friends again. The problem was solved, right?

Not if you ask Rainbow Dash. She's still pretty mad at herself about it, after getting all the details shown to her. So are her friends, just slightly less so than her.

Yes, this is another Anon-A-Miss story, but at least it doesn't happen during the fiasco like nearly every other one I've read. I was considering a way I could write a story about the entire thing that wasn't done to death. Then I realized there weren't many stories that followed this particular line of thought, so I went with it to see what would happen when it was filtered through my brain.

Edit 2: Now has a Bookshelf to keep track of all the stories related to this one. TADAAAA!

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After a fight with Adagio, Aria Blaze needs somewhere to stay. She chooses Rainbow Dash's house. Rainbow Dash isn't thrilled about that, at first.

Shipping and some angst.

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This story is a sequel to Friendship Is Cynical

The cynical bastard, formerly known as Ryan Curtis, was no more. That person had died and been left to rot, leaving someone else in his place.
Rusty Nails, a human that finally broke free of his past, has found happiness over the years and is ready to start enjoying life. However, the mistakes of his former self have started to haunt him. Even while assuming a new identity, the memories of who he was before would occasionally resurface, plaguing his mind and tormenting him mercilessly.
After all this time of adventuring and discovering the man hidden beneath the monster, he is finally ready to return to his old home and make amends for all of the wrongs that his former self had committed. Unknown to him; There's more than just a few hurt feelings to make up for.

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How do you kill a pegasus's soul? Put her in charge of the town's weather, then only let her schedule sunny days and gentle evening showers. Not thunderstorms, not blizzards, certainly not hail or tornadoes.

Nothing fun, in other words. Celestia forbid the weather team make some real weather, the kind Rainbow Dash dreams about. The farmers would never stand for that.

Well, screw the farmers. Screw the fashionistas and screw the library princess too if she complains. Rainbow Dash has a dream and she's going to share it with the world, whether the world wants it or not.

A story dedicated to anyone who's ever been passionate about something.

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Rainbow Dash is a busy mare. She has to juggle Ponyville weather duties, training for the Wonderbolts, handling the occasional friendship mission or threat to Equestria, and napping. After all that, she only has so much time to spend writing Daring Do fanfiction.

Needless to say, that means her writing’s not that great - especially when combined with her inexperience at anything eggheads do.

Clearly somepony needs to fill the role of editor… even if the results aren't what Rainbow had in mind.

(Begins in the middle of Season 4, but the events take place over the next two seasons. References to episodes will happen as applicable.

Artwork modified with permission from a sketch by EvoManaphy. Story proofread by SPark, and others who don't have Fimfiction accounts.

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Rainbow Dash discovers Spike has the makings of a great archer to represent Ponyville in the next Equestria Games and decides to train him, but dragon-hating officials, and a dragon-fearing town are bent to bar him, and possibly Ponyville, from the Games.

Edited by Fan Without a Face. Huge thanks to him for all his criticism, feedback, and edits . If you ever need an editor, I highly recommend him.

A few things to know: According to the MLP wiki, there is a section of Fillydelphia where dragons live called Dragon Town.

I've had this story planned for a year now, but haven't gotten around to writing it due to personal issues. I like to think of it as a spiritual successor to my most popular story "The Measure of a Dragon" in that it deals with similar themes of isolation and being an outsider. Although Dr. Saffron and Silver Stone won't be making an appearance, I do have some new friends and foes waiting to meet our favorite dragon. The subject matter may get a bit dark at times, but I truly believe this is a story well worth telling.

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