• Published 28th Apr 2012
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A Hero Of War (UNEDITED) - DontWakeTheNeighbour

Rainbow Dash finds herself on the frontline in one of the most fearsome battles in existance.

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The captain recoiled in shock, as did the soldiers behind him. The strange cyan creature just spoke, her voice sounded so dry and so frail. The silence seemed to last forever until the captain was first to speak.

"Jesus Christ."

Rainbow Dash was unable to repeat her sentence, her mouth opened but words didn't follow. She tried one last time before she resorted to a gentle nod. The captain then turned to his team, stood behind him with dumbfound looks on their faces.

"Andy. .... Get the water. Bishop, see if you can get these chains off."

The shortest soldier in the group ran across, taking his backpack off before pulling a small bottle out of it. The second soldier was close behind, walking next to Rainbow Dash before taking a closer look at the chains. Andy then gave the bottle to the captain, Rainbow watching the metal container as it being opened in front of her.

The captain held the bottle in front of the Pegasus before tilting it whilst pressed against her lips. Rainbow didn't think, her instincts took over as she quickly gulped the ice cool water down as fast as she could, like a baby lamb being given a bottle of milk. Tears of relief now flowed down her face as the refreshing fluid pooled down her neck, gently massaging the dry cracks in her throat. The sergeant looking at the chains then pulled out his machete. Rainbow heard the blade as it was pulled out of it's sheath and jumped away, just as Dixon sprinted through the door with a look of panic on his face.

"SIR!! WE GOT COMPANY!! .... What the fuck?! What is that?!"

"Where Dixon?!"

"U-uh. North! NORTH!!"

The captain immediately jumped to his feet, looking out the window, where he saw a convoy of trucks in the distance. His heart race as the oncoming platoon drove closer and closer to them.

"Aw, shit! .... MOVE!!"

Whilst Rainbow Dash was stricken with fear, the sergeant holding the blade used one firm swing to break the chains binding her to the wall. Before she had time to flinch, bullets began to shower the room around her. The captain then returned fire before running to the exit, waiting for his men to follow. Sgt Bishop then turned to Rainbow who was covering her head with her hooves.

"Can you move?!"



"Y-yes! I think so!"

"Then stay behind me! Don't fall behind! Got it?!"

"Got it!"

Despite the fact that seconds ago she could barely stand, the sudden urge of adrenalin gave Rainbow the strength she needed to keep up with the sergeant. As soon as they regrouped with the team the captain sprinted out into the open, shooting at the enemy as they returned fire. Rainbow Dash's eyes strained in the burning light as she continued to run, bullets flying past, some as close as a few centimeters away as wisps of hot air surrounded her. Barely able to see who or what was in front of her, Rainbow Dash did everything she could to keep up on the sandy surface.

The soldiers then dove for cover just before Rainbow Dash followed. As her eyes once again adjusted to the light in the shadows, she could see that she was on a large beach and the enemy soldiers were coming from the south, still firing their weapons as they were only a few hundred yards away. Rainbow looked around her surroundings to see that she was in an abandoned trench surrounded by old collapsed buildings whi-


Rainbow was pulled down just as an explosion shook the ground, filling the air with dirt and debris. She was on her back, staring into the sky as the dull ringing in her ears got louder and louder. Suddenly the captain was looking down at her, shouting in her face as she was picked up off the ground by sgt Dixon. As she was carried across the battlefield, numb, disoriented, her hearing slowly started to come back as the captain shouted at his team.

"-nd we can't afford any mistakes!! We need to call in an evac as soon as we can!!"

"But sir!!" Andy yelled, his voice no louder then a faint whisper compared the destruction which surrounded them. "They're just gonna follow us back!!"

The captain paused, trying to think of a solution as opened fire on the enemy once again. Rainbow, still disoriented watched as the shells from the gun appeared to move in slow motion as they fell to the ground. The soldiers then dove into a pit, taking cover as Dixon placed Rainbow on the ground. The captain then quickly reloaded his weapon, bullets showering the air as he turned to sgt Dixon.

"Alright!! You get to the top of that small cliff as we cover you. Bishop you do the same in those trees over there. When you get to your positions, take out as many foot soldiers as you can. Use you're shotgun to scatter them and fire you're pistol to take them out one at a time. Hopefully they'll think there is a shitstorm waiting for them, and then they'll pull back. Giving us enough time to run into the trees. .... You got it?!"

"Yes sir!!"


Sgt Dixon and Bishop both ran out of cover as the remaining three soldiers aimed and fired. Rainbow watched, lying on the floor as SST Bishop sprinted across the beach towards the trees. They continued to fire at the opposing enemy's as they took cover in the trenches. Bishop was first to make it to the Forrest, Dixon only seconds behind.


The captain ducked into the sandy pit, his hands shaking as he grabbed another clip. As he pushed the magazine into his weapon he caught a glimpse of the cyan creature in front of him, those large magenta eyes staring at him once again as if they were looking deep into his soul.

A stray bullet then scratched his cheek, making him wince in pain before he stood up to fire, letting out a primeval roar as he fired his gun.

Both Dixon and Bishop were now in position, looking at the enemy down their sights as they both fired upon the enemy. Soon the opposing soldiers did just as the captain predicted, they began to break formation, looking for cover as Dixon and Bishop both began to pick them off one by one.

Meanwhile Rainbow Dash, overwhelmed and still confused began to crawl up the walls of the sand pit, fear driving her body to push her weight towards the top. When she finally made it to the top before resting her head on the ground, her senses cleared, her eyes widened as the reality of what was happening around her finally sunk in.

She watched as enemy soldiers screamed in fear and pain before they were shot down one at a time. Her mind raced as she saw bullets rip through flesh, shrapnel tearing through their bodes as blood sprayed across the battlefield. Rainbow Dash watched as the captain continued to fire upon the soldiers, showing not a hint of mercy. She covered her eyes in horror but soon looked at her hooves. The blood now staining her coat had painted her body in a dark crimson tone. She began to shake as the stench filled her nose, reaching her senses.

She recoiled, falling down the steep hill before landing on the wet sand below, getting the wind knocked out of her. She dragged herself along the ground, gasping for air, those gruesome images of those men being slaughtered in front of her eyes. She pulled herself towards a large puddle before staring into it's reflection. It was the first time she had seen herself in this strange world.

Her face was almost completely covered in blood, she looked at herself before she started to scream hysterically, stamping on her reflection and using the dirty water to try and wash the gory stains off her face. She scrubbed furiously, her cheeks burning as she could feel herself getting weaker and weaker.

She collapsed onto the ground shaking, feeling physically sick as all of what she had just seen, everything that she had just witnessed, proved all too much for her to mind cope. She found herself slipping away, her tearful eyes slowly closed as she finally let herself drift into a deep and dark sleep.