• Published 28th Apr 2012
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A Hero Of War (UNEDITED) - DontWakeTheNeighbour

Rainbow Dash finds herself on the frontline in one of the most fearsome battles in existance.

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It was yet another beautiful spring morning in Equestria. The sun slowly rose in the horizon, flooding the peaceful town of Ponyville with it's warm glow. Ponies slowly woke up as the peaceful light entered their homes and illuminated their surroundings.

Slowly, minute by minute, the town started to come to life, ponies walking out of their homes, greeting the sweet embrace of Celestia's light as they went on with their lives. Shops opening one by one as the Pegasus ponies parted the clouds just as scheduled. One Pegasus pony in particular was watching from afar on a stray cloud, the element of loyalty Rainbow Dash, brushing her mane to one side as she slowly stood up, breathing in the fresh morning air.

Today was her day off but she had nothing to do, she decided it'd be best to stretch her wings first, that way she'd be prepared for anything, whether it's more flying practice or another crazy adventure. Rainbow Dash peaked over the cloud looking at the ground below her, she slowly flapped her wings, the cool breeze sweeping across her body as she jumped off the small cloud, descending to the ground in a daring nose dive.

Just meters from the ground, Rainbow used on firm thrash of her wings to level out before pulling up again, the tension in her muscles loosening as she stretched her legs in mid-flight. Rainbow weaved and rolled through the air as she navigated her way through the streets of Ponyville, before she caught a glimpse of the burning sun warming her fur. A radical idea then entered her mind.

She used her momentum to throw herself up, using her wings to maintain her velocity. Rainbow Dash assented towards the glowing star, blasting past Cloudsdale and beyond, using nearly all her strength to maintain the blistering speed.

Just as the heat was becoming unbearable Rainbow retracted her wings, allowing gravity to pull her down again. Using her body she moved herself into yet another nose dive, gaining speed as fast as she was losing attitude. The adrenalin started pumping through her veins as she blasted past Cloudsdale visually almost impossible to see. Rainbow then saw the town through the clouds, she tensed her wings, ready to pull out of the deadly decent. Meter by meter, she could almost smell the fre-


Rainbow Dash jumped to her feet as her beautiful was shattered around her. Startled, confused, her vision just a blur, she frantically looked around trying to focus on her surroundings. The room was cold, dark and a strong smell of sweat and stale urine clouded her senses.

The ice cool liquid thrown on her fur was making her whole body shiver involuntary as her heart began beating out of her chest. As Rainbow Dash tried to steady herself she slipped, landing hard on the concrete floor as a dull ringing started to echo in her ears.


Rainbow gasped as the foreign yet strangely farmilar language, echoed through the room. She tried to stand up but her legs were burning, her whole body weak as she gasped for air. Her vision soon began to clear, she noticed a pair of dark glaring eyes staring deep into hers. She jumped back, not knowing what was staring at her, to find out that her hooves were chained to the wall behind her.

She tugged as hard as she could, yanking at the steel binds before fatigue settled in, making her weaker then a newborn kitten. Tears began to form in the corners of her eyes as she tried to make sense of what was going on. She dragged her head along the ground to look back into those piercing eyes, still as close to her as they were before. Then it spoke again.


Rainbow Dash couldn't understand what the hairless creature was saying, she just kept staring into those eyes before it stood up on it's back legs, still not breaking eye contact. Rainbow could see that it was fully clothed, wearing a dark and long green jacket covered in badges and medals, on its left arm a red strip of fabric, a white circle and a black crooked X in the middle.

Rainbow assumed that it was a soldier of some kind, as she could understand that medals were given to brave stallion soldiers in Equestria. She looked around the room to see the same strange logo on his arm on a large flag in front of her and on posters all around the room. Her heart sank as she noticed splashes of both fresh and dried blood across the room, on the wall, on the floor and on the strange machinery which surrounded her. And then the horrifying reality struck her like a bolt of lightning. It was a torture chamber.

"Sie war mit der amerikanischen ja?"

As it stepped to one side Rainbow saw another creature just like it in the distance, tied to the wall like she was. It was covered head to toe in cuts, gashes and bruises, moaning in agony, blood pouring from the large wounds. Rainbow watched as it looked at her with tears in its eyes before turning to yank at the chains, grunting hysterically in pain with every firm tug.

