A Road To Friendship

by SunTwi06

Confessions of a Teenage Fraud

Getting out of bed, despite feeling incredibly groggy, Sunset Shimmer was thankful to have gotten the extra rest. She went to the bathroom, combed her hair, and brushed her teeth before heading out. It was earlier than her usual schedule, but it wasn’t too late, so she had nothing to worry about. She arrived on campus fifteen minutes later and took her seat with the rest of the class. When the first bell rang, there was this girl seated next to Sunset, looking her in the eye.

“Hey Sunset, can I ask you something?” The girl asked. “It’s been bugging me for a while, but I just gotta know… Are you and Twilight… Together?”

Sunset’s face turned red instantaneously, but she kept a cool head. This was the question she dreaded the most, even though she expected it to come up. When Sunset didn’t answer right away, the girl kept chatting while Sunset recovered from the shock.

“I’m only asking because I notice you two have been hanging out for awhile and rumors are spreading. I don’t mean to make anything weird but… I just want to say I think you two were made for one another. Everyone at school has grown fond of that idea. Nothing against your choices, I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.”

Sunset couldn’t deny she was ‘seeing’ Twilight, but her situation wasn’t doing her any favors.

“I also heard a guy ask her out, but she didn’t reply to him,” Her classmate added.

Sunset only returned a bitter smile; she saw it coming. It had troubled her since Twilight confessed to her, hardly worth mentioning since the test results and not once was a clue dropped over it. Sunset always had a feeling, but Twilight liked her long before she saw past the façade. She felt these strange patterns in her chest since that day and was indescribable, but hypothetically she felt the same towards Twilight. Sunset left the classroom without a word, but not before asking permission to take the day-off since she felt unwell. Once the teacher gave her the okay, she walked to the nurse’s office to gather herself.

Sunset wanted a resolution to all this, but for every answer she came up with, it only made her nauseated. For years, Sunset Shimmer kept this nice face, just another addition to insult-to-injury, and another lost cause weighing on her. At that moment, she heard the door open and enter she came: Twilight Sparkle.

“Sorry Sunset, but could you please stay for a bit?” Twilight asked, smiling. “It’s nothing much, it won’t take long.”

Sunset gave Twilight a nod, watching as she left the nurse’s office. At this point, Sunset already became a footnote in her mind as a lover. She kept writing her paper and while jotting away, she felt tears run down her cheeks. Only this time, they were genuine tears. Her vanity led her to this point and now she was paying the piper. All the way down to the lie, acting like someone else, all of it. She was a fool and it took only sixteen years to figure it out. One hour later, she finished Twilight’s paper, but the last thing that she wanted to do now was go home.

Sunset walked right into the first classroom and just sat at her desk, her eyes watching the ground. She was the only one inside, only the lights kept her company. She was used to it; she was always alone. A half hour passed, and someone entered the classroom. Sure enough, it was none other than Twilight.

“You’re the only one here?” Twilight asked, walking closer. “I just noticed the lights were still on, so I came by to see if anyone was still here.”

Sunset didn’t reply, she just looked at her and clutching the paper in her hand. Twilight noticed the contents.

“Oh, it's done. Nice job.”

Sunset stood up from her desk and flung the papers at her face. She looked her straight in the eye, fiercely.

“I’m done helping you!” Sunset declared. “You’ve been riding me long enough. Go find another lapdog and get out of my life!”

Twilight gave her a surprised look, but her body language remained the same.

“But what about your problems?”

“I… Don’t… Care… Anymore,” Sunset said, robotic. “Tell the whole world for all I care. Just leave me alone!”

Twilight was shocked seeing Sunset this way, but for a moment didn’t say a word. Frustrated, Sunset made a move towards the classroom exit but not before Twilight grabbed her arm.

“What’s bothering you?” Twilight asked, seriously.

“Nothing’s bothering me!” Sunset responded, icily. “Let me go!”

“You’re not fooling anybody, Sunset. It’s unlike you to get angry for no reason. If you don’t tell me what’s going on, I won’t be able to help you.”

“It won’t matter anyways…”

Sunset tried to leave, but Twilight reeled her back over. Sunset could clearly see Twilight had no intent of releasing her, but that didn’t stop Sunset from trying to fight back.

“It does matter to you, Sunset,” Twilight said. “I don’t wish to see you like this.”

“Let me go, dammit!” Sunset yelled. “I said let me go!”

She yanked her arm back and smacked Twilight accidentally. She saw the bruise across her cheek, the girls exchanged looks for a few brief seconds. Slowly, Sunset backed away after realizing what she just did. She shamefully hung her head, the guilt eating away at her.

“I’m tired of being your slave!” Sunset screamed, turning the other way. “I hate you! I’ve always hated you! Leave me alone!”

Sunset dashed out of the classroom, as Twilight called her name out. She kept running for what felt like an hour, going nowhere except forward. As she ran, she completely forgot herself because there they were, talking like best friends all of a sudden. When she saw her for who she really was, Sunset’s personality flipped and was exploited without a hint of remorse. All this time, Sunset was too blind to see what Twilight was putting her through. She just wanted it all to end and forget this meeting ever happened.

Before she could finish her thought, she heard a familiar voice and turned around. To her shock, it was none other than Twilight Sparkle. Granted, not as fast as Sunset Shimmer, but the fact she kept up at all is almost impressive.

“What the—Why are you chasing me?!” Sunset asked, surprised.

