• Published 28th Apr 2012
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A Hero Of War (UNEDITED) - DontWakeTheNeighbour

Rainbow Dash finds herself on the frontline in one of the most fearsome battles in existance.

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Her eyes fluttered open, the same dull ringing in her ears from before clouded her senses. She felt cold, her head was burning and her hooves couldn't stop shaking. As her surroundings got clearer she could see that it was dark, she was surrounded by trees and the sound of rain which was soothing to her ears. Just then she saw a small fire in the corner of her eye. She turned to look. All five soldiers were there, talking amongst themselves as she looked into the small blaze in front of her and then her memories came rushing back into her mind.

The explosions, the screams of terror and the blood, all the gore splattered onto the ground, painting the once soft sand in a thick coat of red. She quickly looked at her hooves, they were not covered in blood like they were before but there were still dark red splats of the red fluid that stained her fur. She started to sob into her hooves as she realized that this was definitely no dream. She was in a world surrounded by war and she has already watched countless people get slaughtered in front of her eyes. Nothing could have prepared her for such a horrific ordeal.

Just then, the captain saw the cyan filly moving, he stood up holding an apple in his right hand before walking over to the quivering Pegasus. The other soldiers stopped to watch as the captain placed his hand on Rainbow Dash's shoulder.

"Hey, how y-"

He didn't finish his sentence, Rainbow Dash screamed in anguish before smacking his hand away. Her mind was a wash of anger and fear, she jumped onto her hooves her chest heaving as she gasped for air.

"Get away from me!! .... You monster!! YOU MONSTER!!"

Before the captain could react, the devastated Pegasus ran away into the dark woods before the captain chased after her. She ran almost blind as the rain and her tears blurring her vision. The captain was surprised by the agility of the creature as it weaved between the trees and jumping over large rocks.

"Stop!! .... STOP!!"

Rainbow Dash ignored his commands and continued to run, soon she could hear the captain was right behind her. She flapped her wings in a desperate attempt to fly away but she couldn't summon the strength to hoist her weight into the air. She was then tackled to the ground, she flailed widely as she was held down, trying to push the captain off her. She began to use her legs to firmly buck the captain in the stomach. She continued to struggle on the muddy ground as the rain soaked her fur, matting her mane to her forehead.

"Let go!! Let me go!!"

Rage slowly turned into sorrow as she firmly kicked the captain in the stomach one last time before she slumped onto the floor. Rainbow looked into the captains eyes as he held her down before Dixon and the rest of the team soon found them in the muddy pit.

"Sir! .... Are you okay?! Is everything alright?!"

"What does it look like?!"

Rainbow looked over the captains shoulder to see Andy running towards them carrying a large blanket. As he knelt beside them the captain let go of the Pegasus arms and walked off, clearly angered as he pushed his team away as he walked past. Andy stood over Rainbow before wrapping the warm blanket around her.

"Come on. .... Let's get you back to camp."

Rainbow Dash didn't respond, she just stared blankly as she was scooped up off the floor and carried out of the dark pit. Andy felt concerned for her as she felt limp in his arms. They walked back into the dark forrest as they made their way back to the fire, Andy could feel the small Pegasus shivering in the thick blanket as he jogged back to the camp.


Later that night back at the camp four of the men were sat eating their food as the captain was trying to get a signal to call for help.

The soldiers quietly ate their food as they looked at the blue Pegasus in front of them, glaring into their eyes, sat next to the fire still shivering from the cool breeze that surrounded the camp. Andy was the first to speak, leaning forward holding a piece of chopped up apple.

"Y-you want some?"

He threw the piece of fruit in front of her, she gave it a quick glance before she stubbornly kicked it away. The men looked at eachother, unsure of what to do next. Bishop was next to speak.

"Uh. We never got a chance to introduce ourselves." He said nudging the soldier to his right with his elbow.

"Uh. Ahem. I'm sergeant D, Cole. .... Uh. D is for Daniel. But you can me Spoony. Heh. It's because I'm the cook."

Rainbow Dash continued to stare bitterly as Cole looked over at his team mates, hinting the soldier next to him to speak next.

"I-I'm sergeant L, Bishop. I'm a weapons specialist from Philadelphia. .... Do you know where Philadelphia is? ...... Okay. This is private Andy, Clarkson."


"He's a translator. He can speak three different languages, French, German and Russian. He helps us with communications. .... Dixon? .... Dixon?"

