• Published 19th May 2020
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A Road To Friendship - SunTwi06

When two popular girls meet head-to-head, routines are altered, emotions are tested, and surprising secrets are revealed as rivals form a budding friendship.

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Service & Council

Wake up, morning routine, rush out of the house… Just a regular day in the life of Sunset Shimmer. The sun was hardly visible when she made it to school, nobody else was around. Sunset used this time to prepare herself, more than ever she wanted to cry. She tried getting her tear ducts going, but nothing came from her eyelids. She banged her head against the desk, but her eyes weren’t leaking… But she’d have a major headache tomorrow.

That’s when it occurred to her and she quoted to herself, ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’. She noticed an iron table, kicked it with one foot… And felt it. Not a moment too soon, for Twilight Sparkle had just arrived. Sunset handed her yesterday’s assignment; Twilight clearly noticed the tears in Sunset’s eyes.

“You’re a meanie!” Sunset said, crying. “Forcing a lovely girl like me to do all your dirty work.”

Sunset thought for sure it would work. Five seconds passed, but Twilight’s demeanor stayed the same.

“A commendable effort,” Twilight smiled. “But your self-inflicted injury doesn’t fool me.”

Sunset was displeased. Twilight peered at her foot, throbbing but still holding up.

“You are pretty strong to still stand after that kick,” Twilight continued, with a smug smile.

“Oh, would you shut up?!” Sunset snapped back, defensively.

Sunset barely finished her brief tirade when the bell rang and everyone, including the teacher, came inside. Immediately, Twilight headed to her seat and Sunset went to her own, feeling a tad annoyed the entire day.

During P.E., Sunset played baseball by herself while Twilight chatted with most of the class. Afterwards, the former jotted down notes on her last social studies class for the day. The moment the final bell rang, Sunset grabbed her stuff and waited outside. Twilight tapped her left shoulder, nearly scaring the girl out of her wits before handing her more papers.

“What’s this for?” Sunset asked.

“Making trips to the Nuclear Plant as an intern,” Twilight replied. “That and some extra prep work on top of that.”

“What?!” Sunset spoke, stunned. “You’re even doing stuff like that?”

Twilight nodded ‘yes’ and as another first time in her life, Sunset understood Twilight’s hardships. For a girl so young, she carries some heavy responsibility over her shoulder. Every club she’s joined, being president for all of them, not even factoring that she still has plenty of homework and answering everyone’s questions. Sunset would hardly say she was this busy, not because she didn’t like it, but rather… She would lose sleep over time.

“I’m surprised you’re not exasperated from all that…” Sunset said, baffled.

Then, Twilight pulsed something out of her bag. It was just a sandwich in a plastic bag, but she gave it to Sunset. It was if to say they both needed to take a load off.

“Oh… Uh… Thank you…” Sunset said.

“Seems I stand out somehow,” Twilight smiled.

“Well, that’s the hard part,” Sunset replied. “With your brains and your personality, you could easily lead a better life.”

“Oh? You really think so?” She asked, chuckling. “Well, it’s all thanks to your contributions that my life is going smoothly.”

Twilight patted Sunset on the head, but the latter was having none of it.

“Just because I’m helping you, doesn’t make me your lapdog,” Sunset said, backing away.

The sun slowly rose over the horizon, still no one was around.

“Did you do this at your last school?” Sunset asked.

“Maybe…” Twilight nodded. “What about you?”

“… All the time,” Sunset nodded back.

“Then, you must’ve done a lot of work in your time.”

“Nah, not this much.”

“How come?”

Sunset smirked at the question, almost shaking her head at the gesture.

“I think I would say, ‘What can I do? I can’t handle this overhaul by myself’. That would be all it took to convince everyone to assist me.”

Twilight looked at Sunset, as if she committed a crime.

“So, you basically scam everyone into doing your work?” Twilight asked, slightly worried. “You are something, Sunset…”

“You’re doing the exact same thing to me!” Sunset snapped back. “What makes you different?”

“I don’t have to do any of that. This is how I choose to be; I’m just following the leader.”

Twilight smiled and it took a moment for Sunset to realize she was purposely referring to her.

“Now it’s my fault?” Sunset asked, mildly irked. “You’re lying.”

“Maybe I am… Or maybe it’s the undeniable truth.”

Clearly, this argument was leading them nowhere, so Sunset decided to change the subject.

“So… Is your family like you?” Sunset asked, trying to soothe the waters.

“Now that you mention it,” Twilight answered. “I hail from a long line of scientists. You could say I’ve been following their path since the first grade. I’m pretty much a genius in that area of expertise.”

Having Twilight said all that, Sunset actually wanted to learn more only to notice it was completely dark outside. They soon stood up and began walking home, side by side. They would chat for hours on end before they eventually went their ways. Sunset almost hated to admit it, but in some weird way, Twilight Sparkle was perfect. Sunset couldn’t bring herself to surpass her anymore. True, she loathed her nemesis for blackmailing her, but at the same time, Sunset understood that she has struggles too. Of course, she hates Twilight for turning her into a servant, an unethical practice eve, only this time… She didn’t lose any sleep. Quite the opposite, actually. Sunset didn’t understand it, but maybe this was something normal people wouldn’t.

Sunset entered the house, passing her brothers, who were watching T.V. in the living room. Walking up the stairs to her room, so many feelings stirred within her. She had no idea why, but she wanted to scream and yet she couldn’t. Because this experience made her realize: Sunset didn’t have it in herself to fault Twilight. But rather than thinking about it, Sunset decided to drift off to sleep hoping a better day will come tomorrow.