• Published 19th May 2020
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A Road To Friendship - SunTwi06

When two popular girls meet head-to-head, routines are altered, emotions are tested, and surprising secrets are revealed as rivals form a budding friendship.

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Arc 1: What Do They See In Her?

Author's Note:

Before we begin, I just wanna thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support. I realize I haven't posted a story in sometime and I'm happy to say that this was something I enjoyed writing. If it wasn't for my editor and the person who did the coverart, I don't know if I would've published it. Please give then a huge thank you for this and if you're new to my stuff, I hope you enjoy my content. Any/all feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy :heart:.

There are many questions every teenage girl asks herself in a moment of crisis and almost always one tops them all: What do they see in me? Sunset Shimmer was well aware she was the most popular female to ever exist. Not to mention smart, beautiful, and a nice person to boot. Not a day goes by when everyone at school can find nothing to say of her, for example:

“Thanks for the notes, Sunset.”

“Can you help us fix this poster, Sunset?”

“It’s a nice day out, isn’t it Sunset?”

Just like that, Sunset Shimmer, an idol to them all, was the icing on a decadent cake. There have been others who see this girl with reverence and wish to be like her. Even during preschool, she was viewed this way. It seems she had zero flaws in her character. However, ever since that fateful day, when a certain girl transferred, she had been anything but happy. The things everyone said:

“She’s amazing.”

“She’s a joy to be around.”

“She can do anything.”

All because she transferred here; that’s all the news she ever hears now.

“Oh, Twilight is so nice.”

“Twilight is very friendly to be around.”

“Her presence is a joy and never-ending fun.”

Never in her whole life has Sunset been this furious. This girl was just a transfer student, with her purple hair and matching eyes. At the top of every class like the one hen every rooster flocks to. All except Sunset Shimmer, that is. That smile really got under her skin, acting as if Sunset was a cipher. Sunset had been with Canterlot High since day one and she would be damned if she would allow this new student to usurp her position as the popular girl.

She needed to figure out a way to beat her quickly, even if it meant getting her hands dirty. Which is where our story truly begins, Sunset trying to figure out a means of destroying this girl’s reputation and all while walking home. The sun was setting and there was hardly anybody around the block. After fifteen minutes, she finally made it home. Sunset just opened the door and almost immediately, she was tackled by her two adopted brothers.

“Welcome home, Sunset!” They yelled.

Sunset fell back, hugging them back.

“Hey there!” She said happily.

Though they can be pretty rough at times, they were still nice. Snips, the youngest of the brothers, often acts more than he thinks but he means well. As for Snails, while a few weeks older than Snips, he remains the calmest of the duo. Always seems concerned, but please don’t ask why because even he doesn’t know. It could be perhaps of the way Sunset would act or maybe because of Snip’s tendency to overreact most of the time. In spite his soothing voice, Snails can get a tad crazy especially when his protective side is unleashed.

“You look more festive than usual,” Snips said, concerned.

“What’s wrong with that?” Sunset asked, irritated. “Is it a crime to be myself at home?”

If there’s only one secret nobody except her whole family knows, while Sunset Shimmer is an image of perfection to everyone else, it is only an act. The Graceful Sunset was all a façade; honestly, she loved being adored above everything else. To be admired, loved as a perfect being, such a wonderful feeling. She got special treatment, more leeway, and being worshipped from afar. Considering herself as the very definition of perfection, she vowed nobody will stand in her way… Not even her.

“There she goes again…” Snips mumbled.

Just as he said that, Sunset smelled something great from the kitchen.

“Dinner’s ready!” The father yelled.

They dashed to the table, but the last thing Sunset ever thought of was eating. Instead, she went to her room and took a seat at her desk. The effort she put into keeping her posture is so stressful, but if it meant being loved she was satisfied. That also applied to her nighttime activities, she would do it all without thinking twice. Just like everybody said, to be the best, you must fight the rest. All the same, Sunset decided to at least eat something before delving into her nighttime activities again. Heading downstairs, she overheard the boys talking at the table. Sunset snuck from behind the wall before heading inside the kitchen.

“She’s always lazy at home,” Snips said.

“Yea, and she’s really spoiled, arrogant, and uncontrollable,” Snails added. “It makes you wonder how far she will go to become perfect.”

Suddenly, Sunset walked in from behind the wall much to their surprise.

“What if I am? If I kept this up all the time, I would drain myself.”

“Why keep it up then?” Snips asked. “Why not let everyone see you for what you really are?”

“I agree,” Snails nodded. “We can hardly tell it’s you once you step outside the house.”

“You’ve been acting like this since preschool,” Snips points out, seriously. “What will happen if someone sees who you truly are? What then?”

“I don’t see the downside to perfection,” Sunset retorts, arrogantly. “You have all the love and the grace the world has to offer yet you prefer to be normal? I fail to see why you wouldn’t want that. If only you two understood my viewpoint.”

“You’re such a weirdo…” Snails said, coldly.

On any other day, such a response would drive Sunset to a rage. But, if she wished to maintain her status as the popular girl, she needed to keep her guard up. Especially when keeping her emotions in check; otherwise, someone will catch on.

“Why would she go so far, Snips?” Snails asked, mumbling. “Being perfect can’t be much fun…”

“Word on the street is you got yourself a competitor,” Snips brought up, to Sunset. “How’s that going for you?”

“Oh, that’s right!” Sunset remembered. “I’m planning to take her down, so I can’t afford to lose another second!”

Before the boys can respond, Sunset immediately zoom upstairs to her room. Heading inside, shutting the door behind her, she sat herself behind her desk and went straight to work. She hated to admit it, but the boys were right… She has been keeping this a secret from everyone. Perhaps, for the first time in her life, she has a challenger. It reminded her of the time when school just started, how unconfident she felt starting at that time. She originally intended to be number one on the test and rule the entire school. But unfortunately, fate had other plans. She studied this test for months, but now she was in imminent danger of being outclassed. She was inches from taking the throne as the School Queen and now her ambitions are being contested. Originally, she thought some geek would attempt to challenger and it would pass in a week or so… But she was wrong. This girl took over Sunset’s reputation faster than anticipated; she refused to have it any other way.

“That’s why I have to study even harder, even if it kills me!” Sunset yelled.

Then, and only then, could she reaffirm herself as unbeatable.

“So, in other words, she is smarter than you,” Snips said.

“Is it really worth your life to have everyone idolize you?” Snails asked, annoyed.

“Of course, it is!” Sunset yelled back. “Being loved and being perfect are the only things I desire! It’s my life!”

Sunset may have no idea her little brothers overheard her but raising her voice may have been a big indicator. After shoving them out of her room, she returns to her desk and immediately starts jotting notes, word for word and reciting it aloud while studying her opponent, all to rub the salt into the wound. Twilight Sparkle, so kind, so courteous, and worst of all… Selfless. Going through all of it, Sunset was more than ready to lose a blood vessel. If she and Twilight were to ever cross paths, she was determined to beat her. Sunset would do everything to make the latter’s life a living hell. For the next several hours, she kept writing, speaking, and reading for hours until passing out on her bed.