"Come on! Come on!"

Rainbow's eyes widened. It spoke English like she did. A sense of relief eased her mind but as she tried to call out to it, she realized she couldn't speak as an unbearable thirst erupted in her throat. She tried again but it was hopeless, her throat was sore and her condition wasn't going to make it any easier. From the tone of it's voice Rainbow guessed it was a male, whatever it was. At least that's what a male pony sounds like in Equestria. But why was he tied up? What was he doing here? What was she doing here?

Before she could ask herself another question, the foreign voice yelled at the soldier across the room, echoing through the room and sending a cold shiver down her spine.

"Töte den amerikanischen!"

One of the soldiers behind the decorated general, pulled out a sharp blade and walked up to the prisoner, before grabbing his head and holding the blade to his throat. Rainbow Dash could do nothing but watch in horror as the wounded man screamed for mercy.

"NO! PLEASE!! I beg of you!! .... I have a family!! Don't kill me!! DON'T KILL ME!! .... PLEASE!!"

Rainbow tried everything to scream out for help but her throat was still too sore. All she could manage was a faint squeak as the soldier lifted the prisoners head, exposing more of his throat, laughing like a cheesy game show host. He was shown no mercy as the blade ripped through the delectate flesh, severing veins and arteries as his blood spurted across the room and onto Rainbow's face.

The soldier threw the prisoner to the ground as his blood pooled onto the concrete surface, the crimson fluid quickly creating a large puddle staining the petrified Pegasus’s coat. She whimpered in terror, curling into a ball, holding her head in her hooves as she closed her eyes tight. What was happening? Was she in a dream? Did Twilight send her to another dimension? Or was this all some messed up hallucination? Thoughts raced through her mind as she began to hyperventilate.

D-d-ont hurt me, don't kill me, she thought to herself over and over again. She just wanted to wake up from this terrible nightmare, to sit up in a cold sweat on her cozy bed in Cloudsdale, but it felt all too real for it to be a dream. She opened one of her eyes to see two soldiers in front of her, both grinning and laughing as they watched her quiver on the floor.

One of them stood forward, it's face covered in blood as he began to wave the bloody knife in front of her, she tried desperately to back away as it got closer and closer to her muzzle. She took one last look at the still twitching prisoner sprawled on the floor. She felt a part of herself die inside as she watched him reach out for her as his life, slowly drain from his eyes.

Tears were now pouring onto the floor as Rainbow looked at the madman in front of her, breathing through his mad grin, laughing at the same time. She closed her eyes, praying that she'd be granted the wish of at least a quick and painless death.


An explosion blasted through the thick walls of the dark room, sending pieces of flying debris and shrapnel through the room. A large table was thrown across the room before it crashed beside Rainbow Dash before she covered her face, being bombarded with small rocks hitting whole body. She trembled in fear as she listened to the shouting and screaming of her captors, echoing around the room.

She opened her eyes and saw a large hole in the wall in front of her, five silhouettes ran through the cloud of dust and into the dark room. As her eyes adjusted to the bright light in front of her, she could see the dark figures attacking enemy soldiers, using their machine guns to take down her captors one by one. Rainbow Dash dove behind the overturned table next to her, taking cover as bullets showered the room.

"Die you motherfuckers!! DIE!!"

The loud roar came from the leader of the group as he pistol whipped the general across the face, making a unearthly snap as teeth and blood sprayed across the room. The destruction seemed to go on forever as Rainbow Dash whimpered in the dark shadow of the table that she leaned against. When the dust settled they regrouped around the prisoner. Rainbow Dash peeked around the table, now riddled with bullets and shrapnel to see one of the five soldiers throw his weapon on the floor in anger.

"FUCK!!" He yelled before seeing a wounded soldier nearby. He ran across the room before grabbing the only one who was alive. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!"

He began to lash out on the wounded man, throwing punches to his face, every blow echoing off the stone walls before he was then pulled away by two of his colleagues. The leader then ran across the room, roughly grabbing the infuriated soldier by the scruff of the neck before pushing him against the wall, shaking him and shouting in his face..

