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Dan, better known as Blue "Ace" Bass, has been in Skyrim for a while now. Over the years, he helped the Strom Cloaks in driving back the griffon empire.

However, during a rescue mission, a dragon appears and Dan discovers that there is more to himself than he thought.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim copyright (c) by Bethesda Softworks - all rights reserved
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic copyright (c) by Lauren Faust and Hasbro Inc. - all rights reserved

Dan/Blue "Ace" Bass belongs to thunderhawk7865

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*Contest entry for Thunderhawk's video game crossover*

Set just after the events of 'The 7th element', our hero Dan ends up in a alternative Equestria...a Roller Coaster Tycoon Equestria. There he ends up suddenly working for a large amusement park, until he finds out about some unpaid taxes...

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It has been 15 years since Dan, better known as Blue 'Ace' Bass, has been to Equestria. A month before his return, Dan has a dream and get's a surprise visit from an unwanted visitor bent on killing him. Will Ace be able to fight after all this time and survive? Or will the assailant triumph his trial and slay the most powerful Element bearer in history?

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Frosty Mug runs the premiere (and only) watering hole in Ponyville. He's been behind the pine for years, and listened to many a sob story, and joyous announcement. Enjoy his recollections of a rather strange week in which he served a different Element of Harmony every day, and a pony he would have never thought he'd have the honor of getting drunk. These are the memoirs of a Ponyville booze vendor.

Now with bonus drinks! Consider it 'Happy Hour'!

Warning: Shipping is mentioned.

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Due to her reckless antics and tomboyish behavior, Rainbow Dash has generally been thought of as one that had no real interest in the matters of love and dating. However, she gets challenged by Spike one day when he tells his friends that he would never be able to fall in love with her. Given Rainbow's competitive nature, a new challenge between the two of them begins.

She tries to steal Spike's heart and if he falls in love, he loses!

Between awkward dates, friendly interference, a jealous Rarity, an over-protective Twilight and a betting pool stretching all across Equestria, who knows what ending awaits them!

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A colt by the name of Silver Spark arrives in Ponyville to get away from the posh experiences from Manehattan. He meets Twilight Sparkle in which she introduces him to her other friends. Throughout his meeting n' greeting his cutie mark catches a lot of attention from the mane 6. Pinkie Pie throws a welcome party only for it to be interrupted by a distraught looking Princess Celestia. She has teleported from Canterlot to gain some help from Twilight and her friends because of the return of Queen Chrysalis.

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The element of loyalty is put to the ultimate test as she finds herself stranded in a foreign world with no idea where she is, how she got there or how she can even get back. When she is rescued by a small group of battle hardened soldiers on a secret search and rescue mission, she has no choice but to go with them if she wants to stay alive.

Soon she realises the seriousness of her situation as she finds herself on the front line on one of the worlds most fearsome battles.

WARNING: Contains strong language and graphic injury detiail.

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Let's just say your luck with the mares isn't all that great, two months in Ponyville and you've had your heart stomped on more times than you can count. That coupled with the fact you've lost your job, your house, and have barely enough bits to feed yourself means your life isn't exactly going so great. And after another botched attempt at a relationship you're ready to swear off of the whole dating game for good.
But after a night of drunken debauchery you awaken to find yourself in the service of Ponyville's premiere fashionista, you're willing to forget your previous pledge to the single life after she proves herself to be the kindest and most generous pony you've ever met, but only time will tell if she'll be your future lover or the next in line of a long list of mare's who you'd rather forget.

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Set 30 years before the events of the show, this is the story of the formation of Celestia's elite secret service, the Red Hooves, heading to war out on the Equestrian province state of Farachan on the island of Alacann. They are some of the finest warriors to grace Equestria and represent a new era for the country.

Little do they know that dangers will happen not on the battlefield, but within the ranks...

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A single changeling is cut off from the swarm during the attack on Canterlot. She's discovered by Vinyl Scratch and adopted as a pet. How will Wubsy the changeling, Vinyl, and Octavia cope when the town develops Changeling-phobia? Will Wubsy ever be able to prove her good intentions and stay with the mare she's grown so attached to? Rated Teen for off-page lesbian pony make-out session.

My bid to make "Wubsy" a more official part of the fannon. Check the source of the fic image to see the comic that started it all.

A gracious thank you to GarlicParsnip, Comma-Kazie, Chengar Qordath, JJ GingerHooves and Steel Resolve who proofread and co-authored the piece.

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