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Are you okay? This is just a random one-off story right? Because right now your scaring me.

I wish I could say it was random... But it's not. I've just been feeling really bad and needed to do something to get rid of the feelings.



I feel the same being concerned too. :applecry:

Yikes, frightening. And apparently Pinkie was wrong, given that Twilight (1) wasn't a statue and (2) reacted independently to Pinkie's death.


Depression. Alongside cancer, AIDS, and diabetes one of the scourges of our time. And unlike the other three it can't be medically treated; you can't take medicine that permanently kills it or have surgery that cuts it out. You have to find some way to beat it. It's war, nothing short of it, waged within the body, mind, and soul.


And like the two guys before me, I feel like this problem transcends the story and is affecting the author.

...Rest in peace, whoever this variant was.

The reason you should go on even if you believe everything around you is fake is because even if it is, that moment of being, and any other moment of being you have, is real. If not to the outside world, to yourself.

sometimes, feelings are the most real things in existence.

Silly Pinkie, time is a flat circle.

time is wibbly wobbly

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