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A parent will do anything for her children, even it means giving them up so that they will be safe from dangers and live in a peaceful life, despite the pain that comes for the parent.

That pain is something Princess Amore has gone through for one thousand and fifteen years, but now after being restored from her imprisonment by her fellow subjects, the time is upon her kingdom, and she wants her daughter back. Even if that means saving her adoptive Canterlot family from the Storm Kingdom.

Inspired by Tom117z's Change Series

Cover art made by: Questionmarkdragon

Chapters (18)

Twilight is on a mission. There are twelve missing ponies to find, whether they be dead or alive. But what she finds will destroy everything she believes in. The Equestria she knows is not all that it seems. But there is one who will set everything straight.
"It is said that history is written by the victors! And the victims' bodies are lain in a bloody heap, left to be forgotten. Well, I have seen through the victims' eyes and seen the lies you have spoken! No more... No more will your lies infect me! "

Cover art done by Sonadow2865

Editor/ beta reader Gboyd
Coauthor/editor/beta reader Sonadow2865

Chapters (40)

After attempting to impress the judges during her entrance exam for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, something transpires that alters Twilight's life irrevocably, as well as the destiny of all Equestria. In a very literal manner, Twilight metamorphoses into the embodiment of magic, much akin to how Discord embodies chaos. How will this unprecedented transformation shape forthcoming events? And how will Twilight grapple with mastering the newfound god-like abilities that have been unexpectedly thrust upon her?

Chapters (2)

Twilight finally finished Starswirl’s spell and ascended into an alicorn, she also became pregnant with the foal of her five best friends.

Story begins immediately after Twilight becomes an alicorn.

Chapters (5)

We walk down our long roads of life, but what of the roads not taken? Twilight and Applejack are carried along a different path, where their fates were bound in new ways. Fresh sorrows and avoided crisis gives friendship's flower a new shape.

This story will make an alternative universe, but will start grounded in the world we know. Have you read my other works? I love canon. I will respect canon, but we are also changing a core fact, and its effects will ripple outward. Our beloved ponies will be changed, as they must. The stream of fate carries them on tides we never witnessed before.

Twilight, Applejack, I hope you're both ready. Come, the water's fine, and I invite you to swim with me. Let us see what would happen if Applejack's mother survived where fate had once demanded her end.

Done for a patron, will update 1/month with 4k chapters.

Cover art by Jowybean!

Chapters (80)

There exists a desolate land where nothing survives for long on the surface. Life can only exist below the surface, where thousands of years ago, creatures known as procubi have created thriving civilizations. Those with horns lead those without; those with wings guard and fight for those without; those without either serve those with; and all are under the command of those with both.

Four matriarchs lead the Femescubi, creatures of beauty, grace, and machinations. One patriarch leads the Mascubi, creatures of strength, power, and wit. Conflict had driven the two apart long ago, yet they still convene together regularly before returning to their respective abodes. Past and present conflicts within each trouble the balance they've developed, threatening their way of life for better or for worse.

Image is by Audrarius on inkbunny.net. Sex tag for brief nudity and sensuous outfits.

Chapters (4)

Used to be called Element of Strength.

This fanfic was inspired by A New Hero

As the time for Nightmare Moon to return draws closer, Celestia gives birth to a son she names Fire Sword. To her surprise he ends up being an alicorn. Knowing he will have a role to play when her sister returns. When his mother disappears, Fire Sword joins Twilight Sparkle on her quest to defeat Nightmare Moon and bring Celestia back as they make new friends, as well as keep old ones from Canterlot and undergo the journey of a lifetime to study the magic of friendship.

Updates weekly now.

Chapters (28)

After being unable to pay her bill to the local dentist, Fluttershy is given an option to clear her bill and it is a very unconventional option. Fluttershy however, despite having great friends, is a lonely mare and wishes that just one pony would give her some attention and this is her chance to receive it.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to The Dragon Lord's Legacy

Spike the Dragon, is now Guardian Spike. His role has just started but so has the many challenges that come with it. From his position, he now faces foes and challenges from his past, in the present as a Guardian and his future as an Elder. His days spent with his pony family are limited, his heart is being tested and an unknown variable keeps coming to play with him at all sides.
Will he succeed in his role as the Dragon Guardian, changing not just his life but the lives of others?

The Final fire burns within and Spike's journey has just started, in this third and final arc in the Dragon Lord series!

Note art is a temporary cover. All credit goes to Artist and respected rights to them.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to The Dragon Lord's Consort

Spike awakens nearly a year later. But much has happened in his sleep and absence. A threat is building in Equestria and it may tear at the relationships between Dragon and Pony. Spike's future is undetermined, with a role he has yet to accept and a struggle over his destiny, between the family he grew up with or the family he needed. With time, he may not be the same as he was before and what the changes that have manifested with him, may hold.

Sequel can now be found here!!!Dragon Lords Guardian

Chapters (25)