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The plan, he thought, was perfect. Instead of returning to the mortal world as a shade of his former self, King Sombra would transmute his soul into the body of his greatest foe, using her influence and power to destroy Equestria from the inside and take vengeance on the Princesses that stole his beloved empire.

There's just one problem: after her fight with Tirek, Twilight Sparkle changed her address. This turns out to be a much bigger problem than Sombra thought. A Dinky-Doo-sized problem, to be precise.

5th-place finalist in the More Most Dangerous Game contest.

Cover art crudely Photoshopped by me from this and this. I am art and so can you.

Reading by Neighrator Pony

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In a world where humans and ponies live together to survive, Earth and Equestria are nothing but history taught in class and alicorns are just another extinct species. In this world, friendship is not magic. You are trained to fight, kill, win no matter what. In this world, your main purpose is to survive. For a young filly and her friend, they quickly learn their not training to protect and defend their home, their training for war.

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Is it better to live a lie, or die a truth.

A single, tear-stained note meets your gaze. Where's your third crusader?

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Fluttershy is well known for being the element of kindness and a great friend. but there's something else to her a dark family secret of her true nature. being one of the last members of a ancient assassin's guild only know as the Dark brotherhood.
Will she be able to handle the insane amount of contracts that keep coming in or will she look to recruiting new member's from her friends?

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It wasn't long ago that an ancient evil, buried in the crust of the world, had over taken the globe. To survive, Equestria built space ships, known as frigates, to take them to the orbit of their world. But supplies would not last, so they trained soldiers. Fifty of them, taken from all ages. But not any soldiers. Warriors, stimulated with special serums, and put through intense training, in order to become what the rest aren't, and do what no one else can. They are tasked with returning to the surface, every week, in order to regain supplies, else they run out of food, water, and other various goods. But the surface is a dangerous place. And after over a year, only twenty two the fifty soldiers remain. Out of those twenty two, three have proven themselves time and again to be the best, and soon, they'll be tested to their limits, on the cold, dead surface of Equestria.

The 'ponies' are all humans, and as such, I'll be referring to them that way. But don't worry, this story still has the ponies you know and love, they just aren't called ponies.

Rated sex for sexual jokes and references. No actual sex in this story, nope.

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By unknown of Celestia, when she banishes her sister to the moon, Luna is carrying a foal. But, though the foal is Luna's offspring, she cannot breath in space like her mother can. Guess how that one turns out?

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I can't wait to see my new baby sister. I've been waiting really long for the baby to come out of mommy's tummy. I'm waiting in the big white room with lots of chairs. The nice nurse calls it the 'Waiting Room'. That makes sense. It's for ponies who wait. Hold on. Daddy's coming out of mommy's giving birth room. He looks upset.
"Hi daddy." I say. Daddy doesn't say anything. I don't think he heard me. His eyes are red. "Daddy, where's my sister?" I think I said something wrong. Daddy begins to cry.
"There's no baby, Sammy."
Warning: Minor Gore Scenes Present

Inspired by a horror game

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At first, Chrysalis loathed him; the dumb-as-a-brick woodspony who goes by the name of Evergreen. But through circumstance, he is her only savior. And slowly, she comes to love the simple pony and his way of life. But her life as a changeling keeps holding her back. Will there be a happily ever after for them? Or are they doomed for failure?

*Comments contain massive spoilers!*

Check out the Sequel, Antecedent! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/25117/Antecedent

Cover art by Ink-Flow!

Edited version helped along by Fernin and Burraku_Pansa.

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Pinkie Pie wakes up in a mental institution to find that here entire life in Equestria has all been a delusion, now she's cured of her "illness" but still has no idea who she is or what her real name even is. All she has now is a empty bottle of sarsaparilla, with a crumpled up birthday card inside, and an address..........

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