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Tiaa OwO

I'm possibly the weirdest girl you'd meet. I love to draw, write, read, and I've developed a love of learning and understanding new languages and cultures. I alos love tomake new friends. :)


In a world where humans and ponies live together to survive, Earth and Equestria are nothing but history taught in class and alicorns are just another extinct species. In this world, friendship is not magic. You are trained to fight, kill, win no matter what. In this world, your main purpose is to survive. For a young filly and her friend, they quickly learn their not training to protect and defend their home, their training for war.

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This I gotta see. :rainbowdetermined2: Added to Read Later.

Hmmmm. You've peeked my interest.:moustache:

hmmmmmmmmmmm, you dun good.
oh yeah

cute mark

cutie. that's all. have a nice day!

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