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It's been a long while since Applejack and her friends had a real night out, and Braeburn's newly-out cousin visiting town is a perfect excuse to get the girls back together and get rowdy at Ponyville's best (and only) gay/lesbian/non-denominationally-queer watering hole. There's just one problem: Braeburn wants to bring his new boyfriend along too. Also, his new boyfriend is a psychopathic dictator who tried to enslave the Crystal Empire twice and was extremely dead the last time Applejack saw him.

On second thought, that's two problems. Maybe more. Definitely a whole lot more.

My just-in-time entry for the M/M Shipping Contest III that got ever so slightly out of hand. Rated T for sexual themes, lots of booze, a couple of potty words, and Applejack being the disasteriest lesbian in Equestrian history.

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Gallus T. Griffon, Captain of the Royal Guard, is forced to go on vacation by Princess Twilight. He and his second, Talon Tamer, sort out vacation plans in the showers.

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To my dear friend, Spike

I know it has been a while, but I have something I need your help with.

I'll be at the cottage, as always, so please drop by whenever you have the time to help.

I'll be waiting patiently for your arrival.

Your old friend, Discord.

A Drama submission for the A Thousand Words Contest.

Edit: Featured on June 4th and 5th. Thank you all for reading.

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Spike finds something interesting while cleaning. Something that he never thought somepony would treat so poorly. If only he knew the significance of the item he'd just found.

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Spike knew it would be dangerous to retrieve the Bell with his friends, but he wasn't about to let them go without him. No pony would have expected to him to become collateral but when Chrysalis made good on her threat to his wings that's what happened. Everyone is dealing with the results now. Spike with his loss, Twilight with her guilt, other friends with being there for the young dragon. Their friendship is strong, they'll find a way, they just hope it isn't too painful a road for him.

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Collection of self-contained short stories for readers who don't have the time or energy to commit.

With this fanfiction, you get maximum reading pleasure per minimum time investment.

Where else can you read an enticing story from start to finish in less than a minute?

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As the portal to Equestria closes, Mordecai and Twilight spend their last moments together.

A MordeTwi story / Regular Show crossover.

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One week after the Fall Formal, an expulsion trial is held to determine if Sunset Shimmer should be allowed to continue enrollment at Canterlot High. Unfortunately, her fate rests in the hands of a few select members of the Canterlot High School Board of Education, as well as a rookie police officer and the new school psychologist. And some of them are quite tired of cleaning up her mess.

Here follows the completely normal deliberations between an egotistical nephew of the principal, a worn-out gentleman, a cheap businessman, a cranky grandmother, a seemingly unaffiliated cop from across town, and a man who is totally not a reality-bending ancient draconequus in disguise.

One of them isn’t going to make things easy.

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As the years drew on, Spike's childish heart grew into that of a true adult, longing for the finer things in life; the finest things. He pursues his relationship with Rarity, but all does not go as planned.

Filled with anger and sorrow, Spike and Rarity fall away from one another. In his grief, Spike pursues new interests, and their friendship is in danger of never recovering.

But perhaps the truest words in life are these: you do not know what you had until you have lost it. Jealous and alone, finding no comfort in stallions she once loved, can Rarity reclaim her one chance at true love, before it is too late?

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