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Book I
Meet Dusk Noir, a unicorn stallion from Canterlot. He attends Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, has a liking to learning and reading and has a unique magical talent. He seems like he would be happy, but there's just one problem: he doesn't have any friends. It's not that he doesn't want them, but he just feels that he wouldn't be worth the time of anypony. He sees himself as unremarkable, a waste of space and not much to bother with. There's only one pony he'd even consider being good enough as a friend for and he doesn't even know how to say the first word to her. It seems like he will always be alone.
Until one night, when he discovered by the Princess of the Sun and is sent to Ponyville to meet her at last. Can he achieve the goal of earning her friendship and much more besides or will he be simply left alone?
This is a story that I began as a sort of creativity outlet when I discovered how much of a fan I was of the series. From there, it just kind of grew and I enjoyed continuing it. Doubtless, you probably know what it's going to be about before you even read it and would even be tempted to point it out. I won't try and change what you think, all I ask is that you give it a chance.
There are two more stories following this, both of which along with the fuller version of this one, can be found on my fanfiction account. Just search my username and you'll find them, if you really want to read more that is. I'll try posting on as regular a basis as I can. That is, if it's received well.
This first one isn't my best, I'll admit that much, but I certainly did try my best with this one and what I had planned for it. I hope you enjoy it.
The cover was by Quillin Words and he did a fantastic job, thanks dude!

Chapters (16)

After his so-called reformation, Discord longs for revenge on the Spirits of Harmony. So when he is visited by Dr. Eggman, offering revenge on his enemies in exchange for partnership, he jumps at the chance. Now the heroes from both worlds work together to bring both villains down as they try to collect all the chaos emeralds... and destroy the Elements of Harmony once and for all.

But maybe fate brought these two worlds together for a greater reason. Each Spirit of Harmony has a bond with one of the Sonic Heroes, the greatest of all between Sonic and Rainbow Dash. With both Chaos Control and Friendship, both worlds combined would be unstoppable. Unfortunately, the same may be said for the enemy.

This is the constant struggle between Chaos and Harmony opened up to a whole new level.

Chapters (14)

Sonic the Hedgehog wakes up one early morning and finds him a gem that teleports him to Equestria

Chapters (11)

As a genetic experiment gone right, Ember must survive in a new world where fiction is reality, and apparently friendship is the strongest force there is.

Warning! If you don't like morphs (half-human half-animal/mythological beast (a Centaur counts as a morph to me)) and/or herms (both male and female at the same time) then this story probably isn't for you.

If you feel like I'm missing a tag, please let me know what I'm missing and why. If I agree with your reasoning I'll add it.

Please stay with it till the first chapter, MLP comes into play there...

If you downvote please explain why in the comments so I can improve!

Thanks to Requiem17 for pre-reading, editing, and helping me come up with a better name for this story than "Ember", go check him out!

Chapters (4)

Twilight was on her way home from a visit with Zecora when she is attacked by manticores and saved by a strange pony who claims to be a hermit. if he prefers solitude, then why did he save her, and what is he hiding? Can Twilight and her friends show him the magic of friendship and get him to open up, or is his past too painful to reveal?
The sequal to this story is here

Cover art by Sayer

Chapters (7)

Spartan A-042 finds himself on a mission gone wrong when he winds up in a land of talking ponies and other magical creatures as he struggles to comprehend how he got there, why he is there and above all, how can he leave.

Chapters (18)

Sonic, with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, is accidentally sent to Equestria. Now he has to try and find a way back before anything happens to his home or his friends.

Chapters (33)

When Luna and Twilight discover the Forward Unto Dawn, they wonder what this could possibly bring to the peaceful land of Equestria. They have no idea what could possibly be on this odd object racing to the ground.
When Cortana awakens Master Chief from his slumber, she warns that the Dawn is falling to the surface of an unknown planet. Chief must find a way to get to the ground safely and survive in this new, oddly colored place.

This the beginning of my first fanfiction. It will be a continuing story until I decide to stop. I hope everyone will be supportive and encouraging as I write this story for all you guys.

Chapters (14)

Life it has many curve balls thats what Shades father Six told him the day he left for the UNSC training camps. Shade took those words to heart on every mission and through everyday life its helped him in many cases but one day on a 'milk run' mission Shade is thrown the biggest curve ball in his life.....

Chapters (6)

I've had my fair share of critics in my line of work. It's understandable—someone with the power to invoke fear in those he touches? Yeah, that's someone I want to watch over me and my children.

But that's what I am now; a Metahuman Agent, using this and the other 'perks' of my unique condition to help my team in taking down the baddie of the day. Of course, it was while taking down the baddie of the day that I fell victim to his malfunctioning machine; a Rift that tossed me, randomly, to a head-scratchingly insane world of magical, talking ponies...

All I can do now is wait, pray I can get home, and try to show them I'm not the monster I appear to be.

(Dread's homeworld is based somewhat on the Little Victory comics by jollyjack; an Earth where metahumans are enlisted and trained by the government to defend the populace from threats, big and small.)

Chapters (21)