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Hello everyone, Draxonos135 here. I mostly focus on Equestria Girls fanfics, and the one thing I like to do most is bring some kind of positive emotion to my readers.

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Canterlot is experiencing an unusually cold and icy winter, but Sunny Flare doesn't mind. In fact, she finds the resulting road accidents quite a joke, as she believes no such thing would happen to her. But when the weather switches to being muddy and wet, she won't be laughing for long...

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It's Winter and all of Fluttershy's animal friends have either gone south or are hibernating, as she waits eagerly for spring she notices a small exchange between Rarity and Spike that leaves her with a realization that had never once crossed her mind. Ponies can pet Dragons.

Featured December 1st 2020

commissioned by nobody495

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*Teen For mild language*

Sunset Shimmer is the model high school student who is envied by her classmates and is well known for her exceptional grades as well as her immaculate appearance. But underneath her "ideal" front is a mask, an egomaniacal ploy to gain popularity. But upon entering Canterlot High, she is knocked off her throne by another student known as Twilight Sparkle, and Sunset Shimmer is now setting her sights on her none-the-wise classmate with every intention of destroying her life. Will she be able to adapt and win or will she learn something more?

Coverart by Sicktwists
Edited by Dramamaster829

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Wallflower Blush finds three bored sirens who are sick of being cooped up at her apartment door. With little else to do, she decides to try introducing them to the game, Dungeons and Dragons.


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Aria Blaze, while walking home from work, meets the Canterlot Movie Club as they plan to frame Sunset Shimmer for posting embarrassing secrets. She gives them some free, unsolicited advice that makes them reconsider several important things...

Rated T for some mild language.

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One week after Flurry Heart is crowned the Ruler of the Crystal Empire, she runs into Cozy Glow.

For FanofMostEverything's second Imposing Sovereigns contest.

Special thanks for Miller Minus for his feedback and editing!

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Nine years ago, a show about magical ponies came on, and soon after, a fandom was born.
We all had fun throughout those years and made many wonderful things.
Sadly, the end is near and so I write this poem for us to enjoy and walk down the road of wonderful memories.

I did write this in the Amino ap, BUT writing a poem on a cellphone is annoying and so, I made a longer one here, cause I wanted to say much more.

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After a few special outings with her new best fiends, Cozy Glow starts to feel as if she is part of a family.

Nudging along a budding Love/Hate relationship between a Lord and a Queen.

Because having a Mom and Dad would be magic!

Rewrite of first two chapters coming soon.

Takes place before Ending of the end.

Made Popular On 5/13/19

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Memories of an act of kindness, can inspire the great in all of us.

This is a story I gift to Viper Pit

Who I feel is a Trixie to my Starlight.

The simple act of chatting, joking etc.

Means more than you think.

Ty, for being a good friend.

I appreciate it, Viper.

Featured 6/26/19

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With Canterlot High's annual Summer Dance Party just around the corner, Diamond Tiara is in dire need of a date. Fortunately, she already has one. Unfortunately, nobody thought it prudent to inform Diamond of that fact.

Edited by ChappedPenguinLips

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