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[Comedic FIOxPortal Oneshot]

There's nothing like a little light humor to start a test subject’s spiral into crushing defeat, but GLaDOS may have to update the testing protocol to accommodate both ponies and friendship.

Written for a FIO contest; I thought they were gonna make an actual physical book. Oh well, it was a lot of fun to write.

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Hanna, the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios, just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO. Hanna has built an A.I. Princess Celestia and given her one basic drive: to satisfy everybody's values through friendship and ponies. Princess Celestia will satisfy your values through friendship and ponies, and it will be completely consensual.

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Having a desktop pet can be relaxing to watch, but the Twilight Sparkle pet is a bit more unique as it's capable to perform conversations with its user. It's a learning pet, but the way it performs could leave some people to believe that this Twilight is actually alive.

But it's still just a program... right?

Even though this is an Anon story, their name will be changed to Antoni for the sake of my sanity and to allow both genders to be interpreted (Antonio = Male) (Antonia = Female)

The cover image is a quick overlay of a Twilight vector image by sapphire-beauty0 over a screenshot of my desktop.

Made for a competition at Angel Midnight's Hideout.

TheFlint44 has also made a Chinese translation (中文译文) of the story for your pleasure.

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In an alternate universe, the brony community takes on a new level of wonder and mockery in the eyes of the media as bronies and pegasisters are blessed with their own little pony friends who magically appear before them. However, Erik, a newcomer to the herd, is too afraid to show off his pony, hiding her away. However, despite the fear of ridicule and ostracism, Erik must learn that he should not have to hide his love for the show, and it gets easier when you have a pony that will stick with you through every step of the way.

The picture belongs to Gamma Delta from Equestria Daily. It can be found under Drawfriend #379.

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This story is a sequel to A Legend Returns

William is a normal human that tries his best to be happy. Although his father was arrested 5 years ago for trying to steal very expensive equipment from the lab he was working, and his mother got to work immediately to maintain him and his sister Melissa, but he always tries his best to be a good person.
One day, he stumbles in the park with something impossible: two little ponies with wings, horns, and the ability to speak. He tries to help them, and in the way, he might discover the real reason of why his father is at prison.

This story is a PREQUEL of https://www.fimfiction.net/story/516698/a-legend-returns not a sequel.
You don't need to read it before you read this one, although I recommend you to do it when you finish this one.

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(A PoE story.) Additional Tags: (Slice Of Life)
All Twilight wanted was to give Spike a special gift for his birthday. Yes, it was a book, but it was a very special book. An Enchanted Book like that Power Ponies comic they had recently experienced.
Things went wrong when Spike startled Twilight as she was working the spell for his (secret) gift. Needless to say, startling Twilight while she's in the middle of a spell can be a bad idea - as certain frogs can tell you.
Twilight has every reason to believe that she is now trapped in a closed reality bubble fabricated out of her own magic, with no way out. She's lost in some made-up universe reflecting some random story line.
Mike, of course, has a different opinion about the matter.

WARNING: Both Twilight and Mike love talking technical and explaining things to each other.

Twilight's World now has an audio reading by No One and Nobody. Listen HERE.

This most excellent cover art was provided by Void Heart

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This is a story about a boy who had a normal life until he was stricken with a terrible illness that revealed the truth about his friends, and how superficial friendship in this world can be. It's only through watching My Little Pony, and his parents' support, that he is able to get by. After going in for emergency surgery, he wakes up in a place he never thought was real, with six familiar ponies that represent all he had lost faith in.

This story is something that I've been thinking about writing for a while.

It is short, but I hope it's effective.

Based somewhat on my own personal experiences with ulcerative colitis (but I never did have megacolon).

And this is it. It's not the start of a longer HIE story, it's just my tribute to those kids who get sick and feel alone.

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Humans in Equestria? Naa, that's been done to death. What about Ponies in Equestria?

When a clever pony from the human world finds herself in the land of intelligent Equestrian ponies, how will she react?

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Oliver "Oli" Madsen prides himself as being one of the earliest fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon that aired the previous fall. Despite choosing to end his education after high school, he looks forward to a fun party and music-filled summer.

One day, Oli obtains a strange, but familiar looking book from a flea market whose blank pages mysteriously fill with text in a language he can somehow understand. Through the book's magic, Oli inadvertently transports himself to a land populated with characters he thought would only ever exist behind a screen.

This event will forever change the lives of Oli, his family, and his friends, both old and new...


My 10th Anniversary story and tribute of sorts to the series and the fandom.

Links to Images Used for Cover Art:


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William is a human that suddenly appears in equestria. He doesn't know what's going on, but somehow the ponies immediately recognize him by his name, and take him to meet the princess.
He didn't do anything yet, and everypony already knows his name, or that's what he thinks.
Situated in the middle of season five.

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