A Road To Friendship

by SunTwi06

Sunset Vs Twilight

The next morning, the alarm went off and one slap on the snooze button was all Sunset had to do. For some unknown reason, she found no pleasure waking up in spite doing so for years. Releasing a deep sigh, she decides to let it slide for the time being. Emerging from her bed, she freshens herself up before grabbing her bag sitting along the edge of the bed. Usually, Sunset was the first to leave the house, so she could manage the extra work.

Fifteen minutes later, Sunset arrived at school but to her surprise she runs into the last person she’d meet this morning: Twilight Sparkle. Upon noticing the former, the latter delivers a smile.

“Morning, Sunset,” She greeted, nicely.

“Oh, morning,” Sunset replied, deadpan.

Clearly, Sunset was less than pleased to see her rival to start the day. Yet the girl before her seemed rather oblivious to her feelings.

“I notice you’re always here early,” She said.

“Aren’t we astute?” Sunset spoke, with a faux laugh. “It looks like you come here as early as me.”

Deep down, Sunset felt insulted seeing Twilight before her. Still, she refused to let her figure out who she really is. As far as Sunset was concerned, she believed herself to be perfect in every way.

“Well, a few of the girls called me here earlier to help with a few things,” Twilight calmly answered. “Who am I to say no?”

“If I recall, you attend every class here, right?” Sunset asked, trying to reach her good side. “Must be hard.”

“Just about. I’m the leader of these classes, so I need to set an example. It’s after school and I hardly get to relax till nightfall.”

“That long?” Sunset asked, making an insincere smile. “Still, gotta keep up with your studies, so you need to work extra hard.”

Just then, Sunset noticed Twilight blushing after hearing that. The former had no idea why, but it didn’t matter to her.

“You’re not so shabby yourself,” Twilight replied. “You’re smart and caring as well. From what I’ve heard, you’re a professional with everything and then some. I had no idea there were great people like you; goes to show how big this world of ours is and how small we thought by comparison.”

“Aw, I’m not that great…” Sunset said, turning away.

The two faced each other with smile, but on the inside, it was so much more. Sunset Shimmer had her fooled, now more determined to make her classmate’s life a living hell. As they converse, the bell suddenly rang, and everyone showed up. They went their separate ways and took their seats, as the teacher hands out sheets of paper containing today’s math problems. This was child’s play for Sunset, who immediately got to work and ten minutes later she was done. She double-checked to make sure it was in order and correct, so everything stays organized. She looks around the classroom, smirking as no one seemed to share her luck.

“I don’t understand this part,” One girl said, approaching Twilight. “Excuse me, Twilight. Could you help me with this problem?”

Twilight nodded and within seconds, everyone gathered around her. Sunset was shocked beyond words, her blood boiled by the second. She knew she would be dethroned if she didn’t do something about Twilight soon. This girl was slowly taking over her life and before she knows it, Sunset would be nothing but a footnote. She gritted her fans at the mere thought of it.

Twenty minutes later, the bell rang, and she heads toward her next class: P.E. Today, it was baseball practice and Sunset was handpicked to teach the class the basics.

“So, if the tip of the bat hits the ball,” Sunset explained. “It will have much more of an impact unlike if the ball hits anywhere else.”

The students all faced Sunset with awe in their eyes; suddenly, another girl shows up.

“Hey everybody, Twilight is playing a basketball match!” She yelled.

Immediately, they scurry over the moment Twilight’s name is mentioned and Sunset was left by her lonesome. She was so angry she nearly popped that ball in her hand like a balloon. Sunset just chucked it toward a wall and walked away. She had no idea what these students saw in Twilight. To the former, the latter was just another student who is more of a doppelganger than her own person. To say Sunset was frustrated would be a sore understatement.

Until now, Sunset was the one adored and worshipped by the entire student body. Even the teachers heeded to her beckon call. Had Twilight not been transferred, the world would be for Sunset’s taking. To be considered an everyday student would be the biggest insult to Sunset Shimmer, when all she craves was acknowledgement. Even thinking about Twilight Sparkle was more than enough to make Sunset’s eyes water.

But still, Sunset wasn’t too worried. In fact, she was motivated to be the shining beacon upon the entire school and soon enough she would be ready to have Twilight rue the very day she agreed to transfer to Canterlot High. But Sunset didn’t notice the bell ring once more and she had missed it had she not seen everyone leaving. Her next class was social studies and she was really worn out. Her eyelids were heavy, as she struggled to keep her head up to avoid falling asleep. As much as she wanted to outdo Twilight, the world seemed to slowly turn silent as Sunset’s eyes kept dropping. Before her head could fall, she shook it off… Or at least ‘tried’ to. She couldn’t afford to go to sleep, less she risked giving Twilight the advantage. She refused to forfeit to her rival, not this way.

Five seconds later, Sunset felt her forehead nearly slam onto the front desk. In the nick of time though, she caught herself. She should consider herself lucky; one second later, her forehead would be ruined. Only the worst form of attention she could ever receive.

Sunset felt her heart skip a thousand beats, too good for a close call. She turned her head rapidly, checking to see if anyone noticed her blunder. But to her dismay, someone did notice her: Twilight, that concerned look on her face. Of all people Sunset wished not to be noticed by, it had to her rival. There she was stepping away from her desk, approaching Sunset Shimmer with a worried look on her face. Why now?

“Sunset?” She asked.


“Be careful next time, okay? If you hit your head, you could get a concussion or worse.”

Sunset Shimmer had no words, no witty remarks, not like she couldn’t afford to. All she could do was nod and that was more than enough to send Twilight away. Sunset felt defeated, she would not allow this to go unnoticed.

Immediately, Sunset made a beeline for her house and ran straight to her room before anyone could say hello. Even if it killed her, she would figure out a way to win. Sunset jotted down more notes, repetitively for the next several hours. Because somehow, someway… Sunset Shimmer always wins.