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I felt it was time for a new bio, but don't know what to write. Maybe something philosophical? Umm...? Hmm.... Whoops! Look at that!! I seem to have run out of characters!! Remember to Stay Beautiful!


Sonic, with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, is accidentally sent to Equestria. Now he has to try and find a way back before anything happens to his home or his friends.

Chapters (33)
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I like those little Easter eggs you put in there by spelling the worlds' names backwards. Very clever.:ajsmug:

Hmmm.... Interesting. I shall watch this. Also, Sonic seems abit OOC, he probobly wouldn't call Eggman by his name, he normally calls him egghead. And he seems to modest. And worried, in all the games I've played he is never worried. But continue. I shall follow. :moustache:

Not really so much OOC as you might think actually.. Sonic does have his moments of displaying feelings like concern.. and should a situation enforce it, he will get serious.. in his own way

3569065 Eh, I just could easily see him showing off and boasting… but its a good story. Though to make this story compleated, it has to have Shadow locked in a room with Pinkie.

Well here we go.. Sonic needs a target for his Homing Attack, how about some rampaging timberwolves? Looks like next chapter's due for some action! I'll bring up some nice battle themes!
How about some classic? Final Fantasy IV!

Or.. a remake?

either way.. it all leads to a victory nonetheless

I'm a Final Fantasy fan can't ya'lls tell.. meh heh..

3569086 That is the fastest way to drive that hedgehog insane


After ten minutes he'll be shaking, rocking on the ground muttering about evil pink demons.

3569390 If he doesn't shoot her first, or teleport away.

I chuckled at Sonic's comment about Applebloom and Scootaloo arguing like a married couple.... meanwhile all Applebloom/Scootaloo shippers find more ammunition

I don't know where Zorgons is, or how Spartans apparently eat metal, but I know for certain the having the CMC be the first ponies you meet might not end very well for anyone.

Alright, we get to see Sonic's homing attack. After the next chapter, we need to know how Sonic's 15 or so "friends" are doing.

3568957 Yeah, I was going to start with the name calling because if he called Eggman "Egghead" right at the start the crusaders would be confused. An for the nervousness thing, wouldn't you be nervous and have anxiety too if you went to a new place, or for the fact a new DIMENSION!?!?!? Sonic has to settle in and let his coolness recharge :rainbowwild:, I hope I didn't sound like an ass in this reply :twilightsheepish:

3569105 Hmmm, I was thinking more along the lines of :


3571423 Not bad, Not bad at all, but I am a bigger fan of pokemon, I like literally know NOTHING about final fantasy, good music though and I like the victory theme :pinkiehappy:

3571685 Final Fantasy.. ah... let's see how do I describe this... it's kinda similar to Pokemon in how the battles work. All command based, only you play in parties of 3-5 (depending on the game) characters.. all with different classes/jobs.. knights and magic.. oh and summons too.. I'd say that pokemon was derived from a similar game engine as Final Fantasy.. plus the series is decades old and got its start on the SNES

3571866 Well, I mean i knew how the battle system worked and stuff, I just don't know what the story is and things like that, I have no idea what the characters are and their names, I only know their is an ostrich like thing that you can ride called a Chocobo

3571999 The cast of characters is different for each game. every game from the series only has similar monsters, magic and such.. the stories are all different.. different characters, personalities and such.

3571055 The only reason I even thought of that is because he's been teleported to new dimensions a lot. In Rings, Black Knight, Sonic X, I geuss Colors could count.... And then there's Generations. I'd think he'd be used to it by now. And no you didn't come off sounding mean.

3568161 I know what Sparta is, but what the hell is Zorgons?:rainbowhuh:

3573287 Zorgons are actually a race of flesh-eating reptilian aliens from Zathura.

3573287 Have you heard of the movie "Zathura?" also what Spartans are you talking about?

3574770 The ones from 300 and THE God of War.

3573219 Well, in those he either had a warning of where he was going or he didn't have time to be nervous, I honestly was thinking about those when I wrote this but don't worry, he was only worried at the beginning, kind of mostly about the chaos emeralds though. Once he had time to settle he will go back to being his cocky self again. Thanks for supporting me :pinkiehappy:

3573347 My story is kind of like a cartoon, Next Saturday at whenever :rainbowlaugh:, your wish shall be granted though in due time :pinkiesmile:

I'm interested and there's a lot of promise here......but...what's with Sonic listing off all this exposition? I get that Sonic would be able to realize he's in another world since it's happened before but what made the CMC jump to that conclusion before it was explained? Why's he demonstrating all he can do to them instead of asking where he is and what exactly is going on in this world he's landed in? Yes Sonic is a showoff who likes looking cool but he doesn't just bust it out all at once when meeting new people It's something that gets shown gradually over time. There just seemed to be a lot of clustered "Expostion, Exposition!" talk that seems out of place for Sonic to say. Also Sonic back and forth with Eggman is really good but none of that attitude seemed to be here this chapter. I'm still gonna follow this because I am interested. I just wanted to give some constructive criticism....please don't be angry I mean no offense :pinkiesad2:

3578959 None taken, Also, I don't know what exposition is:twilightsheepish:, but with the CMC's they were just getting to know each other and sonic only explained his moves to them, he really only showed his spin dash and that was it, they will see his other moves in the future. He didn't ask where he was because they screamed that answer in his face at the end of the prologue. He didnt have his attitude because he was still adjusting to his surroundings and he couldn't be like that right away in front of kids, they would think he was just a jerk. As to how they knew he wasn't from their world, let's come back to that later *wink*. All will be explained in the future my friend, just keep reading :pinkiehappy:.

3569813 Zorgons. from Zathura. 3573287 the aliens. from the movie. with the board game in space.

Can you give me a cameo riding the timberwolves. (wearing this as armor> cap.smogon.com/web/art/dex/aurumoth_dex.jpg )


3583355 A cameo as in a picture or described in the story?

That's what I thought, but it said place, not species. Technicalities, diddly-doo.

3585143 Hmm, I'm not sure because I dont know how I will fit it into the story, if you know a way, tell me. If you can't I'm sorry:fluttercry:, maybe something else in the future. I am always open to suggestions.

3586123 ok, when the next chapter come out, i'll think up something.

Looks like Eggman's got his hands full

Oh Cubot, you never know when to shut your mouth.:trollestia:

Sonics friends were transported here, right?

3593818 Nope, just sonic. It was in the prologue of how he got there.

3594662 YES IT IS, CORRECT SIR. YOU WIN 20 INTERNET POINTS. :pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

Remember the catchphrase: It's Sonic Time!

3594686 Yeah I remember it, I just forgot where it is from :twilightsheepish:

3594693 It's a new catchphrase that I made up.

3594757 Oh, you WANT me to remember it, I thought you were asking if I remembered it from a tv show or game. Now I feel silly :twilightblush:

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