Dixon leaned forward wiping his weapon with a bloody cloth, he looked at the cyan Pegasus with a stern look on his face. He noticed Rainbow Dash staring at the blood stained rag his hand. He stood up, looking into her eyes and without warning he threw to her feet, making the mare yelp before diving into a bush.

"What the fuck man?!!" Bishop yelled before standing up to Dixon. "Why did you do that?!! That's not funny?!!"

"Heh. Sorry. I thought it was funny. Wanna try it?"

"Fuck you!!"

"HEY!!" The captains voice yelled from a distance. "Knock it off!! Both of you, I don't want to hear you two bitching all night!!"

Dixon smirked before Bishop shoved Dixon to one side, running to the bush where Rainbow Dash was hiding. Bishop parted the leaves to see the blue pony covering her eyes.

"Hey. .... It's okay. .... Nothings gonna hurt you."

Rainbow Dash peeked through her hooves, her pupils were pin pricks as she looked at Bishop. He reached into the bush putting his hand in front of her, Rainbow glanced at his hand before reaching out. Bishop grabbed the hoof before pulling Rainbow Dash out of the bush, she walked past the sergeant still not breaking the silence as she walked towards the fire..

She tilted her head to look at Dixon who then smirked at he, Rainbow Dash quickly looked back at the burning timber before grabbing the blanket with her teeth, pulling it towards the fire. She wrapped it around herself before facing away from the soldiers, looking into the woods.

Bishop scowled at Dixon before slowly walking to the Pegasus, he could hear her quietly crying to herself. He sat next to her looking into the woods, he turned and grabbed the piece of apple from before, dusting most of the dirt off before holding it next to her.

"I'm sorry about that. Dixon can be a real asshole sometimes. .... Here. .... Come on. You gotta eat something."

Rainbow Dash looked at the piece of apple before grabbing it with her teeth, she slowly started chewing on the fruit, the taste was pretty plain compared to how the apples tasted back in Equestria but she savored the flavour as it was the only thing that reminded her of home. When she was finished eating the she continued to look into the darkness in front of her. Bishop stayed silent, trying not to pressure the pony into saying something.

"What happened?" Rainbow faintly said.

Bishop took a deep breath, thinking of what to say, still astonished by the fact that he was talking to what was basically a small horse.

"War. .... People fighting for power."

"But why? .... How did it all start?"

".... *Sigh* .... I don't even know anymore. .... I was just a carpenter when this all started. One day I wake up, people are running out of their houses, packing their things. People screaming, hiding in shelters. I took me three days to find out what was going on. By the time I found a place to stay, that was when the bombs started dropping."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. .... First the shelters were blown up, then all the homes were destroyed. Everyone was panicking, stealing food, water anything that wasn't theirs, they took. When I got to Ohio I saw these posters, saying that they needed soldiers to go to war. I didn't know what what to do. I went to the nearest recruitment office, signed some papers and before I knew it I was fighting for my country against the Japanese. I'm only with these guys because my platoon was wiped out, I was the only one left alive. .... Lucky me eh?"

Rainbow Dash looked out into the sky, looking at the moon, surrounded by thousands upon thousands of stars, she felt empty as she couldn't help but see those gory images. She shuddered before adjusting the blanket wrapped around her body.

"Things were so different back at Equestria."

"Equestria? .... Is that your home?"

"It's another world."

".... You mean you not from this planet?"

"No. My home is somewhere out there in the stars."

"I'm sorry but I find that hard to believe. .... Then again after seeing talking horse nothing can surprise me now."

"I'm not a horse! I'm a pony! I'm a Pegasus!"

"Eh! Sorry, I didn't know. .... So. .... What is this planet of yours like?"

"Beautiful. ..... Colorful ..... A place of magic, a place of peace and harmony. There's never been a war for hundreds of years."

"Hmm. .... Sounds like my kinda place."

"I should be there. .... I don't belong here! .... I gotta get back. But I don't know how I got here!"

Bishop placed his hand on Rainbows soldier, making her flinch, she then laid on the ground as Bishop rested his hand on her back, gently stroking her fur as he looked at the stars.

"I've never really thought about whether there were other worlds out there. But if what your saying is true, then I'm sure if you managed to find away here, then your friends will find a way to take you back. .... Damn. All this is making my head spin. You wanna go talk with the others?"

"I-I dont know."

"Hey, dont worry about Dixon. He's just a dick who we have the displeasure of working with. He's alright once you get to know him. .... Come on."

"........ O-okay."