• Published 19th May 2020
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A Road To Friendship - SunTwi06

When two popular girls meet head-to-head, routines are altered, emotions are tested, and surprising secrets are revealed as rivals form a budding friendship.

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Odd Feeling

This morning was a challenge for Sunset Shimmer to get out of bed, feeling more sluggish than before. But today, a weird thought crossed her mind and she’s been questioning this feeling for some time. Yesterday, she wanted to be rid of Twilight Sparkle. But recently, the rumors went around, saying they became a couple or something. All this time, Sunset ignored it but now acknowledged everyone looking at her AND Twilight whenever they’re together. To be honest, Sunset wasn’t surprised. After all, they’ve been with each other for some time, even if she was forced into it. Sunset barely had time to sleep, since she’s had all this work Twilight gave her. She practically rushed to school before Twilight’s arrival.

Grabbing her bag, with all of Twilight’s work, Sunset bolted out of the house like no tomorrow. At first, she didn’t care about the rumors since anyone could’ve started them. But eventually, they started to double down, and she grew increasingly concerned everyone would be mistaken when the truth is discovered. She dashed away, catching the school just within eyesight. Fortunately, nobody was in sight. Sunset, exhausted from all that work, little sleep, and the haste to get to the school, sat in her seat and laid her head on the desk for a short nap.


When Sunset woke up, she could hardly look away from the sun. She rubbed her eyes to wake herself up, then by surprise, there came a familiar voice.

“Awake now?”

Sunset jumped like a cat and turned around. There she was, Twilight Sparkle, her face practically glowed from the rising sunlight. This was actually the first time Sunset saw her face like this. Twilight simply smiled at her, just before facing the near-rising sun.

“Just arrived after arranging the tables,” Twilight explained, turning to Sunset. “You know, falling asleep here isn’t safe.”

Sunset’s heart skipped several times like a flat stone against the river. Another first in her life, that someone became special to her. She never felt this way about anyone. She couldn’t work out the variable, but Sunset had this gnawing feeling her façade had something to do with this affair.

“I’ve got to set up some more stuff,” Twilight said, walking away. “I’ll see you in class.”

Shutting the doors behind her, Sunset found herself all alone. She had no idea what she felt now. The resentment she carried for Twilight was replaced by reverence. The first time someone saw her for who she really was and treated no differently for it. As of now, Sunset had no idea what to make of it. But for whatever reason, she felt like smiling before closing her eyes once more.


Upon hearing the first bell go off, everyone took their seats as class began. It would be an hour before the next class, but the feeling still clung to Sunset. She couldn’t make out this sensation she felt, it made her feel queasy trying to think about it. But there was one thing Sunset could comprehend: Whatever this feeling was, it was wild and relentless.

It was like her brain turned to melted cheese, leaving her with more questions than answers. She already turned a blind eye to Twilight’s confession, yet they continue to see each other often. Sunset just couldn’t understand it, but the moment the first bell rang, she just rose from her seat and left Sunset to spend the entire day with no one else to talk to.

Eventually, after coming home from school, Sunset headed straight to her room hoping to have a moment to think. But it wasn’t long before somebody opened her door. She turned and notice her brothers, standing outside her room awkwardly silent.

“What do you want…?” Sunset asked, coldly.

“You’re home pretty late,” Snips said, concerned.

“Come to think of it, you’ve been coming home pretty late these past few days,” Snails added, also concerned.

“I’ve had some extra work lately,” She replied. “I stay after school and finish it up before coming home.”

“Ah, I see,” Snails nodded. “Is there more?”

Sunset nodded but chose not to say what it was.

“Well… What else is there?” Snips asked.

Sunset turned to one of her books, trying to think of an excuse.

“… It’s nothing worth noting,” Sunset replied. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“It couldn’t be,” Snails surmised. “No matter how hard we process it, you never come home this late. Even by your standards, it weirds us out. And for the icing on the cake, you use to brag about your entire day, but now you head to your room and barely say ‘hello’ to us.”

“Is someone bothering you?” Snips asked.

“Or rather, do you have a crush on someone?” Snails asked. “You can tell us anything.”

“Wha-What are you two getting at…?” Sunset asked, nervously. “I’m just worn out from school is all…”

“So, you do have a crush?” He asked, leaning closer.

“I said, ‘I’m tired’!” Sunset spoke. “Now get out!”

The two looked at Sunset as if she were an alien. Annoyed, Sunset shoved them out of her room and locked the door. All she wanted was to go back in time and recollect any notion of falling in love… But she knew that would only make her feel guilty. Perhaps if Sunset met Twilight in a different scenario, she would’ve been able to share these feelings stemming within her. But there was nothing she could do except fall asleep and wait for whatever comes tomorrow.