“Because you’re running away!” Twilight called back.

“I told you to leave me alone! Get lost!”

“Not happening!”

“You… You… Stubborn girl!”

Sunset kept running when she spotted an open window. She leapt, nearly sticking the landing. Twilight was baffled by Sunset’s speed.

“How are you able to run this fast?!” Twilight asked.

But no answer came from Sunset, who kept running as far as she could.

“Sunset, wait a minute!” Twilight yelled. “Wait! I just want to talk!”

Sunset turned and was about to say something when her foot caught a crack and she fell flat on her face. She could feel the scrapes and bruises on her face and had trouble moving. But she kept pushing on, even if she had to crawl just to get away from Twilight.

“You’re still trying to run?!” Twilight asked, surprised. “Not even you can move around without injury! Come on, let me have a look at you…”

Twilight grabbed Sunset’s arm once again, tears streamed down the latter’s face and nothing could hide them from her. But at this point, Sunset didn’t care anymore… She felt defeated.

“I’m a fraud…” Sunset muttered.

“What?” Twilight asked.

“I’m a freaking fraud! You happy?! I’m self-centered, egotistical, fraudulent, hypocritical, and a weirdo who just ‘pretends’ to be a good girl! I use my looks to take advantage of people and I’m nothing but lackadaisical! You see what I am! I’m a failure, not your dream girl! Why bother to change me?! Am I so pathetic for being imperfect and not doing a thing?! I hate you! I despite everything about you! Your face, your clothes, your hair, your glasses, and even the way you look at me! You’re unbeatable, okay?! Do you wish to hear that from me?! Is that what you want?! I’m just a big fake crying for attention and you’re so… So… Perfect! It’s no wonder everyone loves you more than me!”

Sunset bawled the whole time, tears running down her face like two waterfalls. Twilight Sparkle silently reached her hand out, only for Sunset to slap it away.

“I DON’T WANT YOUR PITY!” Sunset growled. “Just go ahead… Say it! I deserve it.”

Twilight gave her a sorrowful look in her eyes, sitting there while Sunset sulked in self-pity.

“I’m sorry, Sunset Shimmer,” Twilight spoke, softly.

“What?” Sunset asked, not looking at her.

“I’m sorry for hurting you like this,” Twilight said, sincerely. “What I did to you was wrong; I have no excuse.”

Sunset kept her head down, continuing to cry.

“Have I really sunk this low…?” Sunset asked, confused. “Am I not worth spit if I don’t act like the fearless leader?”

“No,” Twilight responded. “You are perfect just the way you are. You are nice, fun to be around, incredibly sweet, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Slowly, Sunset looked up and saw that familiar smile. Only this time, she was floored by how straight Twilight was being to her.

“Me?” Sunset asked. “F-Fun…? Sweet?”

“In a way, I believe everybody needs to be. Strong, loving, and never putting others before themselves. Even if you told me you were lying, I wouldn’t believe you. Truth be told I had no intent of telling anyone from the start. I never wanted to abuse you or force you into something against your wishes. I just want to learn more about you, to see you for what you really are. I thought it best to let me know you better, but not to take away your happiness. You are the first person I ever spoke to and you are special to me in every way. I had no idea this was hurting you and for that I am truly sorry for what I pulled against you. You don’t have to help me if you wish.”

“I see…” Sunset thought. “It wasn’t that she was using me. I’m happy and all… But now I’m an idiot for not asking her in the first place.”

“I’m an idiot, huh?” Sunset asked, smiling.

Twilight just shook her head and wiped away Sunset’s tears. Such gentle hands, such smooth fingers. As of now, they became friends with a secret. Pulling her up, Twilight took her back to the school. Sunset painfully limped, but she felt easy learning that Twilight only wanted to be friends with her.

They went inside the nurse’s office and as Sunset’s wounds were treated, she figured maybe she could let go of her anger and be able to speak to Twilight without hiccups. Sunset’s skin stung while Twilight cleaned her scraps, but neither of them said a word. But one whiff and Sunset could smell a sweet fragrant, a perfume Twilight wore. It felt… Wonderful.

Finally, Twilight bandaged Sunset’s scraped skin and bruises before helping her up.

“May I walk you home?” Twilight asked, smiling.

“… Please,” Sunset whispered, nodding.

Together, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle enjoyed their slow, yet pleasant walk with another. Once more, they said nothing and simply enjoyed the scenery especially during this time of the day.

“Hey, Twilight… I’m sorry if I hurt you back there. I—”


Twilight moved her index finger over Sunset’s lips, cutting her off.

“Don’t worry about it,” Twilight interrupted. “I should be apologizing for making you feel like this.”

They smiled and didn’t say a word after that. They kept walking for a while before reaching Sunset’s house. It was pretty late and fortunately no one was up, which spared Sunset the trouble of explaining herself to either her brothers or her father. Opening the door, Twilight walked her upstairs and opened the bedroom door. Once inside, she gently laid Sunset down on her bed.

“Thanks,” Sunset said.

“No, thank you,” Twilight said. “I’ll let everyone know you’ll be out tomorrow. You should rest.”

Sunset nodded and watched Twilight leave her room. She wanted to move, to reach out and hold her for a few more seconds. But it was hard to do so without feeling that same tingling sensation and she was still pretty sore. She instead decided to shut her eyes, drift off to sleep, and hope to find that face again… In her dreams.