"God damn it Dixon, knock it off!! He's dead!! .... There's nothing we can do! Alright? Get your head back in the game! .... Go check the exits and cool off!!"

The captain slowly let Dixon go watching the soldier as her picked up his gun and ran out of the room. The leader went back to his team and knelt down, looking at the remains of the prisoner in front of him. Blood fresh on the floor, his body covered in debris, splinters and dust.

"How long?" He sighed.

"No more than a few minutes."

"Damn it! .... God damn it! .... DIXON!! HOW ARE THOSE EXITS?!!"

"All clear out here captain!! Looks like these bastards were on their own!!"

The captain stands up before taking a look around the room, clenching his fists before sitting down with his team, with anger and frustration clear in his face.

"Okay. ..... Here's the plan. First w-"


Rainbow Dash darted back behind the table, her chest heaving, sweat bleeding from her forehead as she held her breath. Her heart sank more and more as the silence grew longer. The captain then stood up, looking at the large table in front of him.

"What was that?"


"I saw something move. .... Over there."

Rainbows heart skipped a beat as the captain cocked his gun. She could hear his foot-steps walking over the broken glass on the floor. She couldn't do anything to stop herself from sobbing hysterically. She firmly covered her mouth with her blood stained hooves, stifled whimpers escaping her mouth as she tried everything to be silent. But the captain was already aware of her presence.

"There's someone behind the table."

Rainbow could hear the troops quickly move around before the room was quiet once again, just the barely audible footsteps of the approaching soldier echoing through the room. The captain then lowered his voice till it was a gentle whisper, which was strangely soothing to Rainbows ears.

"Hello? .... Are you okay? .... Come on. Come out slowly. .... We won’t hurt you."

Rainbow Dash winced, she had nowhere to go and she wasn't sure if surrendering was the safest option. She knew she didn't have the strength to fly and that's she would probably get shot down if she did. She had no choice. Rainbow scooted to her right, ever so slowly leaning towards the light as she lifted a hoof up to her chin.

Rainbow mustered then all her bravery before she slowly pushed her hoof into the light, the soldiers grasping theirs weapons tighter as they saw a blue, bloodstained hoof peep around the corner.

"What the fuck?"

Rainbow panicked and was quick to pull her hoof back as the captain turned around, a menacing scowl grew across his face.

"For fucks sake, Bishop!"

"Sorry. .... Sorry."

After a long sigh the captain turned back to the table, taking a deep breath before taking one step closer towards the table and reaching out into the shadows.

"Come on. .... Take my hand. It'll be okay. .... I promise."

Rainbow saw his hand creep around the corner, she was scared out of her wits but his reassuring tone voice gave her the encouragement she needed. She slowly reached out and pressed her hoof against the captains palm. He paused confused, it felt strange to him. The blue limb was warm and the colorful fur was soft. He slowly grasped it, feeling muscle and bone underneath. He wanted to rip his hand away, shouting 'what the fuck?!' But he kept his composure and cleared his throat, making the timid hoof flinch.

"O-okay. ..... Now come out slowly. .... It's gonna be fine."

The captain held his breath not knowing what to expect as the creature gingerly limped out into the open. The captain jumped as he saw a large pair of magenta eyes staring back at him. He raised a hand to his team bringing it down slowly, signaling the soldiers to lower their weapons. Despite the obvious shock he continued to slowly guide the cyan creature out, ears pressed flat against it's head as the soldiers saw Rainbow Dash for the first time.


A deathly silence shook the room as all the soldiers stared at the creature before them, Rainbow Dash was still shaking in fear, unsure if they were going to help her or hurt her. She could barely stand on her own, she felt hungry, thirsty, like she hadn't eaten or drank anything for days. As Rainbow Dash tried to stay on her hooves, the captain leaned closer, unable to believe what he was seeing.

Still holding the gory hoof, he gently started stroking it as he looked deep into her eyes, unable to dismiss the nagging feeling that an animal was responding to what he was saying.

"Can? .... Can you understand me?"

At first she hesitated, looking at the floor but she soon looked up again at the captain before opening her mouth trying to speak. It took a few attempts until she used all her strength to faintly wheeze the words.

"Y. .... Ye- .... Y-yes."